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What a superb show. I wish it was put out more often. Learn photo techniques, gear, styles, best practices, business and much more. Also, as import, Rick and Juan are extremely entertaining to listen to . Thanks !!
Only reason why I took away one star is the audio quality could be way better. Otherwise, this is a very informative podcast.
Started to listen as I'm getting deeper into photography. Really enjoyable listen from a couple great photographers. Really seem to discuss topics that matter to me regularly. Seems to have a limited structure, but stays on topic at the same time.
I never miss an episode of DPE. Always learn something and come away inspired & uplifted.
Rick and Juan team well together to make for an easy listen while providing both general discussion on photography as well as specific “tips and tricks”. I’ve learned a lot from these guys and enjoyed doing it.
This is a decent podcast, but after you listen long enough, you will hear the same stories and information over and over. Both hosts shoot Canon so if you do also, that is a plus. The show is also twice as long as it should be due to the constant plugs for their workshops, sponsors, and friends sites and products.
I have been a long time listener of the podcast and it always leaves me with a gem of information that helps me in my own photography. Thanks Rick and Juan! Don
Rick & Juan are almost as good on the podcast as they are in person. If you can't see them in person, this podcast is the next best thing. Always loaded with useful information..
Great info from two experienced photographers. Easy to understand. Fun.
Love the show and look forward to every new episode. Thanks and keep up the great work
I have been listening for several years now and look forward to the show every 2 weeks. Keep it going.
The combination of Rick's inspirational motivation and Juan's technical creativity make this my favorite photography podcast. Thank you Rick and Juan!
There's some good content, but it's padded out by repetition and digressions to twice the necessary length. Some of the advice given is also a bit suspect. One particularly egregious bit was that turning off your computer is bad for it. Patently false. No concern displayed about the huge amount of power you're wasting by leaving it on. Irresponsible advice.
I listen to this podcast less and less. Juan Pons is hard to listen to for a variety of reasons and Rick Sammon is affable but repetitive. I would rate Rick a 4 and Pons a 2 to avg. at a 3 for this podcast. I'd say if you really like gear or are a newer photographer, this podcast is more for you. The most useful thing I've found is when Rick interviews other photographers. More of them and less of "Don Juan" (groan) is a plus.
Great information for all photographers from two outstanding teachers. Rick and Juan are among the best and most enthusiastic instructors. You will be entertained and learn a lot… from the beginner to very experienced shooters. I look forward to every episode.
A great photography podcast by experienced photographers.
Great podcast, informative and entertaining.
Great Guys!! Who love photography!!! Very informative!!
I look forward to the podcast every week and enjoy the mixture of information and inspiration. Keep it going. Merry Christmas and look forward to 2013! Curt
I got hooked on Rick and Juan a few months ago and found myself downloading all 2012 shows. They provide excellent information for photography enthusiasts and seem to have a lot of fun doing their shows. Excellent!
I went to your class when you came to Fresno California Its great when you love what you are doing and photography and teaching you can see that Rick just love them besides that he loves people I learn something new everytime keep up Rick Mayo Tablas (photographer, artist)
Let me begin by saying I have the highest respect for Rick and Juan. They are both fantastic photographers and seem like really nice guys. I have listened to their podcast for many, many months. I used to really enjoy this podcast and listened to every episode. However, over the past several months, the podcast has become more about promoting their workshops, books and other commercial ventures. I don't mind a self promoting plug once in a while, but it has become way too much. Every topic of conversation is littered with some tie-in to their workshops or other commercial product. In the beginning this podcast was about truly giving something back to the community. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. This podcast has turned into nothing more than a marketing campaign hidden beneath the surface of topical conversation. Again, I highly respect Rick and Juan, but I just don't want to listen to a very long commercial disguised as a photography podcast.
The interviews are enjoyable and informative; Rick and Juan get a lot of good guests. The Q&A segments are often sloppy, unfocused, and unhelpful. The show's spontaneous, off-the-cuff approach to Q&A simply does not work. During the podcasts you will hear a lot about Canon products (all good). Juan will sometimes say a word or two about other camera manufacturers, but you will never hear Rick mention the name of a Canon competitor. Finally, Rick insists on calling his junior partner "Don" Juan Pons, although it's perfectly clear that Juan hates the nickname. I cringe when I hear Mr. Pons submitting to this abuse.
I'm a weekend photographer and every week I get better thanks to the great, down to earth, easy to follow information passed on by these guys.
Love the podcast and thanks for being a great Free resource about photography!
Always informative. Plain spoken, easy to understand information. Love it.
All of our time is limited. I've listened to several other photography podcasts and have dropped most of them. Both the Godfather of photography and Don Juan Pons stick to the subject, explain their experiences, instruct on their methods of taking great photos, and after a while if you had no prior photography experience, all the stuff that they talk about starts to sink in. I absolutely love this show and enjoy everyone of their podcasts. The Godfather speaks very fast (and he's got that East Coast Accent) and adds for some good comedic relief but has these set golden rules which are great. If you listen you will pick them up over time. "Get the darn flash off the camera". AAAAA++++++ rating
I have listened for a long time. These 2 photogs have seen it all and done it all. In the podcast are always found brilliant nuggets of experience and truth. I love the banter between them, but really enjoy the conversational style of Juan's wildlife experience and Rick's "been there and done that, then wrote a book on it" generalist photography experience. These guys are on my mandatory list of photography podcasts on a daily basis. Subscribe!!!
