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All you had to do was avoid broadcasting your political ideology and I would've continued to listen to your show. Jen and Ryan had THE definitive and BEST Lost TV show podcast, and I was such a fan that I began listening to Popspotting. Ryan is endlessly interesting, and I really love that he says things like "golly' and 'by gosh'....you can tell he's a real polite guy, and more importantly a great dad. Very likeable fella. But once Jen self-identified as liberal, the wind went out of my sails of admiration, and I just don't feel comfortable continuing to listen. Even if I have suspicions, I'm ok as long as you don't announce your political persuasion. Sorry, guys.
Love the podcast. I really enjoyed listening to Pete. So please RE-Pete.
Love the podcast. Do more shows about Hawaii, one of my favorite places.
This podcast is like hanging out with friends. Five stars! Check them out!
A good podcast! Keep it up guys!
good stuff.
This podcast is it!
Ryan and Jen know their stuff. Awesome listen!
As a pop culture fan myself, I love what Ryan and Jen bring to the pop culture table. Awesome!
I love listening to their podcasts (have been an avid listener since The Transmission) and I look forward to their weekly Popspotting gems. They are truly insightful, enjoyable to listen to, and very knowledgable! I love the obscure and hip content they cover. I trust their recommendations and have not been disappointed with anything yet! Thanks Ryan and Jen for keeping me entertained.
Ryan and Jen are very enjoyable to listen to. They have a wide range of subjects music, movies, TV, books, trivia. The show is the perfect length, easy to keep up with. They have introduced me to music I probably would not find on my own and books that I am very glad to have read. Thanks Ryan & Jen, keep up the good work! I really appreciate it!
Ryan an Jen talk about a myriad of topics. I personally love that every one is about 25 minutes, which is a perfect length. They have guests that come on also that give their top 3 picks-movies, tv, music, apps, anything! So great! Bonus that they introduced me to stitcher. It makes it super easy to listen to them and a couple of my other podcasts!!
If you love movies, TV, music, and books, and you enjoy the water cooler conversations that occur after finishing one, then you are in for a treat with Popspotting! Each weekday episode is a quick 20--25 minutes which is just perfect for a morning commute. They love to receive listener feedback which makes it loads of fun for us listeners, and this contributes to the ongoing community of pop culture fans. Thanks, Jen and Ryan -- you guys are awesome!
If you are looking for a podcast with the pulse on the entertainment culture this is a great podcast. They discuss books, music, movies, and television. I've enjoyed their recommendations every time. I even pull my vehicle over and park it, on occasion, so I can write their recommendations down. Give it a whirl you'll like the ride.
An always informative and creative look into pop culture hosted by two of Hawaii's most charming and welcoming people. Excellent show.
If your wanting to start a new tv show, see a good movie, or start a good book this is an awesome place to start! It will save you a lot of wasted time. Hear what others think about a movie or tv show to get a taste of what your getting into before you dive into it. They also review great music and have great Hawaii tours and lists of great places to visit in Hawaii. I totally recomended this show!!! Just Subscribe!!! You won't be sorry!! A Must Hear!!!
Listening to Jen and Ryan's "Popspotting" is like sitting down with old friends discussing your favorite album or book or song or Hilo restaurant or Lost episode or.... . Whether it be books, music, TV, travel.... you name it, they're always entertaining. I look forward to listening! Now, if we can just agree on the best cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"...... we could achieve world peace! (for the record, mine is by Brandi Carlile (you gotta see her peform it live...... )).
Ryan and Jen put out one of the best podcasts I've ever listened to. They cover movies, TV, books, games, food, even apps and websites. They do a great job incorporating listener feedback. The podcasts are 20-25 mins long Monday-Friday, so it's perfect for the ride into work. They're awesome and fun! Subscribe to their podcast :)
Ok, so I'm a little late in rating/reviewing. It's great to have Ryan and Jen back in the podsphere sharing with us their take on all things pop-culture. Their eager willingness to receive feedback on the show makes this a conversation, rather than two people just talking at us. I have been introduced to new music, movies, books, TV, etc. thanks to Popspotting!
