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I haven't found a podcast or library of interviews, with filmmakers this extensive, which is comparable. One draw back, it hasn't been updated in a long time. The museum still conducts Q&A's, but haven't posted until just recently. Seriously, the content is second to none.
So good! So insightful and real. So thorough!
This is possibly my favorite podcast. The interview subjects are wideranging and diverse. There's witty playful animators, gruff old Hollywood characters with gems to share, up and coming fresh faces, and actor/director teams that have locked into this bouncy joyful bond. It opens up a world of creative artists, their true thoughts and feelings on the state of cinema, their wisdom acquired from their earlist films till now. Some inspirational stuff. Keep up the fresh and spectacular programming. Favorites: the Wire cast and crew's razor wit and camraderie, David O. Russell and Spike Jonze's interview continually careening into oddness, Brad Bird's humor, warmth, sharpness and integrity on full display. Highly recommended!