Reviews For All Things Phantom

Hey guys this show is amassing i have your love never dies show and i cant say more than this that it is nothing less then perfect. I have been a hard core phantom fan since i was seven(im 14 now) and you guys got something going hear. Oh and i have read your book wonderful detail and explanation. Wish i could meet you guys one day and discus everything phantom but at the moment im writhing a phantom book and hope to publish it one day. Your fan and admirer P.G
This is a really excellent show. The hosts are very outgoing, and obviously very passionate about the subject, and the guests are always entertaining. Hopefully they will bring the show back soon.


I find it so hard to stop listening to these podcasts! They're so entertaining and it feels good to know that there are so many Phantom Phans out there!
It's about time someone came up with something like this. Thanks you guys!