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All the hosts are entertaining. it's like a 20min punch of a review for what was going on if you missed a game or what have you
No podcast this year?
When is the 2014/15 season starting???
The best football podcast on the web. With interviews from the managers and players of the BPL. Top flight commentary as well.
I've recently started following the BPL with it being on NBC Sports and NBC here in the States and this is a great podcast to keep up/learn about the league. 5 stars.
This is one of the very few podcasts I just can not wait for every week. Great content, always good analysis and interesting news. Love the guys who host the show. The only complaint is this show isn't long enough!
This needs to be new in /weeks the league starts at the 18 of this month
This is amazing... Good news for EPL fans.. Keep up the good deed..
I wanted to post on this again because this podcast is one of the best produced out there today. Real players, real managers and just real news that keeps the listener hooked for the whole episode. It's always nice to hear the news about your team and how they are doing also if you haven't been up to date with all the games. Keep it up guys!
This is the official podcast of the Barclays Premier League. Enjoy every podcast. Thanks. Hope to hear more.


It's fine. If it was not free I would have given it 3 stars.
Finally a podcast just about the premier league only I'm obsessed too bad its once a week, but worth the wait
Best podcast ever on premiership soccer...I'm enjoying it so far!!!
Its baaaacck! I love this podcast; so informative and content rich. I would honestly pay for each episode; love that its free though!
The reason it's so short is because there's virtually no banter, nonsense or rambling. Almost seems like it's in a scripted bullet format, which is nice when you want some quick key updates. I listen a few football podcasts and this is definitely a favorite. Also some exclusive interviews


By green66
Awesome podcast
I look forward to this every Thursday. Love the fast pace of the show and the analysis of upcoming games. I follow the EPL regularly and I consider this podcast integral to the experience. Keep it up! Make it 10 mins longer!
Not the first podcast I'd go to, but worth a listen.


Since i really like the premier league i gave this podcast a shot. And i really liked it. It is great.


Being in US does have sone advantages, but you have sacifice watching your favourite EPL team. This is the way to keep up!
Soooo glad the EPL finally put out an official podcast!! I love it, but i do think it should be an hour show instead of 30min !!! But great pod anyhow, KEEP EM COMING
It's a shame that it's only 30 mins, it should be an 1hr show and should include their players opinion on the game
great stuff my only problem is that the first episode is only a half hour long. i dont know if this is a precurser to the other episodes or if they will get longer but id like to hear more about the best league on the planet