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I love patenting podcasts and this is a great one. Her podcasts are well thought out and I can always take something away from them. She breaks each podcast down at the end so that you can be reminded of all her thoughtful suggestions and ideas.
I really enjoy the Raising Playful Tots podcasts and this is another really good one. I appreciate how the host, Melitsa, offers a variety of ideas without imposing any particular view of "family" on the listener. She also has a lovely voice and the podcast is well produced.
This is a great podcast that covers tons of topics about raising young kids. There are usually interviews with blogger moms and/or experts about child development. I really like that the host is friendly and casual but also professional and not too chatty - some podcasts are a little too… goofy at times. Melitsa stays on point and has a nice rhythm to the show. The topics are quite diverse from some really basic play ideas to more big picture child development stuff. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because there is a lot of time spent discussing other online/social media opportunities like blogs, pinterest, google groups, etc. and the reason I listen to podcasts is because I don't want to be sitting in front of a computer all day.
As a pediatric occupational therapist I am so thankful for this show educating us all on helping our children live active lives. As a mom I really appreciate how Melitsa and the people that she interviews give a real view of how to raise children in a playful way. It helps me to not feel so bad when I don't reach what I aspire to, but at the same time she gives ideas on how to work towards what we aspire to!
THE best preschool podcast out there. Hands down. So many inspiring ideas and Melitsa does a fantastic job as host. I have been listening since my first baby was born three years ago and the show and this is one of my favorite podcasts for sure.
This is my favorite parenting podcast. I've listened to others, but this is the one I listen to week after week. Plus, the best part of parenting is playing with your kidos...Melitsa is down to earth, but always curious about what is new, fun and beneficial to families.
I love this podcast-- I've been listening for several months now and I've listened to a lot of the archive as well. It's packed full of great ideas for play and wonderful things to think about. It always challenges me and inspires me to think more carefully and intentionally about how I interact with my three little ones. There's also such a wide range of topics covered! I appreciate the diversity of the guests and the subjects. Awesome podcast!
I look forward to listening to the podcasts. They never fail to deliver a resource or play idea to use with my three year old. I have become more knowledgeable about age appropriate playful learning activities to encourage curiosity and love of learning. Thank you!
Raising Playful Tots is an entertaining and inspiring podcast. Melitsa and her guests give so many practical ideas for making the most of your time with your little ones. The guests and topics are varied and there's bound to be something that interests, inspires or educates you if you're a parent of a 0-5.
This podcast is wonderfully executed, excellent guest, thought provoking questions and relevant topics for anyone with kids 0-5 years. It's very helpful to have practical tips on play that you can immediately use in your home!
I always find myslef listening to this podcast on an evening when I decide to stay up late and get some things done. It is so great to get inspired about playing with my 3 boys in this way. Always a great interview or resource to learn about. Thanks for the podcast, Melitsa!
I really enjoy this podcast. Melitsa interviews informative and inspiring people and has very relevant topics for stay-at-home parents wanting to have fun with their young kids, to improve at parenting, and to integrate more unplugged play into their young children's lives. Definitely worth a listen-to. Also, interesting because Melitsa has lived in many countries and carries that multicultural perspective into the podcast.
I'm so glad there is a podcast about play. So often shows focus on the latest stuff to buy, but not enough talk about ways to engage your children in good old fashioned play. Great guests and great ideas!
This is wonderful podcast. New and refreshing information is shared in each podcasts. The topics covered are ones that parents and childcare professional and preschool teachers can really find useful in day to day care and development of toddlers. Thank you so much for creating this podcast.