Always look forward to the latest episode from Rick and Juan!
This should be renamed the Rick & Juan Experience. What a great duo. The show stands out for it's enthusiasm and information. The level of energy nearly always gets me fired up to make images. If you become a regular listener you'll come to appreciate the generosity and good nature that propels this show. And it's never boring. While they have fun they also vary the content from interviews to tips and news. If you're looking for controversy or the latest pixel peeping head somewhere else. Making it to one of their workshops is high on my list.
I have been listening to Rick and Juan for a number of years now and have had the fortune to attend one of their workshops. Their passion in photography continually comes through in their talks and guests and I have learned so much by being a regular listener.
I always know this podcast has a wide range on excellent information and advice , when ever I need a boost to get me going I can can always count on Rick and juan to bring on the goodness.


if Rick tells the story about......Insert about 5 more time, I am going to throw something across the room. The show is alright and I know both of these men. I have been on or at programs they have produced or hosted. I think I find Rick quite annoying..but I am certain that I will continue to listen as I sometimes learn something valuable. Love the exit music
Love love love.... This dynamic duo has it all.... Great podcast.
Can't wait to download this podcast. These guys are very informative and easy to listen to.
Thanks guys for all the practical tips and inspiring interviews. Keep up the great job!
Rick and Juan share their expertise of photography as it relates to tech, art, and business alike. Both have a strong passion for teaching that's clearly evident. Their advice and tips are simple, yet thorough comprehensive, and practical for any skill level. Every time I tune to an episode of the DP Experience I'm inspired to grow as a photographer.
I love these DPE podcasts. They give me inspiration, they make me laugh and these two guys really know what they are talking about. It is fun to here their experiences and their interviews with other people in the industry. I always feel like I am right there with them and get very excited about photography! Thank you both! Great podcast.
The best photo podcast out there!!!
I have been listening to this podcast from the beginning. I can't think of a better way to drive to or from work than listening to Rick and Juan. These guys are sincere and genuinely enjoy helping people. For a photography podcast, you can't do any better.
The master, Rick Sammon, does not put himself above any of his followers but humbly answers the questions of all the rest of us. The variety of questions and answers us inspiring to me--the programs are fresh and informative.
I listened to every episode over the past two weeks and I've learned a ton. Keep it up!
I've learned so much from these guys. If you want to be a better photographer, subscribe!
I've listened to about a dozen episodes, spread out, but I'm giving up. I haven't learned a thing, and even worse, I feel like it's just a very long, boring, brag-a-thon. This includes the regular banter between the two hosts, as well as the interviews. There are many, many other photography podcasts available.
This podcast contains 10% information and 90% commercials -- regarding their sponsors, their upcoming photo shoots, and their guests new books, events, etc. It is so blatant and overdone that I can't believe people give it such high ratings. I think it's because it's free. If you want to learn photography, take a course at a city college. If you like to hear people say the same things over and over and at least 90% commercials, you love this program. Every interview includes a promo for whatever the interviewee is trying to sell. I actually believe more photographers make money with all these peripheral activities than they ever made in photography. Had anyone ever even heard of Juan Pons before he teamed with Rick Sammon? Try to listen to their latest podcast, ~1 July 2011; I gave up after the first 20+ minutes. There wasn't one new or interesting thing said in the entire time -- just Rick & Juan reminding everyone how to spend their money joining them at an unending list of for-profit endeavours. It's really getting sad.
i sampled this podcast for the first time about three months ago and since then I am about to finish my second time through all of the episodes ( 37 up to this point). Rick and Juan are both very knowledgable about taking photos, photo processing, photography equipment and the photography business. Their presentations vary from all Q & A or all interviews to a mixture of both. Rick Sammon has a great interviewing style. You feel as though you are sitting at a table with him and his guest while they are having a conversation. His guest list includes some of photography's greats, such as Harry Benson ( his subject list includes the Beatles and a number of US Presidents ) and John Isaac ( former UN Photographer who also photographed Michael Jackson ) as well as many interesting contemporary photographers. This podcast gives you a broad overview of photography as a whole, as well as very specific tips and instructions about image making and processing and the equipment to do it all. I thoroughly enjoy them and hope they continue for a long time. PS: So to not sound like a total homer, there certainly is some self promotion from both Rick and Jaun. And if they are not on Canon's payroll, they should be. But let's be serious here folks, the podcast is FREE and after all, business is business.
Juan and Rick are intelligent, witty, and knowledgable. The show is entertaining and full of insight from the hosts and their guests. I highly recommend it.
Rick and Juan do an excellent job of answering questions from the relatively basic to quite advanced, and they do it in a way that we can all understand. This podcast is not about photography gear, it is about how to use equipment and software to get the kinds of photos you want. The content is absolutely practical and all types of photographers from studio to nature to sports will find this podcast to be a valuable resource. Give it a try, you will be hooked.