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You got to laugh at some of hate directed towards the hosts clearly the truth hurts a few. I think the show is great don’t always agree with some opinions but most of the time I do plus some me a person who agrees with everything someone says and I will show you a fake person who lacks the ability to think for themselves
My parents have a podcast called strangest species and my dads been listening to you guys since he was in college and in one of their episodes they talk about a hoard of emus and the Australian army fighting them and dying and in one of your episodes you say the Australian army men are do to a hoard of emus so I was wondering if you could listen to that episode
They do great variety of topics. They do try to up the entertainment level but the hosts joke are often not funny or fall flat. I do appreciate the resources on each show topic but sometimes disappointed that when they are speaking on topic, it’s like 100% fact instead of theory
There’s no other podcast over the years that can match. This one holds first place for me
Came for the Chuck Tingle, stayed for the special reports from Linda Kirby. - 33rd degree tricknoligist
Unfunny, uninformed, obtuse, bigots. Literally making fun of how Aborigines sound while they themselves sound like room temp IQ bong hit bro d-bags. Ben Grundel, (the larger Crocodile Dummee,) is convinced of the existence of a sky Daddy because of fine tuning. Fine tuning is an argument for naturalism. A God would be unrestrained by nature and could have stuck us anywhere. As a sensitive yet impossible to offend listener with zero sticks in their vicinity who subscribes to the adage- “it’s never about you,” believe me when I tell you that this pair is actually worthless.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for nearly a decade. I’ve road-tripped across the USA several times and only listened to MU the whole way through deserts and creepy snow storms. Benjamin and Aaron can do no wrong in my eyes and listening after a break feels like hanging with old friends. Easily the #1 podcast I’ve ever heard. Keep it up boys.
this show used to be one of my favorites however they seem to have gotten quite polarized and negative… assuming that they know vs staying open and curious. pretty harsh view on psychedelics and they seem to make fun of people a lot. plus the hate group against aliens?! dudes… listen to yourselves. if they have a change of heart and get positive again i will be sure to return, till then wishing them all the best in their hate world.
100% G.O.D=D.O.G ! You Boy’s get -four minus one. Aaron, clearly you need a Dog’s pure love.
Bagan racist right wing dicks.
This show ranks #1 for me- keep it up guys
These one star reviews are a laugh. I can only imagine them as being a bot or a neutral gender with a hair color of pink, blue or green. The MU personalities, comedic timing, research and knowledge base are unmatched. At this point I don’t even care if it’s a mole woman as long as those mole teets are glorious.
Don't listen if you get offended easily or are a sensitive person who think everything is about them. Super funny and entertaining; however, many people with a stick up their bum give it 1 star because something offends them at some point.
Just read through your YouTube comments on your chariots of black gods episodes. One listener compared information in your episode to how poorly black people drive. That’s why an episode like this is dangerous. Some people will take any opportunity to disparage black people.
These guys are the best. They have great content and give you great ideas on how to deal with the paranormal. They themselves have paranormal abilities. The other day I was being visited by entity in my bedroom about 2 feet tall looked like an angry cowboy with with an evil grin and red eyes. He was coming towards me when I yelled “in the name of Benjamin Grundy I command you to leave.” the entity immediately burst into flames, screamed and disappeared! I will forever listen to these guys!
Love this podcast. The MU team always delivers new topics, perspectives, laughs and reference material. Protect these two pro-humanity anti alien-invasionist at all cost. They are an international treasure.
The his used be one of my favorite podcasts, because they were knowledgeable about about the paranormal, but they never seemed to take it too seriously. But their recent episodes have veered into the far right woo conspiracies. Antivax and anti immigrant nonsense. It stopped being fun.
Qanon ruined conspiracies. Now it’s divided into salt of the earth conspiracy theorists, and those who got herded into the Q hole (by literal politicians which is wild). Please, go outside and give your brain a break. Anyone is capable of becoming radicalized when they constantly inundate themselves with trash rhetoric.
Really? It’s all good but u think the latest jellyfish UAP is on the camera? That is the first time in years I actually questioned your opinion. I gave 5 stars because u deserve it…. But u totally screwed me with “on the lense” comment. Petty, I know.
