Reviews For New World Witchery - The Search for American Traditional Witchcraft

I loooooove this podcast and have loved it for years. Cory and Laine have continued to be brilliant and authentic for the 8+ years that they’ve been doing new world witchery, and they still have great chemistry and informative, relevant show topics! WOW! Way to go!
I've binge-listened to this podcast for the past couple of months, and I really enjoy it. Cory and Laine are both incredibly intelligent, without being stuffy or boring. Their relaxed candor really makes it easy to connect with the subject at hand and they both really have excellent and insightful commentary on topics in contemporary witchcraft and paganism. Cory's knowledge of folklore is insane, and Laine is very easy to relate to as a practicioner myself personally. Keep up the great work y'all! Oh, and they're also hella funny, silly, and goofy. Feels like hanging out with two good friends.
Cory and Laine are fantastic, it feels like having the conversations about magic and witchcraft that I want to have everyday. Makes my day every episode I listen to.
I have listened to this podcast on and off for the last year and really enjoy the episodes with Cory interviewing or going over folklore. I am never too stoked about the episodes that have Laine in them.... I want to, but they just don’t have the same depth. Keep up the good work!!
I’ve been listening to NWW for 6 years now, and I continue to LOVE it! Cory and Laine are funny, thought-provoking, timely, and refreshingly REAL. I listen to each episode time and time again, and my practice has been all the better because of it. Congratulations to Cory and Laine on the 8-year anniversary of your show! Here’s to many, many more magical years to come. 🧙🏻‍♀️
I have been listening to this podcast for years. It's always informative, fun, and new.
Cory and Laine never fail to bring an incitfull perspective to whatever the topic under discussion may be. I look forward to the annual readings at Halloween and the occasional interviews.
I always get so excited when there is a new episode to listen to 😊 Corey and Laine are down to earth and funny :) Great podcast!
New World Witchery is a great resource for anyone practicing or just plain interested in paganism, magic, root work and the like. Cory and Laine are honest, informative and really open-minded about different practices and the topics discussed. I look forward to each episode. And all the added folklore makes for great story telling. Thanks for the great podcast.
I am proud to be a Patreon supporter of this show. The more support we have offered, the more options Cory and Laine have to create the quality podcast we all love and rely on. Also, now there's a new show by Cory, due to Patreon support. So I'm glad to be part of that. My favorite this year was the Lovecraft's "White Ship" during All Hallows Read. It was amazing. Granted, this was a Patron-only podcast, so this was a special privilege, but there are tons of other shows on there, and they have regular, good content and of course, great personalities of the hosts. If you're looking for something to listen to, there's a huge library of existing shows and new ones out regularly. Very highly recommended!
Love this show! It's quickly become my favorite pagan podcast. I love the variety of topics presented by Cory and Laine. You'll find yourself drawn in by Cory's mesmerizing voice, but you'll stay for some awesome content on all things folklore, magick, and witchcraft.
I've been listening to Cory and Laine on New World Witchery for years. I've listened to dozens of various podcasts, about all kinds of topics, but NWW is the one I have always come back to and kept up with. The best and most interesting for new world folklore, traditional witch lore and practice.
Baby or no, this podcast provides much insight into all things witchy and pagan. Well researched and with many topics to choose from, this podcast covers all the bases.
NWW provides an excellent mix of scholarship and lived experience, tackling everything from practice to folklore across the varied cultures and traditions present in the Americas. Hosts Cory and Laine have a great repoire. A personal favorite and hands down one of the best podcasts on witchcraft!
I love this show and would absolutely recommend it! Cory and Laine are great personalities, and listening to the show feels like sitting down and having a chat with them over a cup of coffee. They're funny and real, and not pretentious. I personally appreciate that they're aware of and talk about problems in the witchy community like bad history, cultural appropriation, and conflating the broom closet with the LGBT closet. That stuff isn't the focus of the show, but I always appreciate it when they bring it up. (Though I personally take issue with their image of a settler and "mystical native person (tm)," which feels weirdly inconsistent with their actual views expressed on the show, I don't take that as a reason not to listen). Overall an excellent podcast that gives me a lot to think about.
I enjoy the show and learning about the different ideas on the magical path. Thank you for making my day better through your hard work.
I found this podcast the other day and went to the website to start listening from the first episode. So far, it’s been really great. Sometimes Cory & Laine say things that I don’t agree with or even find to be true but it is still really interesting to hear their perspective on things.
