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I have been watching you podcasts for quite a while and i like your videos. The only thing I'm having trouble with is that i don' have email yet on my laptop and I'm wondering how you quill a horn or whistle with a digitrax system and how you get it to do it? But outside of that i have recommended this program to allot of people.
Very informative and entertaining! After watching whatever the most current podcast is I find myself craving the next month's edition. Keep up the great work!
Thanks for making all your podcast video it is better to see the trains than here them. If you can can you show any amtrak trains you may have
Dan and John - You guys do a great job delivering great How-To-Video tips combined with a splash of modeling to keep it real. I started my video podcast TrainTalk.TV without having listened to yours and I wish it had happened the other way around. Much of what you discussed about location shooting I have already had to learn the hard way, but I still picked up a few good tips. Thanks for sharing!