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Show sounds WICKED! D&B awesome-ness!
Labels such as Shogun and critical have never ... And I mean this .. Released anything that is half assed. The artists are pushing boundaries in drum and bass. I am happy to say we are witnessing a renaissance ( rebirth ) of Drum and bass Thanks for not putting a price on quality . No sellouts at the shogun camp . Label of the year!! Go to Www. ....... Casting votes soon. Boh!!!
I love every podcast you put out DJ Friction, ur music and podcasts have driven me to make DnB. I have nothing finished yet, but getting the correct sounds is hard! I'm only 17 so u have school and other things standing in my way :/ but I am serious about making music. Best of luck to you and your podcast :D
Loving to get news about DnB music from Shogun Audio Podcast. Program and music solid emotionally. Thanks to Friction from Kiev, UA !!!
I love this cast. Wish it was more weekly though.
magnificent musick!! Real D&B keep it up dudes!!
Great way to catch new tracks before availablity to the common folk. Highly recommended for anyone playing records or just enjoying the sounds.
I'm liking the music so far, been a fan of D&B for a few years now and I've really enjoyed D&B podcasts because of the way the DJ adds to the experience. ***edited*** The podcast, as of episode 4, now features chapters!! Big ups to DJ Friction and whoever else is managing the podcast, I'm sure to be a listener for years to come.