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I cannot believe I've yet to leave a review for the Fey Driver. This is a whacky show about some guy driving around in his car and talking about cars, life, and funny little tidbits. The show is personal journal style and you get to know the host in time. Recommended.
Podcast in two flavors. First, a driving cast that is personal journal. Second, a garage cast that includes a panel discussions on cars and more. Both are good and interesting. The Fey Driver is smart and really knows his cars.
Fey knows cars but that's only part of the story. This podcast allows us all to ride shotgun right along with Fey while he runs errands and shares his life. He is charming, honest, and endearing. You will not regret subscribing to the Pink Wheelnuts.
Hearing about a GLBT life in another country, our neighbors to the north, is very interesting. The Pink Wheelnuts Garage shows are interesting for his total love of cars. I wish he could be my local mechanic. I dont think he's really canadian though as he hasnt talked about hockey much. ;) But its a fun, relaxing show!
Fey Driver is a great storyteller -- be it a mundane trip to the store or life's great questions, he always make you think and make you laugh. Also don't miss his special ive shows he does sometimes (Pink Wheelnuts Garage) as well as the once-a-month "Drive Time Tonopah" specials he does with Brenda Boo.
Sometimes they talk about cars, and I don't always understand that, but it is always a treat to tune in to The Fey Driver and guests. I am kind of new to this show, but went back and listened to all the shows available. Give it a try!
Love the video going 110. Thats when I realized that was in kilometers. Great times
You are so funny and you make my day go fast at work when I listen to you, keep up the great work. carol ann from ohio p.s. love to hear you sing that christmas song!
Fay Driver is a nice listen. He loves his machines, and loves to take you on his drives. He has a wonderful sunny personality, which shines in all of his podcasts. Try him for four/five shows.
It's like having a conversation with your pal while you drive to work. Very sweet man and a good listen! Nessa XO
Is that there aren't more 5 star reviews! Anj is fun to listen to giving you little looks into his life. You don't need to be a gear head to enjoy the show. When I listen it's like talking to an old friend. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.
I'm always happy to see a new episode of this podcast - Anj is a really cool guy and I really enjoy this peek into his world - even though I don't understand much of the car talk. :) Listen, won't you? Thank you!
Whether you love cars or are ambivalent about them, you're going to enjoy this podcast. The Fey Driver not only brings you audio podcasts, but video ones as well, showing off the spectacular scenery of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Listen in as he talks about his many cars (my personal favorite being his Spy Car), his life, and the fun driving trips he takes. Anj, the Fey Driver, is a great guy and a joy to listen to. Subscribe and follow along on his adventures, which sometimes include his friend, the Batgirl. A wonderful podcast you won't want to miss.