Reviews For Arabian Nights Entertainments, The by Andrew Lang (1844 - 1912)

Great storytelling! Thx for volunteering your time to make these ancient tales accessible.
I agree with the first reviewer that the accents and speed make the stories difficult to listen to. Preface is easy enough to understand, but chapter one is very hard to understand for most of it and unintelligible in places. I then skipped ahead and when I heard that the next several chapters sounded similar I gave up on the book.
I was pleased to hear the story told by the sweet voices of the first couple readers telling the stories and was not put of by their accents in the least i even felt it added character to the story. The volume between all readers was consistant, each spoke clearly. Great job and it is a worthy tome to spend the time listening to. Don't let one bad review stop you from enjoying this story.
The story is read by different Arabic women, which gives the story an "authentic" flavor, but some women are harder to understand. In some places the reader is speaking so quickly it becomes impossible to follow along. We eventually gave up without finishing the story.