The Lair of the Unwanted

Reviews For The Lair of the Unwanted

Jason and Nolahn have tons of fun going through all types of random movies. It's a fun show even if you've never heard of the films.
Bad movies can be a chore to watch, but it's a lot of fun to listen to Jason and Nolahn shred these movies to pieces plot point by ridiculous plot point.
I think I can count on two hands the number of movies these guys have covered but that doesn't stop Lair from being an insanely entertaining podcast. Each episode, Jason and Nolahn walk listeners through the plot of a bad movie, stopping more than occasionally to poke fun at the acting, plot or blood. The hosts have a great chemistry and play off of each other in a light-hearted but informative fashion.


By Ryumoau
i've only listened to the last two episodes and i really don't like this podcast. i first heard of it through a promo i heard on movie mavericks. One of the hosts, Jason, is just way too cynical and condescending. I don't find him entertaining at all. I'm also not that intertested in the movie selections they choose. If you want a more entertaining podcast about 'B' movies i suggest Bad Movie Fiends instead.
Each episode after the next is just great. Nolahn and Jason cover a wide range of cult and B movies so you don't have to. Some of the titles they watch are great and some are just terrible, but the show is allways fun.
Jason and Nolahn are the undisputed gurus of B-movies. I can't wait for the next episode. Keep up the good work!
Jason and Nolahn know B movies (and bad movies) better than most, and their show is a fun, entertaining, and insightful look into a world that many not dare dwell. Better yet - you need not even be a fan or watch said movies to enjoy the show - hell, I don't think I've seen 5% of the movies they talk about, but it's still a great listen. Awesome skits and fake trailers, too.