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I had my doubts when Andy took over the hosting duties, but this show has really taken off and now Andy strikes me as a “Conan O’Brian” style host. Good energy and one of the best places to get ,politics free, games news. Always played right away when a new show drops. Thank you GI
To Andy and the gang, congratulations on the huge milestone! In a world where variety is boundless this show made it to 500. To me, as a listener and long time fan of the show, that speaks volumes. Why the five stars? 1. The GI Show Group always injects a good amount of humor and different viewpoints regarding a wide variety of topics that it’s my go to for weekly talk radio. 2. The quality and effort that this group puts in to the show has never waned. That’s big. Interests change. Guests stop making appearances. The list goes on and on to what could impact the production quality of a show. But GIS hasn’t stopped growing and evolving. PS you guys did a WAY better job transitioning to remote work than your neighbors *cough* IGN *cough* 3. Info and everything presented on the show is relevant. Period. The discussion topics are always the most up to date. I rarely read something that I haven’t already heard on the show. If you like games, tech, movies, anime, superheroes, or [insert any other nerd topic I missed] this is a definite show to add to your lineup. GIS - thank you for an amazing show.
It makes me feel so happy that they put Ben Hanson back in the 500th episode and let’s pray that Ben Hanson stays again
do u like the current fortnite season and also what is your favorite battle royale game??????
This podcast used to be one of my favorites to listen to. But once Ben Hansen left the show and Andy started hosting, it’s really lost a lot of its appeal. The topics and discussions are great but Andy is just not the guy to host. He rambles on and on about things, mumbles a lot, and stutters so much that it affects the listening experience. This show could be so much better if they just changed who hosted it.
Can not say enough about the people that put this podcast/magazine together, it is always informative well done and fun to listen to. Hope to be listening for years to come.
I listen to a couple different video game podcasts and GI quickly has become a must listen every week. Great variety of interests and opinions. Keep up the great work!
Great podcast. Highly entertaining and knowledgeable hosts with a variety of tastes represented. Great chemistry between everyone.
Rapid fire coverage of games. Great show notes.
It is painfully obvious they miss Ben Hanson. Speaking bluntly, Andy McNamara is a terrible host/moderator. My biggest complaint is how Andy sounds like Porky Pig. He stutters, and stutters, and stops, and starts, and stops, and starts then stutters. You get my point. He is constantly interrupting his own journalists so he can give his two cents. Which in itself is annoying, but when he gives it the old Porky Pig treatment, it takes F...O...R...E...V...E...R... Try listening sometime and see if you can get thru the first 20 minutes. I find it hard to believe one of the many other guys/gals couldn’t step in and do a better job. I used to listen to this from beginning to end every week. But now thanks to Andy, I’ve unsubscribed and will find another podcast. Gameface seems to be one aimed at us older gamers.
After listening to just about every gaming podcast on iTunes, I always come back you guys/gals. Closest thing to reading gamepro in my first period home-room back in 96!
The show use to be really good and flow really well but lately it drags on for way to long. It’s also not cohesive or very well organized. It’s a shame really.
This podcast is authoritative and introspective, while also being palatable to the general listener. This podcast has some of the best video game writer’s in the biz. Also, please check the other half of great VG writers at the MinnMax podcast!
They’ve gone through major staff changes and since then show has been a bit unorganized and lacks the same seamless flow that it once had. But the GI team is still as dedicated and hard working as ever. This is one of the few (only?) shows that has exclusive interviews with devs which is a very in depth view into the minds of the people who actually make video games. I think in time the new host will learn to drive the bus more smoothly but this still remains a must in my playlist for news.
The Game Informer Show podcast has been a steady source of joy and entertainment for me over the years. It’s helped me through a lot of hard times. It is beyond sad to see the company go through hard times and hear all of my favorite Game Informants leave the company. Many fond memories of listening to this podcast.
It still bugs me that we won't frequently hear the voices and insight of the people whom Gamestop terminated, and I had hoped that Suriel would day become the permanent co-host, but this is still my favorite vide game podcast by far. Everyone on the team does a great job of communicating their views and ideas on new games and the industry as a whole, and Hanson is really good host who keeps the show fun and moving. I also love that the hosts express their perspective about the world at large (i.e. politics), and that the show is "clean".
You’re going to have politics crammed down your throat. And they are definitely part of the “gaming press” that looks down on gamers. Kotaku’s Splitscreen is worse, but GI is getting closer every month. Dan T. is the strongest game commenter they have on staff. No one else is close.
The GI crew know how to talk about games, and nonsense. This show keeps me entertained and laughing. I love how these amazing journalist can speak candidly, it’s like listening to a couple of friends talk about the things they love (and sometimes don’t) every week.
