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I look forward to each new episode, great show to listen to while running!
Chuck Morrison is an amazing person put on this planet to help the world overcome obstacles and rise above life's BS and start accelerating towards their goals. I personally have been inspired, motivated, and had my life change by this movement. I totally accredit my recent successes to Making Mountains Move. This podcast is by far the best one I can think of having saved on my phone, just so I can replay 100 times over. 2 words: SUBSCRIBE NOW It could be the best decision you have made in a long time.
I really apreciate the MMM Movement! You are imparting not just amazing motivation but wisdom to make changes that lasts a lifetime. Thanks and keep it up brother!
I just found Chuck two days ago and the information/coaching is outstanding!!! I'm taking notes, rewinding and listening over and over again! Chuck's making mountains movement is a revolution against mediocrity. The intro music alone will give you goosebumps!!! Thanks Chuck!!!
This is the best Personal Development podcast out there! Chuck is full of energy with excellent lessons on how to become your best. If you are looking for becoming a better you, this podcast is right for you. By applying the techniques that Chuck presents in his podcast, there is no way that you won't succeed. This podcast is highly recommended if you are ready to take the next step. Give it a go! Mahalo Chuck.
As a fellow podcaster of GluckRadio, I know how hard it is to take an issue and turn it into a riveting 50 minutes of something relevant to a listener. Chuck can make that leap with energy and skill. Give it a listen. Give it more than a listen. He's great. Highly recommended.
Chuck, I cannot thank you enough. MMM is the best thing that has happened to me. Your intro music is my life's theme music now. I have made it my aim to travel to the US one day and meet you personally and thank you for changing my life. I owe all of my past, present and upcoming success to you. Thank you Chuck. The world will forever be indebted to you, Mr. Morrison. Hats off.
A few years ago I lived a life what I considered to be 'self actualizing' and as time went on I reverted back to the old lousy habits I made part of my personality. For the past year I've been trying to find a way to get my motivation back and return to the wonderful feeling of what it truly feels to live. My passion is learning languages and I have studied several; German, French, Russian, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese while being a native speaker of both English and Spanish. The fire I once had for this hobby of mine withered away and I lost the desire and motivation to continue the success I was having. I wanted to use my language abilities to create my own language business and start a podcast on language learning, but I would always feel like I couldn't do it, due to my negative feelings of my abilities. After listening to several of Chuck's podcast I was able to better understand why I was failing and what I could do to get myself back on track. His upbeat personality and truly helpful advice has given me a push in the right direction to find my motivation. Thanks Chuck!
Hi Chuck.. I wrote down the old n the new... And Made my vision board... I am being consistant... Where r u Chuck?? I am already MMM!!! I just got a great idea to make money... And I am taking action.. I am trying to get my boyfriend Hector to do this. I helped him w the old n new. But he loves the podcast. But has a hard time taking action. Give us a shout out n give Hector a MMM push!!! Ty my friend... You loyal listener Kathy
I always heard you refer to "your story". Thanks for sharing it. It was very moving. I listened on my drive in to work today. Had my most productive day this year!! Keep that content coming.
I'm a podcast junkie and have heard hundreds of podcast over the last 3 years. Most of the personal development podcast that I've listen to consist of coaches spending a lot of time pushing their products, but NOT delivering great content. You will not get that on Making Mountains Move. This is definitely the best podcast that I have listened to and has become my favorite podcast! Chuck inspires me to take action and offers very valuable information that is practical and can be immediately implemented. I appreciate Chuck's sincerity and always over delivering. I look forward to the new uploads every week. It's my weekly vitamin. Best, Joe C
MMM is the most inspiring and motivating idea ever! all the content and insight that comes from Mr. Morrison is truly from the heart and experience. If you haven't recommended this to your friends and family then you had better do so soon. Chuck presents himself to you as your best friend, brother, father and teacher. What more can you ask for? Just more MMM!! That's all. Chuck has helped me find myself again after I was lost for a long time. Thank you Chuck. Keep up the great stuff!
I am currently in job search mode since being laid off two weeks ago. I have been a listener for some time, but the podcasts have taken on even more meaning now. I purposely listen to certain ones while on my way to interviews and meetings. They have inspired me and have enabled me to be more confident that I will be once again gainfully employed. Thank you...
As a new small business owner I needed a podcast to keep me motivated and to give me encouragement. I found this and so much more from Making Mountains Move. Chuck Morrison gives relevant and easy to follow tips that have helped me grow my business and helped me in my personal life. After listening to each podcast I am more productive, organized and focussed on my goals. I highly recommend listening to Making Mountains Move if you're working for a big company, unemployed, have a long standing business, stay at home mom/dad, budding entrepreneur or just need help getting and staying motivated.
[Updated... Re-energized & delivering one of his best podcasts, an excellent come-back about the power of persistance. Chuck's informal style is his strength. Like a one on one peptalk from an old friend - direct & genuine. His advice is easy to relate to, & his often rambling is secretly designed to speak to the 'inner ADD' in us all!..] Hey, where are the new episodes? Your energy is infectious and perhaps more importantly, genuine. When i need to get out of the house for a late-nite drive, your enthusiastic podcasts are my soundtrack. You've really helped jump start my motivation in a time when I feel directionless. (btw-congratulations on your baby! And -lightbulb moment...- that could understandably be why the podcasts are on hold.)