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I’m about 10 years behind, but will catch up, and I have listened to some of the recent stuff too. Great show!
I'm not much of a 1e player, but it's a very enjoyable listen. Lots of good ideas for any game system. Keep up the good work! I will say regarding audio of late that using headphones I often hear the sound quickly alternate between left and right and not sound smooth.
Hey guys, not sure if you got the memo, but this is 2019, not 1998, and internet speeds are faster and disk space is more plentiful. Consider upping the bit rate of your audio files because they sound like crap. It’s a noble gesture to cater to all of those listeners with a dial-up connection, but seriously, get with the times.
So I took a year or two off from listening and came back to find every episode for quite a while has been a chat about the D&D cartoon. Is this some kind of long term troll in podcast form? Something that would be a fine sideshow has been moved into the big tent as the main show. This circus metaphor is as out of control as the podcast. Still love the old episodes. Hopefully this won’t just collapse like all too many tents when the circus leaves town.
This podcast has inspired me to introduce hundred of students to my old game, run a 5-year and ongoing 1e campaign, and get all my own kids playing. I miss Jason, not so much Will, but just want this podcast to keep on going. You guys are the heralds of the greatest game of the modern era - keep the banner held high! Make sure the merits of 1e are espoused to all!
RFI is my favorite AD&D 1st Podcast! Its always been not only infomative but its also entertaining! Please Please Please more episodes!
I always read reviews of podcasts before trying them out. This podcast has 95% great reviewsas they have 225 ratings as of writing this and its 4 and 3/4 stars. The bad one star reviews you can tell are utter fake reviews of people who just don't like something about the show and want to bring everyone else down. There is NOTHING wrong with any of the hosts, bashing them because you don't like them in a public forums such as iTune reviews just shows how childish a person can be, but its become the norm these days as everyone is now a social justice warrior sitting. no sorry hiding behind the keyboard bashing one another from the shadows of the internet. With that said, this podcast has been around for close to 10 years and has 191 positive 5 star reviews out of 225. Please read beyond the 1 star reviews that bash a certain host or two, you can tell those are fakes. Onto my review. I love this show, these guys are keeping the old school alive with AD&D 1e, and this show much like the other three in the wild games library, is an instant hit. Show love and care for the game they enjoyed playing while growing up and you can tell there is passion there. SURE some shows are kind of "meh" but doing a FREE show weekly in and out sometimes material is not the greatest. So I can let it slide. Apparently others can't (yeah I am looking at you lazy one star reviewers). I enjoy each of the hosts over the years. Vince is a good guy and has a lot of passion, which sometimes makes him in a grumpy, but he is a loveable grump. Nick is another grump as well along side Vince, they are two old guys sitting on their porch, talking about old guy things and those darn kids are jumping on the lawn. Matt is the quiet loveable geeky kid with all the answers! Gotta love him. Chrispy makes me want to barf, nah kidding, the kid has passion and a great addition to the crew. I HIGHLY suggest you check out this show and ignore the personal 1 star attacks which is numbered at 5.. 5 crybabies who didn't win an award. Losers. Love ya guys!
... but Vince ruined all that. He’s a boorish, conceited, know-it all with some sort of inferiority complex... he’s truly one-dimensional and creepy. And His nervous/fake laughs in all the most awkward places will drive you nuts! FWIW: Nick is pretty cool. The earliest episodes with Jayson had some potential but the show quickly devolved into Vince’s fragile ego trip after he left. It’s amazing how one guy can so ruin something so great as AD&D. Shame. stay away. Maybe check out Save for Half or Hobbs & Friends of the OSR.
There is no better podcast for a 1E DM to listen to while you're painting miniatures. The guys are pretty knowledgeable and they touch on stuff that's useful for anyone running a game. I've got a few decent ideas or starts from them and hope they keep putting stuff out!
