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Llistened to a few of these. Not impressed but the content but at least there is a little tiny bit of both sides presented and not just 100% group think.
We finally have an honest politician and both party try to label him crazy.
This is a great Podcast. Lots of research finding different points of view as well as spreading the limited government message. Want this podcast to continue and go strong past the GOP convention.
This is the only source I trust for honest info on the only candidate my wife (dem) and I (rep) can agree on, a smart economic policy, a smart foreign policy, and staying out of the private lives of adults. He is the only veteran running, who would you trust to send our brave men and women to fight for us? And as a Massachusetts resident Mit(tens) screwed up the health care system so badly. I changed jobs and was without insurance for 3 months , had to pay a $250 tax penalty . Obama is more of the same. So please people, get informed, get involved, and get voting! If we write him in and gets 40% we can change the world!
This weekly summery of Ron Paul's campaign gives great insight into the liberty movement. The more I listen the more I believe we must support this ideology if we want to save our country.


Ron make valid points with common sense solutions. A refreshing outlook that our fore fathers had in the beginning. I would urge everyone to consider his points and not allow the armchair political quarterbacks to discount his chances to win. We need his perspective now!!!
Go Ron!
After attending a youth for Paul rally the other day I have fully decided that Dr. Paul is what our country needs to get back on the right track. I was a firm President Obama supporter, but I feel that he has not been 100% honest with the American people and has allowed laws to be put into place that do not serve not only in our best interest, but also give the government way too much power and reach into my family's life. I don't 100% agree with all of Dr. Paul's beliefs tho amazingly it doesn't matter because he does not let his personally beliefs get in the way of what's best for the country as a whole. He believes that the people should be in control of their own lives and make our own decisions based on what's best for us! No other candidate is running on this platform. Read and listen to what Dr. Paul has to say and than make your decision!! Cheers!!!


Excellent way to keep up to date. They pull clips of the Doctor speaking at events, on tv, and on the radio and have a weekly ~3 hour show with campaign related news from the previous week.
Good listen for all Ron Paul fans. If you're under 30 and not a Ron Paul supporter, get a clue.
I love this podcast. It's simply everything Ron Paul says, anytime, anywhere.
The message is working! The establishment is getting nervous!
To the Commenters below who ignorantly slander Ron Paul's respectable reputation, without any evidence presented to back up the claim: Google the story of James Williams of Matagorda county in Texas. Ron Paul is a courageous patriot, up there with people like Thomas Jefferson, Gandhi, and Dr. King.


