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In 2015, this is the only active Texas Rangers podcast there is, but that’s okay. I’d listen to it even if there were a few out there. The chemistry between the gang is great, and I love listening to their opinions. Don’t ever go away, y’all. What would I listen to, then?
Those are the words I would use to describe this podcast for fans by fans. These guys are knowledgeable and funny and they don't get overblown and obnoxious. I feel like I'd love to go catch a game with them. As a fan from Virginia who gets to the Ballpark once a year, I'm glad to have a podcast like this. Great work!
I've been a Texas Rangers fan for roughly 20 years. I started listening to this podcast during the 2010 playoff run and I've been enjoying it ever since! You can tell that these guys really have a love for the team and baseball in general. Great podcast even if they are completely uninformed!