Reviews For WFOD

They bring the heat every show.
Unagologetic and consistanly hilarious week after week - and NOW without Napier! Mike, Drunk and Travis kill it! iViva La Label!
If you like to laugh take some time out of your day and listen to this. You won’t regret it.
This show is a highlight of my week every week.
Love the WFOD podcast! These guys are pretty darn funny.
Fantastic show! All the pieces to the perfect puzzle of life-Cheers, Freeman
Mike does a really good job trying to put together a great show, but he's constantly sabotaged by his co-hosts. But that Travis guy sounds like a dashing young man.
Offensive, real, uncomfortable at times, but it always makes me laugh. I look forward to every new episode because you never know what is coming.
I feel like I'm a late listener here but I can't get enough of these guys since I've found them. Nappier cracks me up. Mike keeps it going. Travis keeps it balanced. Who is Drunk?
No raido show or netowkr would all this and that why I like it. These guys are funny, vulgar and funny again. I am not easily offend and I laughed like crazy and cringed a little. Check these guys out.
He didn't. He was told to get more iTunes reviews and he didn't ask me. Seems like the boys have a slacker on their hands. This is on of the best shows out there but it's being destroyed by Travis and his irresponsible spending, hatred for dogs (he abandoned so many), and his obsession with Michael Vorhees. Hit mute on the Skype line, guys.
Do yourself a big favor and subscribe to wbfodicks today. Very cleaver and funny
Even as a female, I think these boys are great! (and by that I mean Mike and Napes, mostly). ;) Great for many chuckles and a few belly laughs. Shows the inner workings of a guy's mind. Btw: not safe for work!
With a title like that, I thought it would just be a bunch of gay guys making stupid gay jokes with each other. That's exactly what I got but it's much better than I anticipated. Funny, crude, and often very heartfelt.
This is a good show and these boys are pioneer's in the new world of broadcasting. Terrestrial radio is in its last death throes and internet radio/podcast is the wild wild west. Keep doing the do guys. People don't realize how much it takes to put one of these dumb shows together. You guys do a great job. Keep it up. Btw, I want my free T-shirt. Can I get an A-Team shirt or maybe a Star Wars shirt? Oh! You meant your shows shirt. I'll take that too. My dog gets cold. In all seriousness people should listen to, follow and enjoy this show. Only bad thing I can say is it wasn't as dirty as I thought it was going to be. *sidenote* If anyone is looking for another good show search "The Show That Should Not Be". (shameless plug) -TSTSNB
Every time I listen to these guys I feel like I need a shower, but in a good way. I'm finally catching up on my missed episodes. Good job guys.
...for these dicks. I've loved this show for years. You will too.
Wheelbarrow Full of Dicks? More like Wheelbarrow Full of Fun Times!!! Am I right? Am I right??? High-fives all around, everyone!!! But seriously though, if you want your ears to be full of fun, listen to this podcast. Fair warning: you may laugh out loud while listening... That may make you look like a fool. But it's worth the risk. It's worth it!!! -Mandy Weaver


By bmf467
One time on my birthday I was walking to the bar and soiled myself because I had drank too much. I was already about halfway there so I figured instead of going home and changing I would just go to the bar and throw my underwear in the bathroom trash instead. Listening to this podcast was a much better decision.


One of them says crazy things. One of them says mean things. And the other one is just high, I think.
This podcast is mostly pretty hilarious as long as you enjoy vulgarity
I liked it a lot. It's not for everyone, but if you like dirty humor, this is your podcast.