By Adeyami
If newt is not racist enough than Ron Paul is your guy
A leader of ideas, a principled man with the courage to bring America home.
I l u v it! keep up the good work of spreading the message of liberty
This Podcast is awesome and it is so convenient to be able to listen to talks/interviews/congressional hearing in my car, from my iTouch. Keep up the great work on the Podcast and supporting Ron Paul.
Thank you so much for this podcast! Being able to listen to Ron in his own words, along with the commentaries of those in media and other public forums, completely solidified my support for Ron Paul. The podcast makes it easy to keep up with everything that's happening concerning him and gets me excited to be a supporter. Thank you for spending all the time it takes to gather all the clips every day. The value of this for me is indispensable and also a great asset to his campaign. Ron Paul 2012!
Hoping RP wins the 2012 nomination...
Ron Paul is the only candidate that is truly dedicated to following the constitution, preserving liberty, allowing the market to function unhampered, limiting the role of the federal government and keeping the United States out of foreign wars.
Sure hope the republicans pull there heads out of the military industrial complex collective in time for the primary.Ron Paul is the real deal
I love it
He really cured my apathy!
Dr. Paul is truly America's last hope for freedom. Elections have come and gone, promises forgotten or ignored; yet this man has been consistent in his message defending the U.S. Constitution, every time! I'm so tired of hearing empty promises by these Wall Street bought politicians. It's so obvious they work for the big corporations & banks. After Obama, there's no way I'm falling for that crap again. Dr. Paul is the only candidate running a clean and honest, down to earth campaign. Say what you must, but I truly believe he is our last hope to ending big government, ending the wars, excessive spending, illegal bailouts with tax payer money, and many, many more abuses that have brought the middle class to its knees, and the already poor to desperation. VOTE FOR RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2012!!!
I wish I had some stichers for helmets hard hats. TheBelldiver. We vote too!
I am absolutely amazed at the amount of content that is collected for this podcast! Once I checked to see what some of the other candidates had to offer in this arena from their supporters, and could find next to nothing! This truly is something special! Thanks for all you do.
Ron Paul introduced me to the libertarian philosophy and I have not looked back since! When I found that there is already a political party that stays true to that philosophy I joined. I continue to support Ron Paul for president, but will support the Libertarian Party for every other candidate. Dump the NeoCon republicans and join the LP where the libertarian philosophy that Ron Paul celebrates is the foundation!
Thank you for your work in putting Ron Paul's message out there for all since MSM won't give him the time of day.
A presidential candidate that has REAL solutions to the senseless deficit spending in Washington. Ron Paul has my vote!!
Thanks for helping Ron Paul get the truth out. Can't wait to watch the debates heat up and the American people wake up. Love the cast!
Thanks for putting together this podcast and thank you Ron Paul. Each podcast is a consistent message of liberty. Funny how the Republican candidates are sounding more like Ron Paul each new debate. ;)
Obviously the person criticizing Ron Paul doesn't know anything about Paul. He fights for the constitution and against the wars, the police state, corporate welfare, public welfare, drug war, and ending the Fed. He attacks both Democrats and Republicans on those issues and his voting record is 100% accurate with those claims no wavering at all. Very rare to make that statement about any politician Democrat or Republican.
Is anyone else having trouble downloading podcast recently? Can anyone give me any ideas? I don't have trouble with any other podcast download?
Thanks for your hard work compiling these clips. I've always leaned libertarian in my views, but seemed to end up drinking the neocon cool aid on election day. Listening to these clips and hearing Ron Paul's words has made me disgusted with the Republican party, who really don't stand for ANYTHING. The Libertarian philosophy is exactly what this country needs right now. Ron Paul is the only candidate who can "save" this country and this podcast is doing a great service by spreading his words. Keep up the great work!
Thank you so much for your dilligent work of finding and uploading just about everything public on Ron & Rand Paul. The country would benefit if only they would listen. Spread the word, never a dull moment listening to RP, he never wavers and tells it like it is.
I'm not a Tea Partier AT ALL but Ron and his son Rand are probably some of the smartest politicians in office right now, at least they have the guts to say it like it is. But the last caller with the "Dixie" comment in the latest interview on CSPAN's Washington Journal was HILARIOUS! I guarantee nobody knew he was throw that in ... so funny. If thats the American majority and the general public that politicians have to deal with every day no wonder they make policies that aren't in our best interest ... we are a country of morons.
I use to be a Democrat now I'm a Libertarian. What they believe in and stand for just makes sense. Ron Paul is our last hope. Both Democrats and Republicans have failed us and the spending is out of control. I love listening to this podcast. I wish more people could see things like the Paul's.
I am afraid that nothing short of Ron Paul becoming the president will save this country from falling into complete and utter tyranny. I also feel that the powers that be will do everything in their power to block his being elected and would possibly even resort to assassination should he become president. No other candidate in the 2012 race will have the guts to oppose the ruling class and so Ron Paul is our last hope!
Notice the only 1 star comment is from a screwball who has obviously never listened to two minutes of Dr. Paul speaking. Get your facts straight, pal.
The best.Vote for the best,Yell get the best..
This guy is just another rich, white, right-wing bigot. He's too busy pandering to his corporate overlords to know that he and his GOP pals are destroying our country one tax cut, pointless war, and corporate loop-hole at a time.
I like Ike... And Ron Paul too!


By Moy15
Why will he make this up
I currently can't vote.. But am in the process of being able to just to vote for Ron Paul if he runs in 2012. I never new how much the left and right are the same..
Ron Paul for 2012!!! Destroy and EnD tHe FeD!!!!!!!
All of you Paul lovers (I simply like him) are the same exact ppl who watch & listen to Hannity, Beck, Rush& FOX News. These ppl destroyed Pauls credibility during the election, FOX News especially. What they & FOX did to Paul was propaganda, & the FOX News Propaganda is only getting worse. But YOU are the same ppl who watch FOX & listens 2 the above^ ppl. which gives FOX high ratings, which gives FOX News credibilty, and will lead to FOX destroying the next pro-constitution Libertarian Candidate. If you want the "Next Ron Paul" to win then YOU have to hurt FOX where it hurts most- their Ratings. TURN OFF FOX News (itsPropaganda)
A Capitalist is sure to take your money. A Socialist is sure you have none to take.
All those who say they could never vote for Dr. Paul, who call him a loon, who disagree with his ideas on freedom and liberty, have sadly been brainwashed by the media, their party, and have clearly done zero research on the man. Mark Levin? Dont make me laugh. He's just another neocon trying to jump on the movements bandwagon, as is Hannity, Ingram, and the rest, Beck not included...