I like Ben and Aaron because they are the ONLY podcast that talks about the abduction phenomenon with any sense. The greys are evil, all that crap is evil. If you try to say that anywhere else on the internet people go straight ballistic. Also, people need to stop complaining about Ben and arrons’ politics. I’m a grown adult, I’m mature enough to take what I like and leave the rest. Really love you guys! And ps alien hate league fo life
Updated 1/11/24: My numerous communications to Ben and Aaron have had no effect. They mockingly reference other listeners objection to the use of the r - word. But they find it funny. I can only assume that they are genuinely cruel people. Since explaining what the life circumstances are of people they so freely mock apparently brings them glee. These men all continuously use the r-word (reta**) as punch lines. I have asked, informed, and pleaded to no avail. They are cruel and stink of the “intellectual conceit”.
“Androgynous smoothies” he actually said it
I absolutely love these guys! Not only are the topics way out there and super interesting but the way they deliver with inside jokes and nerdiest humor is the best thing ever!! Keep up the good work!
Great show about… all kinds of stuff. If you’re easily offended by words or comments, you should probably listen to this so you can be outraged for your next cause.
Ben is so radicalized in his views that he has created a team to search for and destroy all human/dino companions. HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT! I love this duo, they are entertaining and informative. I may not agree with every opinion given on the show, but I enjoy listening to every moment of it. For all of the negative reviews about right wing politics, as a person who votes democratic, I’d say you’re a bunch of pansies. If you cant bear to listen to opinions that differ from your own, you are the problem. Ben and Aaron do a great job of presenting different theories for the same phenomena. Keep up the great work!
He asked if I was ok buddy…..I can’t believe he said it! I’m no barnacle waiting to join the UHF they are a great group of gents tackling the UHF problem.
“Ghost rights are less important than human rights”- Aaron !?!?! HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT I can’t believe these guys have opinions that differ from mainstream Reddit. What’s strange is that they don’t seem to respond classical internet virtue signaling conditioning. Maybe if I tweet and post about them on Reddit some more they will see how dangerous it is to think differently than other people. Let’s cancel these guys for suggesting there is more than one way to look at strange phenomena.
Been listening for years love the show , people who rate this show real low and leave comments crying about this or that , grow up stop being so sensitive
This used to be the best show out there. I’ve been a plus subscriber for more than 10 years. I’m not renewing my subscription after this season though. At first they did a really good job covering fringe topics in a serious and still humorous way. They are great story tellers and had high quality production value. I used to try and push this show on everyone I know. Unfortunately after 2019 things took a dark turn. They stopped having guests and now no mater what the topic of the episode the shows started concluding with these really dark, bleak 20 minute diatribes. One of their best pieces of insight is about how you need to be very careful what you put out into the world. Are you adding to it in a positive way or a negative way? They now think everything is demonic and warn of negative spirit attachment. Maybe you guys need to have a serious look at you’re own situation. The show just leaves you with a bad feeling or fuels people who already have a negative outlook. I left two stars and I’ll try and keep up with the free episodes because I’m hopeful they’ll find their way back. Good luck guys!
I’ve been listening to the guys for several years now. Ben is a phenomenal story teller. If I could just pay him to read books and tell me about them, I would. Funny guy, too. Aaron…I feel like is slipping. I feel like we’ll soon see him donning an aluminum hat. He seems to be taking in every conspiracy theory. Yes, we should question everything…but it doesn’t seem like the same Aaron from when I started listening. His storytelling isn’t as good and he seems slightly…angry. And yes, society has reasons to anger us, but he’s not as fun to listen to as he used to be. If you find yourself a bit further left than most and take things too seriously all the time, this won’t be your cup of tea. I lean more left than right, and there are some “whoa” moments. But geez people, take a breath. People can have differing opinions. But Aaron seems to not be one who would do the same without maybe calling you an idiot in the end. I don’t mean to bag on Aaron, but dadgummit, what’s going on dude? I used to enjoy your storytelling, too! I’m just finding that I’m fast forwarding through Aaron’s stories lately which means I’m not getting full value out of my paid subscription.
The moments of poor drunken attempts at humor take away from what might be somewhat interesting.
Love how you guys can be serious and funny at the same time and also loved when you guys made fun of climate change.
I’m in flyover country what used to be the great country of America. I always smile and there’s nothing wrong with thinking about things. Keep up the good content. A loyal Plus member
Ok Buddy, I was radicalized by this show and will be joining the UHF. I’ve been radicalizing the barnacles as fast as I can to join PLUS
I’ve been listening to MU since 2012. Plus subscriber for many years of it. Back in the day the show had a call in line, interviews and guests, and just generally had positive energy. The plus content was where the good stuff was and was worth the sub. Over time the show has devolved into them summarizing books from the 70’s and discussing anti-science and right wing political views.
I’m a future plus member. I’m just waiting for some time to devour content.
