The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast

Reviews For The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast

It’s an ok listen.
Liked the podcast when it first started but find I’m more addicted to it as each new episode is available (almost as much as Fly Fishing podcast). Keep them coming!
I listen faithfully to the podcast and knowing the host does give some familiarness like listening to an acquaintance. Good show
Great info for all
This podcast is interesting. I really like the host, Reid. He’s very thoughtful and I enjoy his monologues and interviews. I recommend listening! More podcasts at a more regular interval would make this better. Having more guests discussing various hunting and shooting topics would help too.
Good format and information!
I love this show. I learn a lot and enjoy the conversations with guests. It’s like trading stories with my own hunting buddies.
Reed does an awesome job with this podcast, great topics for all Upland bird hunters! Dogs, Guns and birds! Only negative is the cheesy into and exit audio, if you can change or edit that it wouldn’t make it sound like Mr Rodgers. Jazz it up a little ;)
I have been listening to this podcast for over a year and it is my favorite. There is such a wealth of knowledge discussed from guns, shooting tips, bird dog training and much more. Reid does a fantastic job of navigating conversations in a professional manner. He represents the brand of Orvis well!
Thank You for a great podcast.
Great podcast, love the range of topics. Reid does a fantastic job. Hunting, biology, dogs, guns, etc.
Episode with Evan Felker is a must listen
It looks like this podcast has been re-booted. There are reviews from 2010 and 2011 but the current episode list begins in Spring 2017. I'm not sure what the old version was like, but the current iteration with Reid is very good. Informative, nice interviews and the lenght is just right: not too short or too long. So far so good. I think the topic list can be expanded a bit (again, you cannot see what was in the old episodes) but it seems like they are just getting started. Worth listening to if you're interested in bird hunting.


The only problem with this podcast is that they aren't weekly. Reid is almost as good here as in print.
Need more podcast.
Orvis is, of course, a good emotional home for people who enjoy their outdoors in the most capital-intensive ways possible. So if you want to aspire to be a 'hunter' whose vest costs more than your neighbors' guns and whose gun costs more than your 'car', great. Don't plan on learning much new here, though, about how to hunt without the privilege of life-long know-how and a frequent flier account. All of which would be fine if this were a viable media product. The audio is bad more often than its good, with the levels so far off you have to consistently turn down the volume for the host and turn it up for the guest. A fair bit of editing wouldn't hurt, either; keeping things a bit more coherent might help to dilute at least a little of the overflowingly ostentatious snobbery of the whole thing.
Great. Entertaining and informative.
I found this looking for grouse tips and found this podcast. The information in these podcasts has been invaluable. I cannot say enough good about the wide range of topics that are touched on. The only complaint is they need more frequent podcasts.
The topics are of some interest, but the dedication to the podcast by Orvis is sorely lacking. Sometimes it will be months before subsequent podcasts. Either go big (i.e. the Oris fly fishing podcast) or go home.
I only wish you would do more of them!
Show contains topics that apply to the average hunter keep it up
This was a great podcast with real practical tips on hunting grouse and woodcock. I think it would be great if you continued to do similar podcasts for rest of the country.
This podcast is defintely worth the time to listen. Though I'm not a hunter, there is still plenty of information to be gained from this podcast. I would like to see all the earlier podcasts added to the list. I want to know how to start raising a puppy??
One of the best shooting guide ever! Please keep this podcast coming! I'll like to know more about coke tubes if you guys can do a podcast on that! thanks again!


By Bucnut
Guys great job on the pod cast. please keep them coming. more on clay target shooting.
I LOVE this podcast!!! Extremely informative and entertaining. The only minus is that one wishes new episodes to be broadcasted more often. Thank you!
We need an update
This was a breathe of fresh air. I've been looking for a podcast to learn more about birds, big game and guns without having silly intros of electric guitars and "Bubbas" for host. I'm from Texas, so deal with it if the term is too un PC for you. I think living around this type for 26 years of my life gives me ample time to make this statement. Keep up the great work.
Good to had a shotgun podcast. Loved the turkey hunting show. Looking forward to more shows.
New to wingshooting I've found the podcast a perfect compliment to Bruce Bowlen's very highly regarded guide on wingshooting. Format works perfectly and very much enjoy the gunsmith's segments. Look forward to each installment. There is no advertising or product placement. Well done as is their flyfishing podcast Thanks Orvis
Thanks Orvis, caught your podcast via HuntCast and just wanted to say your focus on shooting sports and it's impact on hearing was impressive. I love to shoot and hunt and hearing is often overlooked or glossed over by many individuals. Hunters and shooters cannot afford to lose this precious sense and it is great to hear you guys focusing on hearing safety. Sorry for the pun. I also wanted to appluad the turkey hunting episode, I've been hunting turkeys for quite a while and yet I didn't know how to properly sand my slate call. Keep focusing on the details and basics that manufacturers take for granted and many self-taught hunters may not know. Thumbs up!
I came to this podcast from the Orvis fly-fishing podcast which is more the interaction I have with Orvis. My main use of a shotgun is shooting clays, teaching scouts, and just having fun. I also employ a shotgun for home-defense. The show on fitting is a great walk through of the elements of shotgun fit and as a whole the team has been putting together a good set of material. I also like that it may discuss various Orvis products/services but these aren't advertisements, just good solid information and a good community backing with interaction on facebook, etc.
Great Podcast! Keep it up.