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Three of these guys are awesome. Not so sure about that Apocalypse guy though.
xbox live & watching movies. hhhmmmmm awsome idea!!!! smart, witty, with alot of talent, the guys make good points of likes & dislikes all the while keeping it real! great job fellas, please silence your cellphones during the film. misfitboy
Thats the question, now let me answer. The show Begins with an amazing review of an outstanding film starring the immortal Jack Nicholson, and the breath taking Helen Hunt, As Good as it Gets. It then shifts gears into an indepth look into one of Hollywood greatest treasures, Bruce Campbell, whose talent is seconded only by his humilaty, starring in one of his most beloved films My Name is Bruce. Next they make a breakneck left into a light entertaining cooking segment you can do with the entire family. From here they discuss some of the high quality video based entertainment they've been enjoying, as well as giving some good advice on things we should be watching. (No more watching paint dry for this guy) When you think they've got nothing left to give they deliver up an amazing review of a handful of classic horror stories available free online. Infotainment indeed, truly enriching. I think the true question is; will they remain as humble and relevant as they are today once the world discovers them and the money rips them from our meager realm. I say not just yes but hell yes. Men of this caliber don't come along but once in a millenia, and when they finally do, shield your eyes lest ye be blinded by thy briliance. God bless you Movie Night. A totally unbiased person who found this podcast completely on accident. ( Or divine miracle? I'll answer that in another review.)