When I went looking for my next area of study into the world of the occult, I had no idea where to begin! I wanted something informative, with suggestions on things to read, and fun. After I started listening to Cory and Laine, I was open to a whole new world of absolutely fantastic information. If you're looking for a well informed podcast to jump off into more studies, I highly reccomend this one!
I love the show, the information, the stories and the chemistry between Cory and Laine. The only thing that really irks me about the show is that Laine, I find, in a lot of episode EATS while talking on the podcast! Please, it is disrespectful and inconsiderate to the listener and also very distracting. Other than that, the show is great!
I discovered New World Witchery a couple of months ago. I have been binge listening ever since! I love the great information, great content, and many laughs. I never though that I would be laughing while doing chores around the house, but I look forward to hearing every podcast. I love how the two of you make such a great podcasting team. You are the type of people that I would love to be able to just sit and hang out with in person some day. Love you both and keep doing your podcast magic.
This is a great podcast! I enjoy the wide range of topics covered and the open mind of the hosts toward these topics. The more academic approach speaks to me and if America has a folk magic practice I know it will be covered in this podcast. Thank You for so many years of great info!
I love this podcast!! Laine and Cori are hilarious, interesting, fun, and thought-provoking. They are full of stories and ideas. It's my favorite pagan podcast so far.
An excellent podcast for New World and Old World practitioners.
I love New World Witchery and feel like I am taking a graduate course in American folk magic just by listening. Cory and Lane are fun, engaging, informative hosts. Cory, especially, is a fountain of knowledge. They cover all kinds of folk magic practiced in America, and include literary fiction and folk tales at times (especially around holidays). I look forward to each episode!
New World Witchery was the first pagan podcast I found, and I was instantly hooked. I love the variety of topics, and the research that goes into each episode. Very informative and entertaining, I'm glad that such a high quality podcast continues to put out episodes. I was able to find many other great podcasts after listening to this show, and my knowledge of paganism in general has greatly increased. I especially appreciate that New World Witchery focuses on Traditional Witchcraft, as there are very few that emphasize a traditional path as opposed to wicca. Please keep making episodes!
I recently came across this wonderful podcast and I’m enjoying every bit of it. Corey & Laine bring a ton of charm to each podcast. I particularly enjoy the wide variety of topics ranging from North American folklore to magic which I find very educational. Keep up the great work!
I recently found this podcast and it has quickly become one of my absolute favorites! Informative, funny, educational and outright charming in both the literal and figurative senses. As one reviewer pointed out it should be required listening for the well-rounded pagan as it offers insight to lesser known or publicized (well to me at least) new world practices and a bit of modern witchery as well. Kudos to you Cory and Laine!
I just happened to find this podcast and am so glad I did I'm new to all this and curious and I can't get enough of listening to these different podcast. Defently a diamond in the rough of all these other nonsense and rambling podcasts
...period. Not just with regards to studying American folk magic and folklore, or even pagan or folkloric interests in general, but also with regards to the great new knowledge that Laine and Cory provide each episode about the world around us, their own stories that they share. These two are so personable-- Laine, I'm talking about your laugh here, it's great!--and make more advanced studies of the esoteric and a wide range of folk traditions seem more accessible through their playful tone, while still maintaining some impressive rigor to their studies! It's a great, fun, educational, thought-provoking, sometimes scary, wonderful show, and I do my best never to miss an episode.
This is one of my very favorite magical podcasts. Why? Corey and Lane not only have a wide range of really great information, but they are fun to listen to. NWW gives lots of laughs, new ways of looking at the magical and mundane world, and great resources to broaden your magical practice. Helping you think outside the box in your everyday life. I really enjoy their approach to magic. If you are looking for a podcast with great music, stories, spells, information, light and life NWW is one you will love.
One of my favorite podcasts. Cory and Laine and very knowledgeable and entertaining hosts. I really look forward to each new episode because I am always learning new things from these two. Its great to hear a podcast about American folk magic. I especially enjoy the story episodes around Samhain.
As a southern pagan, I really enjoy hearing a show from my general area and have been listening from the very beginning and will keep listening as long as there are shows to listen to. As Athena's child said it's great to hear a real worldshow, not fluffy new age show.
This is one of my favorite pagan podcasts! Cory and Laine give great coverage of a wide range of topics in North American magical traditions and folklore, with an excellent combination of research and personal experience. Definitely recommend it for anyone with an interest in these topics, both new and experienced.
One of the best podcast. I look forward to more episodes.
