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These guys are a great break from reality. They regularly put out 4 hours of low brow but high quality comedy. The community around the show is fantastic as well. There’s lots of people to interact with on Twitter and even an annual meetup. Listen to the show. Talk some smack on Twitter. Come to a meetup and get drunk. This is one of the good things on the internet.
The guys and community is a great thing it’s even a few year s since I was a weekly listener I’m back thanks to all involved I love ya
Greatest podcast ever..........NTArsenal
These guys make my Mondays so much better! These guys are both topical and totally random and definitely worth it your time! They've been podcasting for 7 years so great audio, great interaction, especially if you can make it live to their Saturday recordings. These guys will soon be your new internet best friends and you'll be a better person for it. Your significant other will be happier with you. Your commutes will have more people using their turn signal. That weird person at your workplace will give you your space. You clothes will fit better. You'll sleep better. And you'll even remember to drink more water.
Earns the explicit rating but often hilarious. What commitment, too! A long show recorded every Saturday for like six years!
My boyfriend has been listening for years... about a year ago I got hooked too! The hosts have been friends for quite some time and have great chemistry! I love how they allow listeners to be a part of the show. The guys are awesome and the segments they come up with are hilarious. If you like fart jokes, drinking, and obscure news stories... Ventchat is for you!
Ventchat can be summed up as a show about nothing. It is a show about the mundane day-to-day things that we all can relate to. There are callbacks and cross-references and movie quotes and pop culture observations. The more you listen, the more you’ll know. The show encourages participation on Twitter and Reddit and wants to know what YOU think. Join them Saturday nights in their ‘Dumb As Dirt’ chatroom, currently broadcasting through UStream. Deets are on their website. The hosts pride themselves on consistency, being a hopeful beacon in the storm. The Ventchat show is the bed fort to shine your flashlight under. Won’t you join them?
The experience of this podcast is like seeing a cow wander into the path of an oncoming train. You can stop it and you can’t turn away. After the inevitable conclusion you just can’t feel good about yourself having witnessed the carnage. I would like to say that there is nothing wrong with the hosts that a course of strong antibiotics and a long stay in rehab wouldn’t fix. Unfortunately I can’t, they are beyond any hope of recovery or redemption. There is nothing left to do but listen and enjoy the slow decent into debauched madness and regret you can'r unhear it. (Yes I am just busting their balls)
These guys live for their audience. Every episode is stuffed with games, news and reviews. Though it started as a videogame show, it's morphed into a deep dive into the lives of a bunch of hilarious, off-kilter gamers. I look forward to listening to the show live when I can and download it when I can't.
Fun for adults of all types. Laughs abound! Don't cheat yourself, you don't know what you're missing. Live show is always a blast!
I heard of this show from the bowels of the internet. I saw the picture was an ape with a microphone, so that interested me. Started listening to it every Monday and now I'm listening to older episodes and having a blast. But I miss that sauce guy and wish he'd show up more. I certainly hope he comes back once that baby can actually do stuff by itself. I also support Turdhat's dream. I also think Esta is good and Fen's the big kahuna with a big mouth that could do many things with big, well you know what I mean.
All the elements that make a great podcast are embodied in Fen, Turdhat, Esta, and even Sauce. They cover everything I need to start my Monday's off great! The main host comes up with original funny segement intros, the characters are very animated (especially TurdHat). They also share emails and phone calls during their LIVE SHOW and have a great and supportive community of listeners. I wish I could give it more stars!
I started listening not too long ago, and have been hooked since. I seem to get a lot of weird stares when I burst out laughing in the middle of a silent office while working. Keep up the good work peepers. ~Frax
Now 200 episodes strong. This show will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you hate sauce. These guys are dedicated to podcasting and never miss a week to bring you quality entertainment. They have an excellent sound quality that is sweet heaven to your ears. From segments as guessing what you had for dinner, interviewing women of the night, being mind controlled, video games, pretty much anything can happen during the show. The community also brings in huge additions to the show with phone calls, emails, movie reviews, and a guy named zum. Hours of entertainment weekly that you will become entangled with. This show deserves a sixth star.