Fantastic show to catch you up with everything you've been missing, or to help you analyze things you have already been getting into. Ryan and Jen have already supplied me with great recommendations on books, movies, tv shows, apps, and places to visit on my honeymoon to Hawaii! Thanks Ryan and Jen!
This is a great podcast to catch up on pop culture. Ryan and Jen do a great job of chatting about tv, movies, books, music, etc and I really feel like I'm listening to friends. They are also really good about responding to feedback. I can't say enough great things!!
Popspotting is a smart, well-produced and just plain charming podcast. The latest and greatest from Jen and Ryan of "Transmission" fame, Popspotting is like a daily twenty minute vacation in Hawaii with two of the friendliest people around. This podcast has inspired many new book, podcast, movie, TV, and music choices for me. I hope they keep putting this out for many years to come.
Every episode is enjoyable and they put a lot of effort in to every show - they do their homework. This is a good listen.
Ryan and Jen's 15 minute or so daily podcast are great! Whether you listen to them on a daily basis or a few at a time, it's a great way to get up-to-speed on old and new movies, TV shows, books and music. You might even get a tour of Hawaii! A great podcast for listeners who have like different things and enjoy listening to reviews of a wide variety of pop culture. After listening, I have a list of book, movies, TV shows and apps to try! Thanks Ryan and Jen!
Great weekly podcast that covers a wide range of mediums. They talk about everything from movies, TV, books, music, tech and more. I like it because each day of the week is dedicated to a different format, ex: Movie Mondays, TV Tuesdays, etc. That's especially helpful when you have a favorite "show" since you can listen to those first if you're backed up.Though I'm not familiar with everything that's discussed, it's a great way to find out and keep up with other great shows, books, and trends.
This is an outstanding podcast. Jen and Ryan are articulate, knowledgeable and entertaining. It is a pleasure to listen to them.
If you're looking for reviews of the latest shows, geek favorites movies Popspotting is the pod cast to listen too. Jenn and Ryan's passion for "pop" culture, for the tv shows and movies we all like and love is what makes theirs reviews so good. So subscribe to the podcast, turn it up and geek out.. You won't be sorry.
Ryan and Jen have a real passion for what they do. They cover a wide variety of today's pop culture and cover it in a professional concise format. It also helps that they also have voices perfect for radio. One of my favorite podcasts.
Jen and Ryan are no strangers to the podcasting world, having served as excellent guides to all things Lost on their previous podcast, The Transmission. Now that Lost is over and having earned a well deserved hiatus (let's face it, they returned to the airwaves sooner than some of the Lost writing and editorial staff), in their new show Jen and Ryan give us a daily dose of pop culture. With Movie Mondays, TV Tuesdays, Wildcard Wednesdays, Trivia Thursdays and Feedback Fridays, the shows provide a round up of reviews of current (and recent) movies, books, TV series, iPhone apps, music, food, etc. The shows are usually no more than 20 minutes long, and Jen and Ryan's obvious passion for all things pop culture, and great repartee shine through every episode. Guests each Thursday clue you in to new or unexplored pop phenomena. It is telling that I talk about things I learn in the show all the time to my family and friends, but what is even more telling (and a sign of how much you will feel part of the community) is how I refer to Jen and Ryan as my friends although we have never met. Give the podcast a try, you will be glad you did (and your pop culture IQ will be raised as a result).
Ryan and Jenn are wonderful in everything they do. This podcast covers many topics and includes user feedback and interaction. Love these guys!
I started listening when they started doing "The Transmission" and was so disappointed when they stopped from burn out. Funny thing, I never deleted the feed and when they came back, it was a joy to hear them again. With the ending of Lost, I knew they would go. Understandably they needed a break. Then, a year later, a Lost review and Popspotting was reborn. I like the bite size, because I don't always have time to get through a larger episode. Yeah, I'm a bad one, never calling or emailing in for all those years, but I just had to say something about this. Keep it up. I love how you go back and forth as the perfect compliment to each other. My only question... Where do you have time in life to do all you do? I guess sleep is just overrated.


I listened to Ryan & Jen's Transmission podcast and was so happy to find Popspotting. It's short enough to listen to a few in the car, and I feel like Jen and I are on the same wavelength about lots of shows and books.