I work all day and barely get to game but this podcast fills in that void. Good interviews and very creative segments
I used to really like this show, but now it’s become just a jokey mess. Every host with the exception of Dan Tack feels the need to chime in with some ridiculous joke every three minutes. There’s very little substance in this show and I can’t imagine it lasting for much longer. If you want real gameplay discussion, skip this show.
I’m not super into games but I still listen to this podcast. Going to miss the crew that got the axe
I really enjoyed this podcast that didn’t seem caught up in all the west coast game industry drama and gatekeeping (Kinda Funny/IGN) but the last three episodes following the layoffs just sound so depressing. No one sounds excited to be there. Really hurts my weekly listen. All the best to the employees.
Ben Hansen and company provide by far the best and most uplifting gaming podcast on the planet. The hosts are funny and insightful and I eagerly look forward to each show every week.
I love listening to this show -so much information and insight on various games. I am a part time gamer but slowly getting back into the Fold. My minor complaint is that the Podcasters/reviewers on the show use "Like" way too many times. I know that's an Old guy problem, but if the hosts/contributors can at least try to cut down on saying "like" all the time, I'd listen to The Game Informer Show on a much more regular basis. But yeah, content and chemistry among the podcasts are very high - so I really dig the pod!
Love the show, always get a good laugh out of it!! Won't be the same without a lot of the people who got laid off though. .
Good luck with magazine and show.
Very sad to hear about the lay offs. I love the magazine and podcast. I hope the crew finds something soon. They will be missed
The guys on this podcast have in some weird and interesting way become sort of podcast....friends? Super endearing and always hilarious, I get to hear about my favorite hobby/entertainment medium by a bunch of fellow passionate people. Can’t recommend enough.
Awesome gaming podcast!
Certain people are way too aggressive in their tone. Others speak far too quickly. The only way to make sense of this podcast is to be on adderall yourself.


By JSm00v
They really need to promote more digital mediums. They are hilarious and charismatic.
One of the best out there. It’s a well made gaming podcast.
I enjoy this show every week when it comes out. Which is odd because I don’t care for the GI magazine at all but I highly recommend this show to any gaming enthusiast.
Top notch Podcast, they have fun and know there games. One of my top 3 Pods for sure. Hanson is a Delight to the Ears and I really have no idea about the eyes. But he sounds great. 👍👍🎮🎮😁😁
I listen to this podcast ever week and it is just amazing. I just want to say keep up the good work!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and can definitely say that every week it is the podcast I look forward to the most. What you can expect from the GI Show: Goofiness, great community emails and games, insightful commentary on gaming, fun exclusive interviews and good vibes. Keep up the great work GI! - AFW
I listen to a wide variety of podcasts weekly, and this is the one I look forward to most. There’s always something happening in video games news and these guys/gals got ya covered. The community emails part of the show with its running gags and rotating panel are a can’t miss highlight. I encourage anyone with interest in games of any kind to listen.
Love this podcast. It has quickly become my favorite. I can’t wait for fridays to get all the current news and info from the week and then have a fun time listening to the team talk. They always brighten my day
Highly recommend watching the video version on Youtube.
Informative, welcoming, and funny. I look forward to hanging out with you all every week. Feel like hanging out with friends chatting about games.
Best gaming podcast out there, a great cast and they cover all the genre of games.
I've been listening to this podcast for almost ten years now?! While some people have come and gone, the overall vibe of the show remains. It's an entertaining listen, if not a bit long at times.
Ben Hanson is the ultimate host. Not only with gaming-related topics but in general. The guy belongs on late night with how quick and witty his humor can be. I also love how he is able to keep politics out of the show but still talk about ideas like diversity in gaming. Always interesting while avoiding being preachy. Tough to find in gaming!
One of the best gaming pods,We need more kim
Yeah, it’s hard to listen to sometimes but I find that the GI crew offers a very good balance of funny antics, information, insights and interviews than some of the other podcasts out there. They definitely have more access to game development than other outlets and it’s nice that they have it in audio form too. And it’s length means you’ll have all week to listen to it. Definitely a highlight of my Thursday’s!
It won’t let me give 8 stars
Episode lengths are nice and long and conversation is always funny and insightful.
I don’t even like that many video games, I just like hearing these folks talk.
Gaming podcasts are so hit and miss, I’ve tried a lot and most are t good enough to keep listening. GI found the secret sauce, this show shot up to the top of my list once I started listening. There are often moments that are laugh out loud funny, which is key for my enjoyment of a podcast. It compliments the giant bomb stuff perfectly, and fits snugly in the week between their two shows. Love love love these folks, keep it up guys!