Beer, laughs, philosophy, one uppers, douchery, love, and a real life viking that has mysterious powers. This show has it all! A great listen! So go ahead and subscribe and never look back.
I'm not even sure where to begin with praising this show. The chemistry between the hosts is amazing, and their community is probably one of the best and most active that I have ever seen. Listening to this show has never left me short of smiles and laughter; something that a lot of other podcasts seem to lack. My highlight for the show however would have to be the creativity of the bits they do. Constantly keeping things fresh, this show never ceases to surprise me in the best ways. Absolutely something that everyone must try, and you'd definitely benefit from listening to more than one episode to get the full effect.
It's been a while, but I thought I'd leave another review for you guys. It's me MistahBongBong (a.k.a Napolean). I've been watching since show 24 or so and I still listen almost every week. I'm not that involved in the community or anything, but I just wanted to let you guys know that you are a high point in my week, so thanks. Keep on keeping on.
I will listen to you guys over watching something on Netflix or going out and finding a life lol. I really enjoy the dynamic way the show is put on. I also love how long the episodes are. I always listen from start to finish! much love.
The hosts (Fenton, Esther, Sausage, and Thursten J. Hat ) are some funny guys. There is a chemistry between them that most other shows wish they had. Listen to a couple episodes! Unless you have brain damage you will be hooked. Do it! DO IT!
Been a listener for over a year now, just never got around to rating you on iTunes. I am always giving you thumbs up on Sticher, which is actually where I found the show. I was searching through the "top podcasts" or whatever, and you happen to show up. I've been listener ever since. -Birdt***
I have been a listener of this show for a year and a half. I just got iTunes and had to leave a review. These guys will have you in stitches and keep you entertained the whole time. Turdhat, you smell like poop. Sauce you are the best douche in the world. Esta you rock my world. Fen you talk more than a woman... And it turns me on. Size XL please!
These guys get you thru the bad days.
These guys take all the fun of hanging out with your bros, and distill it down into a little digital nugget you can download directly into your ear holes. Highly recommended.


Fen, Esta, Sauce and Turdhat have a way of getting into your dome like no other. Well worth downloading and listening to. While they don't neccesarily always talk about WoW it is usually some how thrown in there sometimes even as an after thought. The three hour long shows may seem daunting at first glance but when you are listening to them the time seems to slip by. These guys work well together and every week you never know what you might be getting into. So if you need something to pass long hours or just something new to listen to check this show out.
Been a long time listener and these guys have yet to disappoint. They make my long days go by faster. Thanks guys
The Show is good when they have stuff to talk about bad when they have to make up stuff to do like the games I usually skip past them. Soundboard effects drove me to the point of unsubbing i couldn't take them feel like I am hearing a cheesy whacky morning radio show biing zaam wocka wocka wocka AHHHH!!!! On a sidenote turdhat is pretty cool and should split an do his own podcast. Adios ventchat
The best medicine for a monday
I been listening to the show since before Terdhat became a full time member of the show and I've enjoyed every episode since. The banter between the hosts is priceless, I can't get enough. I also began listening to the show live even though Im on east coast. I'm Robbap1 in the chat room. Good job guys keep it up and continue to bring on more guests to add some flavor every once and a while. The shows with Rustee and Zum were very funny. Fen is the man and his mother is a saint, Esta is invincable, Sauce is a douche and Terdhat is on crack. More Terdhat help you segments and Terdhat gamer challeges, I challege him to CoD Black Ops or BF3. May the show live on forever. Robbap1
I've been listening since episode 14 and haven't missed a week. Why? Because this is one B.A. podcast! Esta is a rocket scientist, turdhat is a prophet, sauce is a douche and Fen's mother is a SAINT. What's not to love? Quit reading and download.
