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Awesome graphics and storytelling. Great job in the rally guys!


By Alhmala
What happened to this podcast? It used to feature car reviews by Ryan and his colleagues that were honest, enjoyable, and beautifully filmed. Now it seems to have been taken over by a lot of pointless hooning about, dash-cam race videos, and the like. Bring back the car reviews!
Anyone who loves speed and horsepower will love these videos!!!!
This is soooooooooo awesome...
But it says my iPod doesn't support this video! I watch regularly online at home though! Great show :)


Like the reviews this are things I like to here...
Great podcast Car lovers must have this!
To be fair, I'm the host, so I don't have a choice. But even if I wasn't hosting, I'd be certain to watch it every week. Hope everyone else likes it, too.