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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE WALLY SHOWWWW. yeah its pretty good, really funnyy…miss u zach(rip)
I love the Wally show so much! They have really helped me during this difficult time! Keep up this amazing work!! Also... My birthday is June 10th and I would love a birthday shout out when the time comes, I’m probably gonna forget by then so please can you do that it would make my day! -Chaney L.
I love the Wally show Always makes me laugh
But like Cj and Joy better please let them know now
My daughter was on the show and my family who lives in different states can listen to it with the podcast. I love the message
I love the Wally Show Podcast!! It is silly fun, and faith based! I love that I never have to worry about the content, and I can feel comfortable listening to it with my family and friends! I love listening to you guys while I clean, draw, and more!
As an avid podcast listener, I have listened to many podcasts, but I’ve got to say that this is my favorite by far. It’s so real but it’s also very funny, which is very hard to find. Keep up the good work!!
I 1000% love the Wally Show. I’ve been an avid fan for over 10 years and have always loved their content. Their show is a constant light when the world is dark. The Wally Show is hilarious and real; they know how to discuss the serious situations of life in a genuine way and how to balance it with creative, original humor. No other radio show or podcast compares to the Wally Show.
This is by far my favorite Podcast. I never have to worry about the content, but I don’t have to sacrifice humor or the occasional (😉) thoughtful discussion! I listen to it everyday and listen to old ones on the weekend.
I have listened for years and years. I have listened to both the podcast and the show on Wayfm (100.9). You guys help me laugh and even cry and always when I most need too. You guys work much harder than people often realize and you are helping people the way God planned you to. Thank you so much!!!
Love you guys!! Awesome work!! God bless you!!
Thank you for being so wise and kind. This show is amazing other then the fact that only one person knows how to say either.
I still enjoy listening to you all, but right now it’s more via the podcasts since I can barely wake up before your show ends for the day. Still, I enjoy listening to you all and your diverse perspectives, and the fun you have on the show too!
You guys are so fun. Thanks for your impact! From John, Ana, Rosemary (10yr old), and Milo (8yr old).
I dig these guys so much. They are like my friends and i miss them when they are gone. The after cast is awesome sauce and their show is just great. Anyone who listens to the show is also my friend.
I love ❤️ this amazing 😉 show it is as cooler than I thought it would be thanks fie everything I am praying 🙏 for you and please pray fod me my name in is Eli


Bekah is my best friend, she just doesn’t know it! 😜 Love all of them so much and hope to be able to visit them someday!!
I so enjoy this show. I’m laughing one minute and crying the next. Thanks, Wally and crew. ❤️
They’re so funny and silly but deep and serious too. Definitely worth listening to
The perfect combination of hilarity, Biblical truths, and people being real about life while walking with God! Have been a listener for years and am so grateful for the blessing this show has been! Thanks for all you do Wally, Bekah, Betty, and Gavin (and Zach RIP😉)!
Well for the longest time I’ve always wondered were was Zach cause I haven’t listened to the show in a good while then I realized that Zach left I was so sad he is so nice and seems like a happy person😭 but then this new guy showed up and he seemed pretty cool but then I began thinking what happens when Wally retires what will it become we’ll Wally if your read this pls mention me # marinn
I’m an animator, and it gets very boring. But I turn on the Wally show and time flys by and before I realize it I’ve worked like 3hrs over time and gotten all my dead lines met in just one day. So I should also thank my boy Wally for helping when he didn’t even realize it. Plus I’m one of five Christians that animate for my company lol love Wally. Betty Rock, well she Rocks, and Becca is the cool one now that Zack is gone. Wow I miss Zack lol.
I never post reviews really but i must say, this show is awesome! I love everyone on the show... including Zach 😄 ... i feel like they are all my friends, and would love to go to Tennessee to see them in the studio... #goals
The combination of laughter and God Moments makes for a show that truly makes a difference. Thanks for all the laughs Wally, Betty, Gavin, and Bekah! (And Zach! We will always miss you!)
I’ve listened to Wally from the Wally Show for many, many years now. These guys are awesome! They’re real & raw about life & what it brings our way. Highly recommend this podcast!
I love this show. It’s fun, inspirational and helpful. I tune in everyday. Thank you for being sooooo AWEsome.