I stumbled across this podcast one day and it quickly became my favorite. I listen to each episode almost as soon as it comes out. They're knowledgable, but even better they're entertaining. If you listen to this podcast, you won't regret it.
For anyone interested in a well executed balance of scholarship and practical instruction and knowledge look no further. I discovered them 2 weeks ago and I've already devoured most of their episodes. Keep up the good work Cory and Lane
New World Witchery is, in my opinion, an amazing podcast. It is informative, well done, and wonderfully fun. Cory and Laine cover a wide variety of topics in a generally well-researched, always insanely informative way, but manage remain relaxed enough that humor is never out of place or forced. I laugh and I learn with every episode. I alway wind up writing something down to look into later, even if I didn't expect to be interested in the topic. So, way to be Cory and Laine. I look forward to future episodes!
Keep up the great work!! Your voices are a pleasure to hear and as a newbie of sorts I find this very informative and enjoyable Revising a review from 2 years ago I still find you all to be great to listen to and as I have progressed in my practice I am still learning a lot from you guys thanks :D
An ideal blend of personal perspective and academic approach. I grew up in the foothills of the Appalachians where Appalachian "granny magic" was practiced by a few, but certainly not verbally regarded as such. The dichotomy of upstanding Southern Baptist/at home conjurer is one that has always intrigued and confounded me. I love the way you guys incorporate regional folklore and practices, and I thoroughly enjoy hearing about the way you apply magic personally. Oh, and the story episodes are fantastic. Keep it up! Each episode is highly anticipated!
I was looking for something new and came across this quite by accident. Very well done show. I think it is informative, well researched and Cory is an outstanding story teller. Laine is very well versed in the folk ways and traditions of Applachia and is a very entertaining host. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in our roots here in the new world, and our connections to the old.
This podcast is awesome. I'm so glad I found it.
Great down home feel. With the freedom to Wonder. Great hearing Corey and Lane go back and forth over many topics and lore. Thank you.
I came to this podcast not expecting much. But I have learned SO much from Cory and Laine!!! I LOVE this show!! They are funny and informative. I can't wait for their next show!!!! Thank you Cory and Laine !!!! Be well :)
I am completely in love with this show. Cory and Laine present interesting information not only from personal workings and knowledge, but also through folkloric, historic, and anthropological works. The hosts are incredibly intelligent and charismatic and will leave you both entertained and informed. I feel like I have learned much from them, and they have inspired to me to really delve into folklore and cultural traditions. I love nothing better than to go about my work with a glass of sweet tea and my pod plugged into to New World Witchery.
Cory and Laine, Thanks so much for all the information and opinions you've brought to light. It's very enjoyable. A few of the topics I really enjoyed, The biblical magick, the story/folklore specials, the first Yule Specatular was particularly good. Most of the interviews in the earlier episodes were fantastic, i kinda miss them. The seasonal lore episodes are some of my favorite. Really great concepts for keeping this interactive. Looking forward to your return.. Muchlove
I am finally on the latest episode (42), and I can't wait to hear some more of this fantastic podcast! I was ecstatic to hear that Laine is a younger knitter and spinner as well (I am 23 and I knit & spindle spin), and I wish I could see some of her work! I also love what you had said about knitting and spinning magick, since I'd always felt that you can knit and spin magick into your work :) You two have gotten me wanting to learn more about hoodoo, especially since it seems to deal a lot with herbs and their roots (if I am not mistaken), and that is what I want to focus on in my "path." While I don't *always* agree with everything you two say, it is refreshing to hear new perspectives and I learn something new with each podcast I listen to. You two (as well as other listeners/commenters) have given me a few ideas for traditions to start with my husband and two little ones. Keep up the great work and I am impatiently awaiting a new episode!!!! :)


I get exposed to so much new information. Must have. When I first subscribed, I listened to all the episodes at 2x because I couldn't get enough! Now that I have to wait for episodes, I feel like I should listen to it at 1/2x to make it last longer. Hmmm, maybe I will start back at the beginning...
NWW was awesome before - I'm a literature person so all of Coery's book talk is great - but the addition of the Tales from the Witching Hour episodes is amazing. I love listening to the post-ritual talk as it gives me tons of ideas
There are so many pagan podcasts out there and this one is really different. Its amazing to know how many different magical systems there are using folk lore. You've helped me discover so many different things i've fallen in love with! So Thank you much and keep up the great work!
I have learned so much from this podcast. Thanks for making this information available and pointing the way toward amazing resources. You both are fun to listen to and keep up the good work!