Like many of your listeners, I played as a preteen in the early 80's and loved the game. I lost touch in college, grad school, etc. but then picked it up again more recently. I bought some of the later edition books and was put off by feats/surges of healing, etc., so I found AD&D 1E books like my lost ones (my Mom loaned them to her friend's son while I was away in college, my fullset never returned!) on Ebay. I also found your excellent podcast. I have enjoyed getting back into a game I loved and your podcast has helped expand my engagement with the game. Thanks for your dedication to the best version. PS why roll for a magic missile to hit? I'll do that after I "surge away" my injuries
I have tried soooooooo many D&D podcasts from actual play podcasts to informational podcasts. This is one of the top 3 I have heard (along with actual play podcasts Roll to Hit and Adventure Zone). The hosts put in a TON of work to produce an insane amount of content and history and technical guidance and fun vignettes about D&D 1e. Whether you play 5e (I do), or Fourth edition, or 3.5, or you are pure Old School, you should listen to this podcast. It goes back to the roots of something I love. It renewed my interest in 1e. It is a throwback to my childhood days when I listened to Rush and ate Cajun Spice Ruffles, and rolled up my first character (a Ranger). The hosts have high charisma scores and bring it hard with every episode. Podcasting is hard; these guys do it extremely well because they obviously love D&D as much as many of us do.
I enjoy old school and all the shows that WGP Produces, thanks guys!
Love the show. Miss Jason. And miss the Rp combat segment. When are you going to review Wilderness Survival Guide and Dungeoneers survival guide plus non weapon proficiency.
When I started gaming old school was just gaming. This podcast does a great job reminding me of the great old days when I had time to game every weekend, or three times a week (college). The hosts are imaginative and creative. Thanks!
Vince, Nick, Matt and guests do a great job as they discuss the 1st edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, bringing DM and player insight for Gary Gygax's game in a way that only true fans of the game can appreciate. No need to listen from episode one like I did, pick a topic you need and you have instant insight into the experiences of DM's who know this game inside and out. Their occassional special guests have included industry insiders, and OSR magnates. Keep up the great work guys, forever a listener. Del Teigeler
Found you guys on Twitter! We like your show, you guys have a good thing going and your production value is great! Keep up the good work!
If you are a fan of AD&D, this is the podcast for you. The hosts know their stuff and more importantly, they love it!
We need more OSR content out there. People who throw hundreds of dollars at WOTC every year are missing out on the dangerous, gritty fun that comes from a DIY attitude and approach. Keep it going!
This podcast has revitalized my passion with 1e. I just found this podcast about a month ago and have listened to about 20 of the podcasts.
Followed suggestion from Twitter to post ;-) Great pod cast and appreciate your efforts to keep the love for 1st Edition AD&D alive. Here's an idea on future topics. I'm sure this will open a can of worms, but let's hear how you run combat in your games. I'd also like to hear some of your ideas on house rules. Keep up the good work and look forward to more podcast from the RFI gang.


Love it
There's a lot of self-righteousness going on here. The few decent tips for players and DMs are covered better on other podcasts. Although if you want to spend 20 minutes listening to how everyone spent their weekend, this might be for you.
Keep up the awesome cast! From another Grognard!
Overall a great podcast and a really impressive show of dedication to our hobby. The sheer variety of topics the hosts have covered over the years is staggering and the love of the game comes shining through. But three things just get under my skin. 1. Constant snarking at other editions, we get it, you love AD&D (as do all of us who played it) but please stop putting down the newer versions, It just makes you sound insular and childish. If you hate them so much, just ignore them. 2. The assumption that more deadly is better. Just because Gary loved killing his players PC’s doesn’t mean that’s the way the game should be played. There’s room for all styles. The frequent discussion about how lethal something should be (e.g. the episode that discussed falling) and reveling in the death dealing potential of something in an old TSR module seems to push a certain type of DM’ing which not everyone practices. 3. Pronunciation. It seems if there is a way to mispronounce something then Nic will do it. Both real words and invented words. Just, look at how AceRArak and TharIZdun are actually spelled. Total aural pain. (the last one is not that serious, but you need three points right).
I am going back listening to both Thaco's Hammer and Roll for Initiative. I'm a AD&D 2E player and I was born in 1982 and didn't start playing AD&D until 1995 so I completely missed 1E. What I like about this podcast is that I'm able to learn about 1E and use this knowledge to use some of the great 1E products in my 2E game. I also like that the show is released on a pretty regular schedule and when they feature guests the guests add a lot to the show I do wish the hosts wouldn't slag on other editions of D&D like they can do. I'm primiarly a 2E player and when 2E comes up and they start to groan it makes me grimice a little bit. They don't spend very much time talking about other editions so it's a minor complaint.
