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Reviews For Yabla Spanish - Learn Spanish with Videos

The language is authentic and colloquial, but slowed down just enough that someone who still working on fluency can keep up either with or without the subtitles. The topics are interesting too, aimed at adults instead of high school learners. Very pleased.
I get the basic grammar lessons from my Spanish text books. There is nothing like seeing and hearing how Spanish is actually spoken in the "real world" by everyday folks. I am very grateful for the videos with the subtitles.
Very good situational spanish with spanish and English subtitles. I especially enjoy the jokes.
I have been looking for a podcast like this! Your podcast is so original and amazing! I love that you have English and Spanish Subtitiles (in case I need to know the English equivalent of a word). Thank you so much! I am a current Spanish student at the university and this will be so helpful for me!!!!!
This is definitely something to watch for the intermediate learner. I love hearing the different accents and some of the slang so to speak that are unique to different regions. I have tried other podcasts,and I feel that these videos are the most helpful because they get right to the point and they truly immerse you in the language and how it's spoken by native speakers.
These podcasts are perfect for the intermediate Spanish speaker. Listening to the native speakers and following along with the captioning has helped me immensely.
I love these podcasts! They are in small, manageable segments. With both English an Spanish captioning you can learn to read Spanish and the English translation is literal, helping with sentence structure and grammar. It's a great way to learn! I haven't found anything like it, anywhere.
I have no idea why this podcast has only recieved two reviews. Learning to understand spoken Spanish is crucial to learning the language. This podcast allows you to watch mini-shows with english & spanish translations at the bottom of the screen. I would highly recommend it to intermediate Spanish students.