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You guys should do an interview with Michael Charvel from Wayne Guitars
I was really bummed out to see they have no recent shows? Are they even alive anymore?
These guys have been MIA for over a year now. Please come back! I really liked the show.
Gear for Guitar is a quality guitar podcast with excellent interviews, good discussions and thought provoking ideas. The hosts do a great job. My only criticism is that I can't find an email address for these guys anywhere. I'd love to send them some feedback. I am one of 'couple of idiots' from that other guitar podcast the previous reviewer referrenced, so I know the work that goes into putting out a guitar-focused show. These guys are doing a great job. We need more guitar podcasts, especially good ones like Gear for Guitar, so let's all show them our support!
Informative, down-to-earth, and nice guys. I'll keep listening.
These guys are doing a great job with interesting, informative conversations with each other about the gear they use and why and in what context they use it. They also bring in a great depth of knowledge from the outside when they talk to guys that actually build top-quality gear. My favorite part about the show is their attitude. They're what you want in a musician- they listen well, and they're humble enough to admit what they don't know. You know they wouldn't say something about a piece of gear that might lead you in the wrong direction. If you're a gear geek like me, you could listen to guys like this talk all day.