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I wanted to like this as being a Pagan in the South is particularly isolating. I ended the episode halfway through from boredom. Talked about Pagan Pride with no direction at all. Felt like I was listening to my aunts rambling at a family reunion.
I started with the 2013 episodes posted on iTunes and, to be honest, they were awful, even putting aside the very poor sound quality. Although the episodes have a topic in the title, there does not seem to be any ordered agenda or prepared discussion topics to keep the hosts on track. The result is about 10% of the show on average touches on pagan subjects but most often the discussion thread goes off topic, into personal lives or random events, into the weeds and stays in the weeds. Far too many one word responses ("Ya", "Yeah", "Hmm-hmph") followed by pregnant pauses. Little or no engaging, back-and-forth dialogue. I jumped forward to the last episode of 2015 to see if they improved, but, it was unchanged. I do appreciate the time and effort that the hosts put into the podcast, but, it is just painful listening and little content.
I have to say I was more disappointed in this one particular podcast than I have been in any other episode of any other program in the recent past. The description indicated that the episode would be about connecting to the Goddess, and as a newbie Pagan strongly interested in Wicca specifically I was rather excited about the episode. Imagine my disappointment when the entire episode was devoted to feminist political views and barely one sentence regarding Goddess connection was vocalized. Now, don't get me wrong, I understand the need and right to speak of feminist political views, but don't mask them under podcasts of different descriptions. I felt like there was a bait-and-switch scheme going on, here. I also understand that there are times when a podcast discussion will sway off-topic a little bit, and in my opinion that's okay, too, but it's the responsibility and job of the hosts to pull the discussion back on-topic over a reasonable amount of time, which is NOT 3 hours later. I'm pretty bummed. There aren't too many Pagan podcast/radio shows out there, and fewer which specifically address Goddess connection, and this one chance or opportunity to hear some strong insight on the topic was derailed by politics and chest-beating. I suppose I'll have to search elsewhere for information and experience. Peace.
So I only ever listen when Taylor Ellwood is hosting because of my interest in Pop Culture Paganism and his discussions usually feature those topics. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get through an interview because the sound quality is barely listenable and Taylor can be bad about letting the conversation die. Hopefully he'll get better at guiding conversations in the future. I would also please ask that the hosts talk to interviewees before hand and stress that they remove extraneous sound. I hate when I can hear someone's chair or floorboards creaking in the background since I usually listen with earbuds while I'm listening. More than once, I've had to cut an episode short because it was so bad.
The hosts never seem prepared to handle interviews and much of the show is full of banal, one-word responses from the female co-host. The guest quality varies widely from decent to outright terrible. The audio quality just makes it all worse.
I came across this podcast because I am interested in Norse mythology. After a 3min + Celtic instrumental it finally started. Basically listened to 20 minutes of "we're Pagan.. yay!" and "Awesome" responses to interview questions I finally had to turn it off. Poor sound quality, lots of dead air between questions and answers, the host carried very little of the load expecting the interviewee to hold the entire conversation. Honestly the only thing I learned was that Thor dressed up in drag once.. boring
As usual with BlogTalk Radio, poor sound predominates and no one seems to know how to use things like limiters, compressors, or even simple microphone level adjustment. To complement this, Pagan Musings is uniformly awful. Ill-informed hosts with meandering non-questions babble on and on for literally hours, interspersed with spates of bad music. The hosts seem blissfully unaware of how deeply annoying vocal mannerisms, such as mumbling and smacking the lips, can be in just a few seconds of attempted listening, never mind the two-plus hours most of these podcasts inexplicably demand of the listener. The podcasts do not offer any particular insight into Paganism. They seem to have been made for the podcasters' friends and family more than anything else, with a high level of unprofessionalism. The idea of having a podcast - particularly one that is offered in a medium like iTunes - is a unique opportunity. Hosts should strive to use the best technology available to them to achieve the best sound possible. They should go "on the air" prepared and knowledgeable - about their guests, about their stories, and about their subjects. They should, above all, be interesting and entertaining. None of that happens here.
I love you guys! You bring much needed humor and insight into all subjects (including the tangents) that you discuss.


Great stuff. I've listen to all the archived shows too.