This guy should be famous along with dj anuj where I heard him guest mix hooked since best trance ever!!
This podcast has suddenly stopped updating, why? Love Zoltar, but hate the interruption of music!
Zoltar made his imprint on XM's The System which was out of this world. It's horrible not having him on Area which I don't listen to, so it's great to have this fantastic podcast. Taking away the watermarks and just letting the music flow would make this awesome podcast even better. But I'll follow Zoltar whatever he does as he's the best trance DJ around. What about a "best of"? I'd buy one every six months...
Deep Trance Grooves will keep you hypnotized! I first heard Zoltar on The System (now I believe it's Area) EDM channel on XM (pre-merger with Sirius). He DJ'd a show he created called The Mutant Dance Party…If his sets didn't make you love Trance/EDM then nothing could! I am extremely excited that I can listen to Zoltar via Podcasts!! In the sea of DJ's out these days, Zoltar is highly underrated…but then again, EDM is still not mainstream here in the U.S. Check him out…he will take you to another WORLD!


By N3bbs
Zoltar does a fantastic job with blending songs together in a way where the songs sound like they just continuing. Always has a great selection of songs for his sets. I love listening to his sets and look forward to new ones every week from him.
Zoltar first caught my ear on The System (former XM channel). I credit the Brother from Another Planet with coaxing me in to the EDM genres and lifestyle with his commanding voice, clever mixing style and ear for quality tracks. Now in 2011, it's great to stay updated via his bangin' podcast. Thank you, Zoltar!
I have listened to Z since the days of Mutant Dance Party. It's great to have this podcast on hand for a Saturday night of game play or a mid week report preparation. Keep them coming!
I caught Zoltar's show tonight on Sirius Area 38 and it was amazing. I agree...he's underrated and equally as good as some of the top trance DJs out there (Above and Beyond, Tiesto). Very much worth adding to your Podcast subscriptions. P.S. Thanks for introducing me to the simply fabulous Nadia Ali track "Fantasy" (Tritional Up There Remix). Woweeeeeeee!!!!
This podcast was my favorite, but now I can only listen to it on the podomatic site since the RSS feed isn't updating. The show is at episode 402, yet only part 4 of episode 400 and a bit of episode 397 are in the iTunes podcast. Please fix!
I've been listening to this guy before XM was even popular, when they used to play him sunday mornings from midnight to 2ish on WHFS 99.1 in DC. I love his talent and the songs he mixes are awesome. Get this podcast now!
I too can go on beatport and make a playlist, play the sample of the song then play the next. This isn't a podcast, it's a travesty (And i love subterranean on XM). Play some full songs, show us the way we all know you can mix Zoltar. If there were any more stupid audio watermarks of "this is subteranean" i'll shoot myself! A full minute of intro was appended to the beginning of 380, which equates to over 5% of the total length. What the heck man?
I found these guys on cm raido and I was listening to them almost all day! I think they are amazing!
He deserves a lot more recognition. His talen is out of this world, may from another planet or another galaxy. ;). Zoltar plays awesome collection of uplifting and deep trance. He was on air a lot more when XM had "the System".i miss that channel, it was way better than the "area". Zoltar we need some new episodes on here (podcast) Please. Thanks and SEeeEE YAAA
I was surprised that someone had not already put this podcast on ITUNES! Zoltar has one of the best podcast out there in electronic music land!
I've been listening to Subterranean on XM for a long time now. Simply put, Zoltar can throw down! Awesome mixes and track selections, and it's great to finally have the podcast available on iTunes. I gotta say though, Zoltar, your picture on the XM website is SCARY! LOL