By j Groff
Would recommend for all ages. Amazing show with Wally, Bekah, Betty, and Gavin!
Love everything about this show. Creative, genuine, and hilarious.
I listen everyday at work and I love it. Makes me laugh and sometimes snort it’s so funny. Love the whole crew
I love listening to the Wally show to decompress from school, I love everybody on the show but I will espically miss hearing Zach .😃
Love listening to Wally,Betty,Zach,and Bekah’s antics.It helps me through the day and always lifts up my spirit!
Wally and the gang are a good way to relax
Haters are the worst thing about this review option, they just have negative things to say, about good hard-working people. If you are a hater, all you do is sit on a computer trolling people. I have three words for haters... GET A JOB!!!
Love the content, clean family friendly and so funny. It’s rare to find that all together and I just love y’all!


I love listening to these podcasts! They make me laugh and help me focus my energy on positive things when negative things are happening around me. Thank you for all the laughs and thoughtful insight!
I’m only ten years old but I think that this show is awesome and I listen to it so much. I love Wally’s “Missed Beats” and Zach’s AWESOME laugh of course! And Becca and Betty Rock are so fun. Definitely listen to this podcast and disregard all those bad reviews!! The Wally show is so funny!! 😂 Keep it up y’all!!!
I just found out that I could listen to the Wally Show on podcasts and I’m super hyped up about it! I love you guys and listen to 88.7. Everyday I turn on the radio, I hope to hear you, but now I can hear you whenever I want! Also, I’m in love with cats, to! You guys make every day much, much better! Thanks for your kindness, games, and silliness. I love you guys SO much, I can’t ever express it in words. With love, Your BIGGEST fan
I listen to the Wally show all the time. It has helped me understand my faith better and deal with some of the hardest decisions or conversations of life. It is a great way to get away from the negativity of the world.
Great podcast! Love how down to earth Wally is!
I love listening to this podcast so much that I’m actually writing a review for it
I love your show and Wally, Zack, Betty rock and Bekah are amazing. I listen to your show all the time and when I get in a funk at work it gets me out of it by hearing you guys laugh and joke and still be godly and hilarious. I have listened to you all the way since as far back as the podcast app goes . I caught up to all of your shenanigans as far as the app would load and now that I’m caught up I replay some of the podcasts again and they are still just as new and as funny as if I had just heard them you all are awesome and amazing god bless all of you Gets me throughout my long shifts.
Wally and crew are frequent guests in our home, and my kids frequently sing the random jingles and the birthday ditty. It's spiritual without the pomp and circumstance with events of the day tastefully communicated.
Go ahead, make my day! Keep up the good work! You all rock!
This is my first tome listening to the Wally show podcast and I love it!!!
As someone who’s listened to every available episode from the last five years, I can firmly say that the Wally Show is... unique. The talent shines through Bekah, Betty Rock, Zach, and (of course) Wally. In a wonderful way, this podcast combines humor and faith while maintaining a fresh and enjoyable outlook on pop culture and current events. The crew is hilarious and together they are the trifecta of modern Christian comedy- original, renewing, clean humor which is great to listen to while driving, sleeping, road-tripping, working or preparing for your day..
If you’re a Wally Show listener, you’re awesome. If you’re a Wally Show poddie, you’re Way Awesome. This show gets you. It’s there to make you laugh when nothing else can. It will lift you up in times of discouragement. It will bring you Jesus in ways you never thought possible, because it’s real. It is truly a MUST subscribe. I love it so much!
I love it, I love it, I love it!!! They combine serious and funny so perfectly! They will make your day, I promise!!
Wally😇-Zack 👎🏼-Becca👎🏼-Betty 👎🏼-Wally is the best people. Get that in your small minds Zack Becca and Betty