Naked Astronomy, from the Naked Scientists

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This is just a great podcast. If you are interested in space science and history you will really enjoy this. I like the English accents as well.
Good info on whats up. Timely, thoughful, interesting...But are they Naked?
Love the podcast. Keep up the good work
I have missed this podcast!
Awesome job guys. As an enthusiastic novice, I've listened in at Astronomy*FM, your freinds there are also very entertaining. I feel I found my calling when listening to your programs. So fascinating as to all the discoveries and progression we are still making even without manned missions. If you ever hear of the need for volunteers ... for the eventual one-way trip to Mars, I'm Ready.
I see this and the 'normal' version, but the description doesn't state what the differences are. A lot of the episodes seems to be the same length when comparing episodes. I subscribed to both, but so far I'm basically getting the same episode twice. An updated description for the enhanced podcasts would be great. None the less I still enjoy all the Naked Science podcasts. These with Big Picture Science, Astronomy Cast, The skeptics Guide to the Universe, Stuff you should know, and Skeptoid ensures I've always got something intelligent and interesting to listen to. If you enjoyed this, then I suggest you check out the other podcasts I listed.
More please.
I love these single subject Naked Scientist shows. Jam packed with luscious diamond morsels of knowledge.
Used to love this podcast, but more recent episodes won't load, indicating that they can't be played on this iPod. Apple - please fix!
This and Astronomy Cast are two excellent astronomy podcasts. I only wish they released episodes more often.
Don't change a thing! Just keep it up. (ok, a daily version would be a nice change).
I liked it. Keep it up! Shaun