Reviews For Super DeeJay Terrell Clark & The Art of Mixing™

keep kicking that house sweet n dope hard hitting dj that brings house medicine to the world and keep me going. when im down or need lifted i take some of his medicine to cure my illness and yes it works one of america best house manufactor....keep doing what u do and the world will have ur medicine at hand also. thx ed
In todays world where many can play music, Terrell shows that only a select few can create a musical tapestry that spans all music genres while turning you out!!!!!!! He is and we always be, mentioned as one of The Sounds Of betta werk Ms Peaches!!!!
Terrell has always been able put the right records on his turntables in order to free me from any of my stresses from the outside world. Thanks Terrell for sharing your passion and love for this music. You have made it a better world for a lot of us.
My spirit is always dancing when am listening.
These mixes are all I need to get me through the concrete jungle everyday! Amazing!!