Being a middle aged guy that cut my teeth on AD&D in the early 80's, and running a 1e game right now, I was really happy when I found this podcast. But it wasn't just nostalgia--it's a great podcast. I really enjoy it, and it's a great supplement to my gaming. Tons of great ideas, interesting links etc. Old School Rules.
Best first edition podcast in the history of mankind! I've listened to every show and am currently halfway through my second run. I recommend this podcast to anyone, DM or player, of any type of tabletop rpg. Many times I would have to go back and re-listen to parts of an episode as they would say something that would spark an idea and I would start thinking up ways to use it in a campaign or adventure! Always looking forward to more episodes!
A major shout out goes the the RFI Crew and their listeners. Whether you are a veteran in our beloved gaming community or in our military service, you are welcomed here. The amount of time and energy that DM Vince(the evil one), DM Nick(Christopher "Blackstone" Walkens), or DM Matt(Grand Master of Google-Fu) is truly amazing. These gentlemen have produced a quailtly show that not only informs but entertains as well. Since recently retiring from the service, I've managed to get back into the AD&D world through many different outlets. This being one of them. If anyone is looking to rekindle their passion for this hobby we love or just starting out, here is where you need to make camp. Thanks again for the years of great podcasting and looking for future episodes. Keep on keeping on. DM Loyd
I enjoy the show and the effort these guys put into leading the way for the OSR podcasts. This show has spawned various other shows from this very show (by the main host DM Vince) and are still going strong to this day. Sure this show had its change of co-hosts, and had better shows then other ones, but I look at it this way. ITS FREE, its something to listen to while driving to work, working out or walking the dog. DM Vince keeps the show going each week and maintains strict control of the show and his passion shows! DM Matt is quiet at times, but when he speaks he has a lot of value to add. DM Nick has roots so deep in the hobby its like he was born with a DMG and silver D20 in his mouth. Jason was good when he was around and always had the answer when needed. DM Will was excellent, had passion and always spoke his mind. Chad was like Jason, just with another name! Now they have Sal, from which I can only speculate was a former wrestling superstar in the 1990s and adds a lot to the show with valuable input when ever he speaks. Who knew wrestlers play D&D? awesome. Thanks guys!
I have listened to every one of your episodes and find the more I listen the show is dying a slow death and no cure poison potion seems available. DM turned Lich Vince is putting out garbage mini episodes with the new co host of the month and Nick and Matt (and Chad, Crispy Jayson and Will) are memories of the past. Get back to what made you successful because right now if I was interested in learning about 1e I would puke and stop listening to the recent string of garbage. A few more chances then I am bailing if it doesn't improve - sorry guys - you have a lot of potential and have had a great run but I feel like a creeping death spell has been cast against me when I listen lately.
Hello RFI Guys! Before this review starts, I’m wondering if the “Reviews Read in Christopher Walken’s Voice” is still even partially in effect. I love this podcast. I also am a strong believer of clerics with edged weapons, or just any melee weapon. Around early 2010 I heard about some podcast covering all things AD&D 1st edition, but I gave it little thought because I was playing 3.5 at the time. However, I started listening through the entire backlog earlier this summer. As of now, I have caught up. The podcast is a wonderful source of experienced DMs interpretations rules and a plethora of genuine, authentic, grognardian advice. I’ve sent all of my friends are starting to DM here, even if they don’t (yet) play 1st edition. Thank you for the wonderful hours of listening and I hope you all keep recording.
Great 1st Edition info which was what I "cut my teeth" on. Keep up the great work all!!!
