Dr. Kiki's Science Hour (Audio)

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Fantastic and awesome show! If you’re an intellectually curious or science-minded individual, this show’s for you! Great topics and discussions to expand your horizons. If you’re a science-lightweight who has trouble understanding the conversation or connecting the academic dots, your probably more suited to watching National Geographic or the Discovery Channel.


By ElrioV
Dr. Kiki keeps it real. The hour long, one topic, one guest format is much better than the other drive-by science podcasts that really don't get into the details like Dr. Kiki does. I enjoy her voice, intellect, and sense of humor. I recommend this podcast if your looking for quality and depth.
I enjoy Dr. Kiki's down-to-earth style and her enthusiasm for science of all flavors. Most of all, though, I appreciate a science podcast that is not lowest-common-denominator science. She has guests that are doing real science and talking about it. Most shows I would give five stars. One danger of interviewing real scientists, though, is that a few of them aren't good at talking about it to a general audience, or just aren't really good interviews in general. But you can't really fault Kiki for that. Keep at it, and I'll keep listening.
I can't listen to her speak...it drives me crazy. She uses that "cute" s whistle that black celebrity women do.
But it seems to be a genuine labor of love. I enjoy the extended conversation format, and find Dr. Sanford to be a solid interviewer. She explores topics outside her own domain often. Even when she is not familiar with the subject matter, she asks intelligent questions and gets to the substance of the conversation casually and comfortably. Enjoyable.
Like the in-depth look at a single topic format this podcast takes. Good variety of topics too, plenty of the topics have been things I had not really thought about before.
Oh, dear. The professor is so casual and cheerful. He says there isn't enough money for studies on the effects of deep water oil spills. Why not? Shouldn't the oil industry fund (or be required to fund) them? Surely they have enough money. But, Oh Well, they just learn as they go along. (laughter from host and guest)
Of the podcast I listen to.. Kiki's is a weekly must have! Thank Kiki
If you have time to listen to a book you have not been listening to the right stuff! Listen and learn, or relearn it's all good :) Thanks Kiki!! A warm hello from Texas!
Love dr. Kiki's science hour!! It's so cool! Great for road trips and gigantic parties for adults that you are not interested in lol.
Of all the things Leo could have on the TWIT Network, this has to be the worst. Boooorrrrinnnnnggg
A breezy, layman's level science program that covers a variety of of topics. Depending on the topic it's either completely gripping, or great for listening to as I fall asleep. Usually the former.
The episode about the atomic clock was cool because it related to everyday life and it was straight science. Do more like this.
I agree with another reviewer. This podcast sounds great in theory however it was truly pathetic in reality. She may have a PhD in neurophysiology but I don't think it helps the podcasts at all. Leo is a much better interviewer and seems to be the "straight" guy to Kiki's hairbrained comments and questions. If you are interested in science-related podcasts, check out the Scientific American podcasts and the NYTimes Science podcast. They are very well done.
I have been a fan of Dr. Kiki since her Food Science podcast. I have been a huge fan of Leo LaPorte's for many years. To get a podcast with both of them is great! If you're unsure if you will like it, try the episode about movies. Thank you Leo and Kiki!
Very informative and entertaining at the same time. I look forward to a new show each week. Leo got lucky with this one!
I really love listening to this show. I am brand new to podcasts so I was ultra excited to find a geeky/awesome science one like this. Keep it up please.
Wastes too much time on crappy intro music and stupid, repetitive chit-chat. Leave the housekeeping info to the podcast notes, dammit, and stop wasting everyone's time.
Sounds like a good idea, and I like the hype, but it just doesn't work. I've tried listening to three different ones now, and couldn't make it more than halfway on one of them. Wow. The folks behind this should take some time to listen to audio-only stuff and figure it out first.
I'm very excited that this is finally on itunes. Unforunatly I was only able to catch a show every few weeks. Keep up the great work and I will look forward to a new show every week.


Kristen Sanford is an awesome host and Leo is much better than TWIS's Justin. Well worth it!
Dr. Kiki with Alex Lindsay are bringing new netcast to the TWIT network. Dr. Kiki doing the work as a real pro, while Alex bring some fresh spirit into the talk. I think it is going to be the next big thing on the network.