Whether you listened to Ryan and Jen on thier LOST podcast The Transmission or not, you should check out their latest podcast, Popspotting. With five funsized episodes each week, there's always something new to listen to, which is great. Thanks for your hard work.
Popspotting is great fun! The different daily formats keep things mixed up, and Jen and Ryan have (of course) wonderful chemistry. Keep it up!
When "The Transmission" ended over a year ago, I waited with great anticipation for Ryan and Jen's next endeavor, "Popspotting". And waited. And waited. And, waited just a bit more. So when I saw "Popspotting" was back a few weeks ago, I was extremely excited. And let me tell you, Ryan and Jen were worth the wait! Even if you don't have an interest in what they happen to be discussing on a particular day, it's worth listening because of the way they talk to and interact with each other. They enjoy being with each other, and discussing and debating their interests, and it really comes through on the podcast. And you might discover something you never knew you might like. For example, I discovered "Fringe" after listening to them and started watching it, and now I completely hooked. So thank you Ryan and Jen!
Another great podcast by Jen & Ryan! I love the daily topics in the bite size format -- I can listen to one if I'm in a rush, or a couple if I have a time to spare. The range of topics (tv, movies, books, tech, geekery) that are covered are fantastic! It's as though this podcast was created just for me. Mahalo to you both!
Love it! Loved your "Lost"podcast, and this one too!
Loved The Transmission and since I'm a TV and Movie Junkie I have been anxiously waiting this new podcast by Ryan and Jen. It is so good to hear the both talk about what they are watching. They truely are people you can listen to talking about ANYTHING. So glad to have you back on my iPod! Aloha!
You all definitely had the best "Lost" podcast. It's great hearing your voices again and I like the new format so far. Looking forward to future episodes!
Great to have you guys back. You're insight is always spot on and your conversation and banter has a nice flow that makes for easy listening. Mahalo!
My favorite podcasters are back! The first episodes of Popspotting are enjoyable and easily listened to for their short format. I'm looking forward to more.
After Lost (and The Transmission) ended, there was a hole in my pod listening that I couldn't quite fill. Jen & Ryan are like your pleasant & smart geeky neighbors who always have something interesting to say. It's great that they are back on the intertubes.
Ryan and Jen make an outstanding podcasting duo. I started listening to them during Season 2 of LOST, when they were putting out, hands down, the BEST LOST podcast: "The Transmission." When LOST and The Transmission were over, I felt a certain hollowness in my podcast lineup. But now, after a lengthy hiatus, Ryan and Jen are back! Most other pop culture shows are corrosive to the soul, they provide us with a vacuous discourse bereft of criticism or analysis and they tend to fawn over celebrities. Popspotting, on the other foot, is a much needed antidote to these noxious efforts. Ryan and Jen give us the straight dope on all genres of pop culture whether it be in the form of film, television or music. I'm enjoying the daily format too, which gives me something new to find on my iPod every day. (I don't know how they do it! They must have a group of elves working around the clock in a hollow tree.) If you enjoy listening to an adorable couple adroitly review pop culture and help you navigate the murky seas of entertainment, then Popspotting is for you. PS: After reading this review, I would like to apologize for this rather sesquipedalian epistle.
I just want to say welcome back, I'm glad to hear Ryan & Jen podcasting again.
From two of the most amiable podcasters, this is a fun and easy listen. Can't wait for their new installments
Ryan and Jen Ozawaare no strangers to the podcasting world. They did their HawaiiUP podcast and that led to them doing "The Transmission" Lost podcast. With Lost coming to an end, many of us were sad at the thought hearing Ryan and Jen on a regular basis. They give a well inform, thoughful, thorough and fun insight into culture. Thankfully they have decided to start this new podcast. While we enjoy the last season of Lost and the episodes of The Transmission, we can also enjoy the "prehistoric pop." Their reviews of movies, TV and music from segments on the HawaiiUP podcast. Then this summer we get to enjoy all new episodes. Please give them a listen I know you will enjoy and be well informed in your Pop culture. Thanks Ryan & Jen!