Reviews For Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

Is this 6.0 course in fall of 2008 material currently relevant in a usable way for the current industry workplace?
Yes, the video of projected example code is unreadable in first class, but gets better in second. Great class!
I would have liked the summary pages to write notes. Are they somewhere? the video is not clear enough to see the projector displaying overhead. I assume the process will get better. the lecture is very helpful and very understandable. I have programmed for many years thus I am starting over.
You cannot expect a better course for beginners!
The lectures are nice, but the resolution is so low that you can barely make out the chalk board, and you can't see the code on the computer screen at all. This makes it mostly useless. Going to try Harvard's courses instead.
I guess professors are a hit or miss. The professor in the beginning was really good!
I knew nothing about programming, and now, I know so much, thanks to the easy to understand lessons.
This is the best one that I've watched and I can catch every pieces of information prof. taught. For me, a 0-level beginner, this is what I exactly need!
This class is Great for beginners. I was able to follow even with no experience. I really appreciate Prof John Guttag taking the time to re-due class 5 for the people watching online. Both teachers are amazing.
I found the course work to be a nice refresher in some simple core algorithms, but I have found myself really understanding the rational for each type of algorithm. This is only years after taking comp sci in college. Great work
Regarding the video being washed out, this is probably an artifact of the compression used by Apple for the version that's posted here. If you stream it from MIT's site, it's much clearer. In general, you're much better off watching these lectures through their OCW site, which is where you can also get the problem sets, classroom handouts, quizzes, etc. I'd only use the iTunes downloadable ones for when you'll need to watch them offline.
There is a wealth of information provided in these lectures and the professors do an amazing job of articulating fundamental programming concepts. A must for anyone passionate about programming. Thank you MIT!!
Привет из Киева! Большое спасибо Вам за замечательный курс! Greetings from Kiev, Ukraine! Thank you for this great course!
Learning curve is not too fast or slow, and the professors explain concepts very well. If you want to learn how to code, you must watch this course!


Anyone who wants to be educated can have this information for free! Thank you MIT and Apple.


Wow. This is AMAZING!!! And he was right when he said you cant be under qualified. Im only 14 and learned a ton from this. I wish he would have used c++ instead of Python, but that's just opinion. This was great. THANK YOU MIT!!!
Very talented lecturer. If only all comp sci professors could teach so well.
Well-organized, great professors, challenging but not too difficult -- this course has been an amazing experience. I have been programming a little bit for many years (a small amount of PHP and Perl), but I had never officially taken a course in programming. I wanted to learn Python for a new project I was thinking about doing, and so I figured I would give this course a chance since it is taught in Python. Very glad I did it. The professors explain everything very clearly (and in a casual, fun way), and the homework is very well thought out. It has changed the way I think about programming, and I am looking forward to taking the Algorithms course next. One note: people have complained about the video quality (in particular, the computer projection), but it is not a big deal. The first lecture has some issues, but they are basically ironed out after that.
Loved the instruction and would have given it 5 stars but couldn't see the example code work on the overhead projector. Bravo MIT!
I attended law school. Soon after graduation I realized I had trained myself in arts outdated. Thanks to MIT for giving me the opportunity to "attend" world class CS courses. Sharing is the beauty of the Internet. I am disappointed that my alma mater, the Univ. of Illinois, doesn't share their courses.
Thank you to school and staff for making this available on iTunes U.
The fact python colors commands like print plus the low picture quality make for hard to see examples. Five stars for simply allowing me the opportunity to learn from such a great school. Minus one personal star for projector recording fail in a class about computer programming.
Good explanations, but when the instructor starts to do examples using a projector, the screen is to washed out to see what he is typing.