Sauce really is a douche. Get someone else to do the shirts and get that dolt off the show. He never has anything important to say and he is negative most of the time. If he is not being overly defensive about something or complaining, he is being beligerant. Look at the podcast objectively and tell me what he gives and the attitude he brings. Take your first world problems somewhere else, douchebag. Other than him making it worse for the last 20 shows, it is still great in every other aspect. Keep 3/4ths of it up.
The 4 hosts with the most! They leave me always wanting more. I can't say enough good things about this show. Sign up, sit back and enjoy some ear candy.
This is the best podcast in the world! If you're looking for a podcast that is funny and has hosts you can relate to, this is the podcast for you! Just make sure you're not one of those people who is easily offended by talk of bodily fluids/functions or Fen's mom, cause that's what happens here. Fen always drinks ALL the beers! Turdhat helps you each and every week. Esta is the most interesting podcaster in the world. and Sauce is NOT a douche, despite popular belief! Love love love these guys and I will always listen to their podcast!
Amazing show with fun chaps rambling about video games, medical problems, chickens, tv shows and tons of inappropriate stuff I can't mention. It makes me laugh at work, then my coworkers see me laugh, then they smile and laugh at me so ventchat spreads love to those who don't even listen. Great sound and well produced. JUST LISTEN.
One you hear that most excellent of nasally vocal orchestras, Turdhat, you'll be hooked. (Accompanied by a dedicated nasal wind section, that is, Sauce) Equally funny in both success and failure due to their committal to the bits, high user integration, and general all around host cohesion (or hilarious tension, as the case may be) this podcast is a must listen.
The show is great, the only problem on the show is Esta. He Rarely contributes anything to the show, nor does he interact in the show bits, e.g 'Working on Walken'; his talk about wow is boring.
Please don't ever stop making moar episodes! I have a mancrush on Turdhat. Sincerely, Xaibak
I once made love to a Spanish women. We danced the forbidden tango long into the night until we both reached climax. At that very moment she sighed the first word of English she said the whole night. "Ventchat" she said. What was this Ventchat that she spoke of? So I investigated and found these 4 prophets of the Internet. I May never get Rosario back but at least we will alway have El Venchato! Sincerally yours, Tallypank
You complete me. [email protected]
My brother introduced me to the show a while back, and I've been listening pretty much ever since. It's a great podcast, not too serious, but you can tell these guys put some work into it. The four hosts are obviously great friends and have great chemistry together. On top of that, they just seem like cool guys that you could hang out and have a beer with. Overall, it's a great podcast, one that I keep coming back to week after week.
Hey what's up guys, MistahBongBong here, your resident rating master. I have a question for Sauce... Q. What is the name of the planet that was discovered on Monday? A. Kepler 22b
My buddy told me about this show I listened to one and was hooked these guys are funny I look forward to this show every week now thanks for the entertainment
3 words FA BU LUS!!!


Sauce army ftw suk it turdhat!! Show is fuking awsome
We went on our yearly camping trip, to the campground, and this podcast was a lifesaver. Funny, informative, and most importantly "Life Changing". Had I not listened to Ventchat while camping, you see we went camping on our annual camping festival, I would never have known some of their excellent camping survival tips. #1 It is OK to hand over your pants to someone of the same gender as long as red wine is involved. #2 Always make sure to check the spaghetti, or any other meal, for poisoning. Some friends just love to pull pranks that can potentially maim or kill you. #3 If someone enters the community shower and doesn't return for a long period of time then it is socially acceptable to skip bathing for that day. #4 Spooning naked, with the bigger guy in back, is the preferred method to stay warm while camping on chilly nights. Keep up the good work Ventchat hosts and see you guys next year at the Camp off! Dapyman
Me love this show long time. If I could I would have it in and around my mouth reagan. Please never stop making this show and blessing and fulfilling the lives of all who listen. Can't wait for a church of Ventchat to start up.