So sad when a truly great thing goes sour. They seem to be heading down the same dark path as Red Ice Radio. The show was quite amazing before they started peppering it with their political opinions. It’s sounding a little bit more like Alex Jones from one episode to the next. I really wish they’d just stick to the cool stories and trippy ideas and leave the politics out. Despite often fantastic content, Aaron and Ben have increasingly, and heartbreakingly, been pushing up against, and past, the line between decency and flat-out racism. Now, Ben’s throwing around the phrase “n word” as if it’s funny or something.
Over all , great! The only negative is sometimes they only give the ending to “ plus “ members. When you listen for a hour and they pull that 🤬
I try to go into anything with an open mind, but woo boy, you could teach a class on logical fallacies with examples of these two talking. It’s staggering. I actually believe these two are a government plant to discredit people who believe in this stuff because they come across as so detached from basic steps in reason. These two are a cia psyop to see if annoying laughter and talking absolute waffle can kill listeners. They must be an audio weapon.
Mysterious Universe used to be an interesting and hilarious look at a wide range of paranormal, ufo, and esoteric topics. Sadly, Aaron and Ben have made moved from that into spreading Q style conspiracies, cheap shots at the LGBTQ+ community, and pseudo-religious rants. Occasionally, they’ll go back to classic form but it’s very rare now. Aaron used to be a CSI and now is has bought into anti-vax idiocy. Ben used to be a firm pan-pyschist, but now sounds like he’s thumping a Bible. They always claim that this is just show persona as well as tongue in cheek. However, checking their Twitter posts shows they’ve bought into this trash wholesale. Disappointing. Do yourself a favor and check out better shows. Astonishing Legends and Chilluminati are both great listens that don’t have hosts promoting neo-fascist ideals and conspiracy.
…but I could do without the anti-diversity conspiracy theory baloney that I’d expect from American Q cult lunatics, not two intelligent Aussie dudes.
Had enjoyed a few episodes, but these guys started ranting about “woke” and against an Apple ad that talked about removing carbon as if that were a bad thing. Tell me your intellect is on the PragerU level without telling me, gents. It’s funny how their minds can be open to ghosts and the paranormal, but plain old science is glibly dismissed.
Right wing, anti trans, “all lives matter” DO BETTER
These guys are the best!! From content to ability these two rock. Ben is such a great story teller and I love listening to them banter back and forth. They are hysterically funny and such intelligent conversation .They give a lot to think about. I’m very impressed with the video quality. Fantastic job as usual guys !! Love you two and look forward to every episode.
This podcast has radicalized me. I’ve since joined the UHF thanks to these aussies. Hahah but in all seriousness this podcast is excellent. Ben and Aaron are true heroes. Been listening religiously for many years. Long time plus subscriber and coming from someone as frugal as me, that’s saying something. (Oh and I personally love circles… 5 stars)
Ok buddy here goes, if you seek overlapping time caves, magical yonis, dolphin super soldiers, trans dimensional bigfoot, emu battles, and saurian love stories then MU is your podcast. Ben and Aaron present truly interesting segments mixed in with wonderfully irreverent commentary on the weird and unexplained. Because of MU, now I know that all I need to defeat a Grey is to kick its face off!! Thanks guys!!
This show gives in-depth reviews on the supernatural occurrences as far back as the cases are recorded. It has opened my mind with the possibility of supernatural phenomenon and has humorous tones along the way. Thank you Ben and Aaron for giving me something to look forward to every week you’re show is extraordinary!
I’m tired of podcasts that lure you along for an hour with the promise of some sort of closure only to try and grift you for extra money. I understand that content costs money to make but among the dozens of podcasts I follow who have a decent paying model, these jokers never actually finish a topic. It’s a grift to get you interested and pull a rug out and make you pay yet another bill for streaming. And also; maybe when talking about people of other races, maaaaaybe don’t attempt their accents in a comically racist way. It isn’t a good look.
If you haven’t been listening to this podcast your in for a treat. Nothing is off limits as each episode explores the deepest regions of high strangeness and paranormal. Every episode you will find humor in what ever subject is being discussed but at the same time compelled to take it seriously to the point that you might even believe it’s true. I have been listening for several years now and each week they find a topic that peaks my interest. Being a plus member takes the podcast to a whole new level of pure AWESOMENESS, & being able to see old episodes and longer versions of free episodes (trust me you don’t want to miss them). I hope that they continue to produce content for years to come! Thank you Ben and Aaron for years of compelling evidence, high strangeness, enlightenment, Bigfoot impersonations, and most of all your genuine humor. Ok 5 stars buddy!