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By rdingo
I wanted to include this podcast in my search for info but I find this guy so obnoxious. Can hardly get through a few minutes without his "bro-ness" completely turning me off.
Please invest into few good microphones for podcast. The sound quality is unacceptable! It's very hard to listen to. The information is good, but presentation of it must be a lot better to call it a show. Right now it's a recorded phone conversation.
Interested in the subject topic but come on... The microphones they're using have to be the ones that they bought from the dollar store, they sound horrible and muddy. The interviewer himself seems really new to this, not to hurt his feelings but the show does not flow at all, hard to listen to. Haven't listened to all the episodes so I guess my review isn't as reliable, but the few most recent episodes so far are painful. I'm not even sure I can watch the rest in spite of my general interest in what the guests have to say.
Love the content, great info, especially when Dr. Ray Peat gets to let lose! Thank for putting it out there!!
Johnny Lawrence is the star. Have him on the show more often to boost ratings.
It is obvious that the couple doing this show know what they are talking about in regards to the studies, but the information is not presented optimally. Sometimes, I will skip through the show when issues are just dragged on and on...
Great guests, lots of great information.
this podcast could potentially offer a lot of good information if the 2 speakers were not so annoying. They stutter and stammer all over place, uncomfortably interrupting each other. The sound quality is horrible. And the guy insists on repeating he's making this "as simple as possible for you"....Ok I'm not a doctor but I'm not an idiot either. I've never written a review for a podcast, this one is not worth your time, even if it is free.