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I loved Molly's books and stumbled on this podcast a few months ago. Very funny, highly entertaining. In case you guys are reading this, I'd like to suggest barbecue sauces as a future episode.
I’ve been listening to your show for awhile now! Love it! I’m disappointed with the coconut oil episode. Felt very unprepared and I have been buying coconut oil for years and have never had one with flakes of coconut in the jar.


By c2rbear
Funny people- too many commercials and I haven’t really learned anything about food, just their lives.
It’s like sitting around with friends after dinner. Silliness, fun tidbits about food and lots of laughs.
I've been poking around podcasts about food and this is the only one that actually focuses on it's topic. The other ones would go on and on about their special guests and their accomplishments and I honestly don't care. I like that Spilled Milk is down-to-earth, thoughtful, and funny.
I find this podcast a tad bit annoying and slightly charming all at the same time. Every time I listen I feel like I’m eavesdropping on a private conversation in a very public place (like on a crowded bus, stuck on a very crowded freeway). I gave up listening to learn about food - you just never know where the conversation will go with Matthew and Molly - most of the time I just want to reel them back in, get them back on topic and remind them that this is a food blog. And yet, I keep listening...mostly out of curiosity.
I tried to listen many times to be fair. I couldn’t get through a single episode! They routinely speaking while audibly chewing food - remember that your mother taught all of us “never speak with your mouth full!” It’s not only rude and poor manners, its disgusting to listen to on a podcast. To make it worse, most of the time they aren’t that knowledgeable about the episode topics and they babble about it and/or guess or say “I don’t know, but In FEEL LIKE… “ e.g. Thai Curry episode whereby neither new the basics of Thai cooking; they both just rambled on about their attempts to cook and eat Thai food. Not funny and not informative at all; just very annoying!
I absolutely am over the moon about this podcast. I'd like to consider myself a foodie and this podcast is hysterical, addictive as well as informative. Thank you for the awesome laughs because when both Matt and Molly lose it and laugh uncontrollably it makes me do the same. I love listening to the older episodes because it reminds me of all the foods I used to eat growing up. It's a blast from the past and M&M make me feel as if we've been friends since we were young. LOVE THIS! I tell my friends all the time to tune into this podcast.
The non-stop laughing out loud this podcast gives me has brought my high blood pressure way down. Thank you, Molly and Matthew, I love you both! ❤️
Love this podcast. Even their ads are funny 😀
I've been listening since almost the beginning of Spilled Milk and have finally sat down to review this amazing podcast. I love talking about food and reminscing about the food "of my youth," so this podcast was perfect for me. Molly and Matthew make me laugh time and again and discuss the finite details of all things food-related without ever coming off as pretentious or out of reach. I appreciate their humor and dedication and will keep coming back for more. I'm also a fan of their books.
I listen to this podcast because I like food podcasts and I'm interested in the topics, but every episode is filled with them laughing at each other's jokes, talking over each other and trying way too hard. Molly seems to know absolutely nothing about food, as her most common used phrases are "I don't know" or "I was never allowed to eat this as a kid". They often pose questions for each other and instead of just googling the answer right then so they can have better content by talking about it, they just move on to something else which leaves a lot of questions unanswered and the podcast lacks because of it. When I listen to this podcast I struggle to finish the episodes and grit my teeth every time they prove how very little they actually know about food.


By Wertico
Always excited for the next episode...these two are hilarious and they always make it entertaining. Sometimes I wish they’d actually cook more :)

