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Thanks for the candor. It is so refreshing to hear the ways that you have been intentional in your marriage and how you offer suggestions for others to be intentional in our own marriages. This podcast has really helped our marriage conversations blossom into topics that we haven’t discussed before and it has been awesome. God Bless You Both.
Alisa and Tony's approach to relationships is so easy to connect with: they offer real world solutions to problems we all face. Their honesty is what I relate to most. They say stuff in a way that cuts through the BS and makes it easy for me to understand what I need to do to grow and better myself. After a talk one-on-one with Alisa, I'm inspired to take on all the stuff I've buried out of fear- thank you!!
Tony and Alisa are not afraid to share the sides of marriage that no one else will. As someone who has 20 years of marriage experience as well I am always excited to hear what they have to say and continue to improve my marriage. Love you guys!!
I found ONE while searching for marriage podcasts and I feel like I hit the jackpot with each one I listen to! I’ve binged most of the old ones and now I can’t wait for the next one to show up! AND! I just found the ONE steps podcast for little bits of truth and inspiration! I’ve been sharing with friends! I always strive to have a great marriage and this comes along me and sort of holds me accountable for the things I should be doing to have a great marriage happen! (Doesn’t happen by accident!). Thank you guys for everything you do!! It makes my heart happy to be able to feel like I have a great couple giving me honest advice!!
Emerging from a ten year cycle of trials (unemployment, cancer, and family issues), we are settling into new normals closer you each and God as we celebrate 39 years of marriage. Even so, our intimate life needs transformation. So glad I found the One Extraordinary Marriage podcast! Your candor about your own challenges and resolve to push through for each other and your listeners is disarming. That you respect and cherish each other comes through with interesting dialogue that is captivating, mutually respectful, instructive and fun. I appreciate that your faith grounding in Christ is real but not preachy. I am working my way through podcast archives and slowly bringing my more reluctant wife on board as well. Thanks to One Extraordinary Marriage, I'm more encouraged than ever that we can experience an intimacy breakthrough that will make our already awesome marriage even better!
I haven’t found anything like it- and I’ve checked out a lot of resources aimed at improving marriage. They are so real, transparent, and practical!!! Perhaps the best part is that they appeal to husbands as much as wives so men aren’t turned off by marriage topics. 6 stars.
This podcast is for couples going through tough issues or maybe your marriage is good but you want to make it extraordinary this is the podcast for you. I’ve been listening to this podcast for five months. T and A keep it real, they help you realize that perfection is not attainable however they assist us with opening or minds and hearts to our spouses with each podcast!
This is a great podcast! Good stuff :)
I'm so grateful my sister told me about this podcast. My husband and I pick one episode a week to talk about and it has opened up communication between us and forces us to talk about topics we wouldn't broach. Thank you for being transparent and helping couples all over the world.
This podcast is so refreshing.
I listened for 4-5 months before my wife listened to her first one with me on a road trip we did not have a bad marriage before but we had deeper more serious talks than we had had in years it has led us to talk about things we would have never brought up on our own and is leading us to a better marriage
So let me start of by saying I have never listened to a podcast before, iv heard people talk about them but finally decided to try it out. The last two years have been very difficult after being recently married and having our first child we have came close to divorce more than a few times. Listening to these podcasts has helped so much and especially open my eyes to my flaws and my marriage has been better than it has ever been. Thank you so much for sharing everything you do!
I'm a recent newlywed, although we've been together for almost 4 years, and have a beautiful daughter together. I started listening to your podcast a few months before getting married, because I want the best marriage possible. Recently, my husband has been struggling with depression very badly, and neither one of us know how to fix it. I feel that it is taking a toll on our intimacy. Also, a lot of the time it seems to rub off on me and then it's just a vicious cycle. We need help.
Amazing content!
I love this podcast! I love your honesty and vulnerability as a couple! I've listened to so many already and just found this podcast last week. Thank you for sharing your experiences.
Such a blessing to my marriage!
As a 20 something, recently engaged, I've been seeking out sources for wisdom in how to build a strong foundation for my fiancé. This podcast has been that source for me, with great advice and real conversations, I have been able to bring many of these ideas back to my relationship and so grateful for the change I see not only in myself but also my fiancé and our relationship and excited to continue forward. Thank you!
This couple is being used by God. There's helpful information for couples, for sure.
This podcast provides very useful and practical insights, which serves to enhance marriages and families! Thank you!
This podcast is the real deal! I have been listening almost daily for the last month trying to get caught up. They provide so many relevant and important points on marriage. Whether you are on the mountain or in the deepest valley in your marriage, you can learn something from this podcast. Life changing podcast!!!
I've listens to so many podcasts who aren't helpful and do not relate to what I am going through. After listening to the One extraordinary marriage, I thought Alisa and Tony were living my life. I have tried to do the exercises that they have suggested and WOW huge help. I went ALL the way to the very first episode to get all the advice they offer. It truly is verbal gold. Thank you for all you do.
Fantastic podcast, keep it up.
Wonderful couple with a powerful message being used to impact marriages across the globe by our awesome God!
Love hearing Tony and Alisa. Started listening in August and have been making my way back from the beginning. These 2 are straight forward and direct. You want to solve your problems, listen to what they have to say to get ideas, and then formulate a plan for you and your spouse. And then do it. Marriage is a gift, and my wife and I love listening to how Tony and Alisa share their experiences with us.
Interesting/informative marriage intimacy podcast from a Christian point of view. They discuss subjects that 99% of Christians will not even approach in this kind of detail. Be prepared though- it's not for the faint of heart! Best part? They counsel the partners to only try the things that the most conservative partner is willing to do (servant/respect approach).