As someone who has been listening to this show nearly from the start, I have reviewed it two other times. But the show continues to evolve and change in new and interesting ways, warranting an updated review. This show renewed my passion for RPGs and got me back into role playing in a big way. The current crew of hosts: Vince, Nick, Matt and Chad have excellent chemistry and each bring something valuable to the show. The most recent episode, 159, which reviewed the classic module L1 was one of the best ones yet! I owned this module back in the day, but never gave it much consideration to run. Having heard their review, I busted the adventure out for the first time in 25 years, and love it. I can't wait to incorporate it into my game! Keep up the great work, and may you always roll for first initiative! ---DM Cojo
I love this show! I wish Vince, Nick & Matt would do a new show every day, but since they are kind enough to provide such a wealth of knowledge, ideas & inspirations, and sheer entertainment at no cost, I must be grateful for the current production pace. I have tried other D&D themed podcasts and I find Roll for Initiative to be the best one out there in terms of production, content, hosts, adherence to old school 1e AD&D spirit, or any other measure. Although I have often heard these guys claim they are not experts, in fact they are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced 1e AD&D practitioners you will ever come across. Listening to them has really helped me improve as a DM and inspired some great ideas for our fami;y campaign. The different personalities of Vince, Nick & Matt complement each other perfectly and I always enjoy their good natured debates, discourses and conversations. If your AD&D roots go back to the early or mid-eighties, then this is the show for you. One of the things I like best about this show is that it is usually sticks to a PG rating so I can listen to it with my 10 and 12 year-old daughters who are also fans and have become voracious AD&D players, partially thanks to this podcast. Vince, Nick & Matt have brought me and my family many hours of enjoyment and I hope they never stop.
It took almost a month, but I finally listened to the whole show! Sure, it has ups and downs (way more ups), but it's definitely worthy of 5 stars. I love DM Nick, and DM Vince and the rest are pretty cool, too. Between all of them, every facet of 1e is explored, and they even do it in a manner that you can listen to it at work and/or around your kids. Sure, sometimes the humor is a bit dry, but it actually reminds me of how my own friends and I joke around the gaming table. Even when I disagree with them, it's still thought provoking and fun. They've sent me running back to my books more than once, which is saying something from someone like me. I think they have a great group going on right now, though I do wish DM Will was still around, that guy was awesome. I guess the only thing I could add is maybe go back to more on-air playing? I quite enjoyed hearing them discover monsters in the earlier Creature Features. Fun times. Keep up the great work and thanks for putting 1e out there! DM Mike
I've been a fan of these guys for about 1.5 years, and grieved when I finally chewed my way through the backlog of shows because now I have to wait show-by-show just like everyone else. The team is lighthearted in their approach, while at the same time bringing a seriousness to gaming that helps defend our hobby from the general media's presentation of us all as Napoleon Dynamite, rolling our little dice in our parents' attic because we can't get dates. The fact that the RFI Knights are advocates of First Edition is what helped me to realize it's okay if you have a favored edition, that you don't have to "upgrade" or feel bad about yourself just because something newer falls off the presses. RPGs may have inspired video games, but that doesn't mean RPGs are akin to software or operating systems. Guys, I've posted to you about three times, and you've read my letters on the air all three times, with good feedback. You should know how much I appreciate that, how approachable you've made yourselves. I'm an AD&D Second Edition DM by experience, but we're still cousins under the game books. I take Vince's advice every session, by keeping it original, and keeping it Old School. [But I don't do choppers, sorry Nick! ;) ] Keep the show crankin'!
These guys are awesome. The RFI crew has a vast knowledge of old school D&D and are excellent at delivering a lot of cool info and how to's in an entertaining and professional way. Anyone who listens to this podcast should throw these guys some five star reviews to show your appreciation for the time and effort they put into producing these great shows.
This a fun podcast to listen, I don't miss an episode. I would not call any of the DMs experts on the rules but the thing about OSR games is that everyone is free to run the game as they like.
I left gaming for many years and came back to it in 2010. After 20 years of absence from the hobby I returned to games like Stormbringer, CoC, etc. Your show got me interested in AD&D once again!
Thanks for your insight and info. alot is very helpful with new ideas or angles. this pod was awesome for me to help me getting better dungeon discription and keep my game from being just black and white, now i can make it HD. when i heard about the small spces book i downloaded it right away. i do enjoy your show i am telling others about it but wish they would take it in toe so they can get to enjoy you guys. thanks keep up the good work.
For better or worse, these guys (along with the rest of the WGP lineup) pretty much dominate the stage when it comes to discussion of old school games in the podcasting sphere. If you are an old school gamer and really enjoy hearing people talk about things you like, this might be the podcast you are looking for. These guys do communicate a passion for their material that many people find infectious. I get flashes of that, but am just as often put off by their tribalistic tone and lack of discipline, which really takes over during their (predictably peevish) digressions on D&D iterations of the WotC era.
