Reviews For SMRPodcast

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Chris, Robb, and Rod strike the perfect conversational tone - I feel like I'm in the room with them. Beer and chicken wing episodes are my favorites. Update for 2018: new year, same great show. Funny, informative, smart. I feel like I'm in the company of great friends every time I listen to an episode.
This is definitely my favorite Podcast right now. It has the perfect amount of tech, that's discussed in a format that is easy to "get". It's great getting a sneak peak into the lives of some really cool and interesting guys that have been friends for a long time. Keep up the great work!
The guys keep me entertained and informed. It’s good mix of tech and regular life every week. They have good group of regular guest to keep things fresh. I also have to hand it to them on their TV show recommendations. I listen every week and I can only say that about one other podcast. Update: It's over a year since I first reviewed this podcast and I'm still listening every week. Great show! I'm dropping another update. Jan 2017 and this is still one of my favs. I listen weekly without fail and do recommend you give them a try.
I absolutely love this show. They guys are real pros at knowing tech and being friends. I look foward to it every week! If your any one of these: techie, gamer, watch snob, father, geek or HUMAN, tune into this show so that you can renew your faith in the human race!
These guys keep you laughing all day long, with a new twist to all things's a must listen.
This is the type of show you want to listen to if you want to hear some guys talk tech…and then some. These guys have known each other for a long time and it shows. The off-topic banter is just as good as the tech information. Definitely a show you need to add on your podcast list!
Just a bunch of regular guys who love tech. There’s no paid bias, just true and genuine love for technology and lets just say a strong affinity towards some companies. The difference here is that it’s genuine love for an OS, not some “paid for” sponsorship that necessitates stopping every 5 minutes to thank a sponsor. Great show!
Love this show! Everyone on the show uses and loves a different device. When anyone goes all fanboy the other two reel them back to reality. It makes for great discussions and is far more informative than everyone agreeing with each other. Oh and the tangents are the best part. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.
I started listening to the show a few years ago and I connected with the guys and their guests on twitter and now I communicate regularly with fellow listeners aka Chris' Minions and to be engaged with all the tech that is discussed on the show and after the show is awesome. They are opinionated guys but that makes it better so that we listeners get a more complete view of technologies discussed weekly.
Simply the best place to learn about new mobile tech from a group of funny guys that make it fun. It's like your buddy's taking about tech, with great recommendations. I have been streaming for 2 years now.
Funny, witty, and knowledgeable cast. With all the tech podcasts out there it's nice to finally have a permanent weekly date with a great cast.
Great podcast. Love listening to it!
The fact that each one of them on the show has their favorite platform makes it that much more interesting.. Many times you don't agree with their thoughts but you certainly understand their opinion.. Good stuff - they keep you wanting to listen to the show...
Ok, so SMR isn't new, but it's new to me. I LOVE this show. Picture all the fun and camaraderie of a bunch of guys arguing about football, all with their favorite teams, but now substitute in tech for football. They give each other a hard time, call each other out when they say something dumb, occasionally admit that perhaps their platform of choice has a single flaw. You can tell that these guys have been buddies for ages, and they respect each other no matter how much they torture each other. oh - and the content is awesome too!