By fs46
Just the right mix of informative, amusing and borderline-inappropriate. Great chemistry and sense of irreverence.
Molly you cannot sing - I like this podcast while they stay on topic the bunny trails that lead to singing and bad singing at that makes me want to unsubscribe
I love this podcast. I listen to dozens of podcasts and this is the only one I financially support. I'm currently listening my way through all of the episodes for the third time. I even love the episodes covering food I hate, just to hear Matthew and Molly's banter.
This is a five-star podcast whenever Matthew and Molly sing acapella covers of 90s hits. I don't know how much I have learned about cooking or food history, but I do spend a lot of time laughing as these two veer off on (kind of related) pop-culture tangents when chatting about food/food trends. It's waxing nostalgic with your friends about what you ate when you were a kid, or an angsty teen, or a promiscuous college student.
The only thing I listen to while driving in Chicago rush hour. Makes the trips fly by, thinking of food. I feel like I know Molly and Matthew and appreciate their wit, humor and knowledge when it comes to food.
I recently finished listening to every episode after starting and listening occasionally early last year. They are so hilarious and I find myself hearing one of them say something and you just know when the other one is going to make fun of them. You feel like you're in on the running jokes. I love the variety of food they've tried over the years and the length of the show is just perfect! Sometimes I forget I don't actually know them in real life.
I've been a longtime reader of Molly's blog and loved both her and Matthew's books. This podcast is absolutely hilarious, and I'm the right age to get all their cultural references. While it might take away from a bit of the humor, I wish it was a bit more kid friendly as my 9 year old has loved what she heard before I scrambled to shut it off.
Old episodes are delightful! New episodes are hit or miss - the junk food stuff tends to get repetitive
Even though there is still no pie-crust episode. Guys! I need some pie-crust hilarity in my life.
This podcast has definitely gone through some changes over the years, but I've enjoyed it in every phase. I'm an enthusiastic home cook with a potty mouth and silly sense of humor, and this show hits all the right buttons for me.
Listen, most people won't like the podcast. They laugh at their own jokes more than talking about the food topic.. I find it myself laughing out loud most times so I like it
Just funny. Just silly. Refreshing at a time we need it most. Don't come to Spilled Milk for knowledge, do come for fun!
I listen at the gym and I usually end up laughing out loud and/or hungry. Love Matthew and Molly!
This is my favorite podcast -- dad jokes, nonsense, real talk, the occasional restaurant tip and some nerdy food knowledge. Also got my favorite hot fudge recipe from listening to this show. It helps me unwind after an exhausting day and laugh even when I don't want to. Is this getting creepy yet? Whatever. I'm really glad I found Spilled Milk.
Funny show
Always makes me laugh!!!
Funny and entertaining, sometimes informative
Longtime listener who is constantly delighted by new offerings from the two charming, sometimes silly, and knowledgeable hosts. Highly recommend starting at the beginning and listening to all the old episodes so you get all the inside jokes that develop over time.
So much fun to listen to! It makes you want to be best friends with Molly and Matthew.
You sound like you have a mouth full of saw dust every time! Please stop! Swallow for heavens sake
Listening to Molly and Matthew reminds why I love cooking and baking so much...food is that communal opportunity-- bringing people together to laugh, share histories, and learn from each other. Spilled Milk never disappoints! Love it!!
This podcast is light and fun to listen to. But lately, the topics have not been so interesting. Perhaps it's getting harder to come up with intriguing topics.
I love this podcast and never miss one!
I love this show. Molly and Matthew are hillarious. I confess I turn on Spilled Milk every time I'm working in my kitchen. They have given me lots of inspiration for things to try cooking or picking up at the grocery store!
This podcast is fantastic! I love the humor and the food/cooking discussions. I think the balance is perfect, despite the fact that other folks appear to want more of one or the other in equal measure. They're both great writers and clearly good friends, and it translates well into podcast form. And into their live shows, if you ever get a chance to attend one!
I LOVE this podcast! Matthew and Molly have the best chemistry -- the way they can set each other off with the giggles makes me giggle along with them every time. Whenever I'm looking for a way to cheer myself up, I turn to this podcast. Few things can make me laugh as much as these fun, short episodes.
The subjects covered would be interesting but if you subtract all the moments these two spend in uncontrolled laughter there's not much time left for substance. Too bad, but it's annoying listening to them. Also the audio quality is second rate. Not for me.
Love Molly & Matthew, love their dynamic. Sure, some of the jokes are corny but their laughter is infections and I'm always giggling/awkwardly smiling (to no one, I might add) while I'm on the train. And I always learn something! Car snapdragon is now me and my boyfriends favorite game (just kidding, but that makes me laugh just thinking of it). Only wish your episodes were longer!
A couple pretentious millennials laughing at themselves babble. Tried three episodes and didn't hear much content. Should have known after seeing one of the hosts has a hypenated name.
A great listen for a ride home.

By Zgetz
Binged listened at work over last 2-3 months. Love the short, funny format
Matthew and Molly have the greatest dynamic. It's like they're just chatting in my living room every week. I love them both.
This is by far the funniest podcast I've ever heard. I'm a huge fan:)
I can't stop laughing out loud to myself alone on the street listening to this podcast. The level of satisfaction Molly vocalizes when she likes food makes me so happy. The most silly podcast, love it.
These guys are so much fun that you can't help but love them. They have covered so many of my nostalgic foods from my childhood that I feel a kinship here. Mundfølelse er endnu mere sexet i dansk.