I've never played 1st edition AD&D but I love listening to this show! It gives me some great ideas for my own game that I'm creating, Anne of Green Gables: The RPG. I just listened to the episode where the hosts talk about the Big Book of Little Spaces. I was very impressed with everyone's ability to connect all the seemingly disparate senses. They were so good, especially the one about the music box playing a funeral dirge and the crying dolls (Matt?) that they made my imagination feel broken. I listened to the podcast religiously when it first hit the scene and just recently started getting back into it. Keep up the great work, guys!
I'm quite happy with the episodes I've listened to. It's interesting, fun, and I enjoy the discussions of old school gaming and gaming history. I like the different personalities of the participants. It's because of this podcast that I've started buying 1st Edition AD&D books and hope someday to DM an adventure with these rules. Please continue producing more episodes.
This podcast is downright amazing. It's a solid dose of nostalgia laced with the present that even my kids enjoy listening to. I find myself enjoying the hosts banter so much that I wish I could be there to hang out with them. There are times I don't agree with their interpretation of the rules or want to point out a detail they missed, but that's what makes it so much fun. It's engaging and anyone serious about AD&D knows that any good conversation on the topic is going to be laced with disagreements, rules lawyering, half remembered stories, and references to obscure rules that you would swear you've never read before. I'm glad to be past the dark days when Vince briefly lost his mind over player skills ;) and I could do with a little less wrestling talk. But let's be honest, these guys are doing this without pay, on their own time, and providing more entertainment than I get from almost anywhere else. If talking about wrestling once in a while keeps them interested, then I say rock on. I've been listening to them almost non stop since I discovered them and I'm blown away by their dedication and consistency in quality. Any minor complaints I have from time to time are easily lost in the sea of great content. The only downside is that I'm almost caught up and I'll only be able to listen at their pace of recording, which to be perfectly honest is still pretty prolific. Keep up the great work, guys.
What a fun podcast to listen to! I really enjoy the format and the topics. Great surprise special guests! Good chemistry between the hosts. After long days at the office I look forward to listening to you guys on my drive home. Your show makes me laugh and feel nostalgic. I hope someday I have the fortune of running into you all at a convention. But, in the meantime... "Everybody get down! Get to the chopp-ah!" And keep up the good work.
What a great podcast. I have listened to every issue since I found it two months ago, forsaking all other podcasts I was previous listening to. The hosts of Roll for Initiative do an excellent job of covering the many aspects of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, with each of them giving their own point of view on each subject discussed. After 146 issues and countless special inserts you would think that the quality of the show would drop but it doesn't. It's better with each issue. Through out the issues, hosts have come and gone but the show has maintained its' riveting topics and discussions. I have enjoyed all the present and past hosts. I do miss Jayson's by the book view, and Will's Google-like recall on everything D&D, but their chairs have always been filled with other great personalities. My favorite part of the podcast is how it's structured. Each issues is broken up into different segments to give you a variety of content. The best episodes are the ones themed to discuss one aspect of the game and the segments are then geared to focus on that topic. Roll for Initiative podcast also features great interviews with legendary members of TSR and the gaming community. I have learned a lot from the show. Orcs have pig faces and some pigs have Orc faces, cleric's can use edged weapons if you play in Nick's game, Nick does a great Christopher Walken and Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonations, and Crispy voice can be used in place of Ipecac Syrup for some. The only negative thing I can say about the show is the wrestling talk. In all their wresting discussions covering present day to the golden age of the WWF they never mention the greatest tag team ever, Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda. Overall each issues is professional produced with great sound quality. I love the shows intro and bumpers between each segment. The language is always Lawful good, perfect for the workplace and sharing with the kids. Vincent, Nick, Matt, & Chad and all the past host, thank you for producing such a great podcast.
I enjoy listening to these gentlemen opine on all things 1E. Although that does not prevent me from occasionally yelling "YOU'RE WRONG!" at my iPod, it does get the gears turning in the ol' noggin. The newest iteration of the cast seems to have a very good chemistry, and they have moved away (for the most part) from negative comments on games/gaming they are not familiar with, or do not play. Thanks for the weekly diversion on my way to work!