If you're having problems with your marriage, or just want to improve your intimacy, this is the podcast you must listen to!! Challenge yourselves. My wife and I have reconnected like never before! Thank you Tony and Alisa! Our "We did it" email is coming soon!
Find this podcast amazing as well as all the other resources One Extraordinary offers.
I really appreciate the heart behind this podcast, I really do! I just wish the audio was better- sounds very amateur, and it's a lil bit cheesey and repeptive...
Last summer my husband and I felt hopeless. We felt as if there was nothing we could do to save our marriage. We looked like we had it all together but in reality we were hurting. We were constantly arguing because it seemed as if we were both speaking a foreign language in our relationship. We just couldn't get on the same page! After 20 years of being with each other there were a lot of resentments built up. We didn't know how to overcome them. We needed help. God answered our prayers! He sent us to Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo's podcast and website. We started listening to their podcast and after just ONE episode we signed up for coaching with Alisa! Between God, Alisa and our willingness to work together, we changed the direction of our marriage. We let go of past resentments, we are now actively learning how to communicate better and LOVE each other. It hasn't been easy, there have been a lot of difficult things to work through and I know there is a lot more work ahead of us. We will never be perfect but that's not our expectation! Our expectation is to love each other, communicate effectively and be on the same team, and I am happy to report that we have met and exceeded that expectation with the help of God, Tony and Alisa. If just ONE of you reading this benefits from this info, than it's been totally worth my public display of affection! If you do ONE thing today for your spouse, for your marriage, for YOU! Go listen to the ONE Extraordinary Marriage podcast, visit their site, learn about them! You will NEVER regret making your marriage better! SO blessed and thankful for you Tony and Alisa! Thanks for putting yourselves out there weekly, you are truly a tool for God. Love you!
Wow you guys! Thank you for starting my year off with a positive change. I was looking for something uplifiting to listen to on my way to work. I just started working at the office after working from home for almost 6 years. I was getting bored on the 30 minute drive listening to the radio. So I started looking up Christian Pocasts and yours came up. So far I have l listened to 1 or 2 a day, on my way to and from work. I also listen while at work. I am hooked. I have my husband hooked too! We love you guys. We pray that more people will be touched and inspired by your words. We have been married since 2002, but been dating since 92. We started dating in middle school- so have grown up together basically. We have to boys, a 2 and a 6 year old. The first episode I heard was the"what do we do together " where you had the date night ideas of making a list and switching. I went to the store, bought some cool foods and that night after putting the kids down, we went out to the patio and had little tapas and made our lists! Thank you so much. This has given us a drive or like a challenge to come up with some cool dates for time together without the boys. I will keep you posted on the other cool stuff we are doing since listening to you all. I have also shared with literally all my family and friends hoping they will be hooked too! Love you guys! Thank you! THANK YOU!
Just found theses two a couple months ago. It was at the most perfect time was having some really hard times in my marriage. I love them they are so raw and speak on topics that need to be discussed in our marriages. Now trying to catch-up on all the old ones.
My husband and I have been married for a year, and I feel we're headed towards an amazing marriage as we gain knowledge listening to the podcast. Thank you for your ministry and your willingness to talk about the tough stuff
Great tidbits, but they go for m and on hashing out their own issues. I get it, examples are great. But we get the point, get on with the message! Episode 358... I didn't need 17 minutes of you talking about your argument....
This is the best podcast that is helping so many people improve their marriages. I started listening back in September 2016 and I have learned something during every episode. Just listening has helped me feel more comfortable and confident in myself. I have also learned about various "tools" that help me to be a better wife and has improved my communication with my husband. I am eternally grateful to have found this podcast. Thank you!
Thank you for helping me to re-engage in my marriage. The topics and conversations are so real, helpful, and honest. I look forward to the new episode every week.
This podcast is incredible and has been a God send!!! Tony and Alisa are doing one extraordinary (pun intended hah) thing by pouring so much time, work, energy and love into each message. I love how they so openly speak about the good, bad, and the ugly points of their OWN relationship, because it shows us, as listeners, that we are not alone. And that with the proper work and guidance--we can fight through anything that tries to knock us down. So thank you, Tony and Alisa, for all that you do-your a blessing to myself, my marriage, and so many other couples!
Thank you both so much for sharing your real and raw experiences and talking about things most won't in the open. Your podcast has helped me communicate better with my husband without attacking him. To find a clearer way to talk about things and to enhance our marriage more. I continue to listen and realize I'm not alone. Helping my marriage grow empowers not only my heart and brings my husband and I closer together but influences our kids. Thank you for your podcast. One grateful listener who recommends your podcast to anyone who I know could benefit. I'm so grateful someone told me about your show. It is one of my weekly favorites to listen to and to find an episode where I want to grow my marriage and relationship with my best friend/husband.
They do a good job normalizing marriage problems and giving hope to people going through marital issues based on their trials and tribulations. After an episode I can relate to a lot of the issues they talk about, but don't know what to do about it. More practical advice and tips would make this an excellent podcast.
I've tried three different episodes now, and there just wasn't much substance. The recent one on trying new things in the bedroom included no tips on new things to do, other than telling us to find new things and do them. The lady did 90% of the talking and repeated herself over and over, mostly just cheerleading us to go try something new. I will listen to a couple more and redo this if it changes.
My husband and I are in a very good place right now, but decided it never hurts to have an archive of tools in our back pockets so we started listening. Love how down to earth and real Tony and Alisa are. Talking about real problems every couple at some point face not just the good stuff in marriage but also the messy. Teaching you to take baby steps to improve your relationship. Can't say enough good things about this podcast!