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It's really hard to find a podcast made by DIY filmmakers and this is one of the best I've found. I really dig hearing their stories as they make their flicks and their thoughts on the latest in filmmaking tech and techniques. I usually just listen to the first segment which is all about their own filmmaking experiences and then move on to the next episode. It's not that I don't care about what they think about the latest flicks hitting the theaters I'm just more interesting in the indie film making. The only issue I had with the show is that it seemed like they didn't have enough mics to go around. One or two of the guys would sound clear while everyone else seemed to be across the room with no mic. This made it difficult to hear what other were saying most of the time and there was even one episode I skipped altogether due to this. Along those same lines... I would have to turn up the volume to hear one of the other guests and then one of the hosts would yell into his mic causing my ears to ring from the sudden volume change. It's unfortunate that the show doesn't seem to be continuing as it quickly became one of my favorites despite the audio issues they never seemed to notice.
I'm finding this podcast to be pretty sweet. There are 3 segments in each podcast and I really enjoy the first segment, which is about indie filmmaking. If you're making your own movies, listening to these guys can provide useful insight and valuable tips. The hosts themselves are fun to listen to and they have new guest hosts (actors, writers, editors, etc) on the show every week. These guys also make their own indie movies and I've enjoyed listening to their struggles and successes with the movies they are producing.
These guys are not only very interesting and informative, they are very funny. This show gives great tips for filmmakers about casting, cameras, music, etc. The hosts seem like they've known each other for a long time, and when they bicker it is hilarious.