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My family is new to Kingwood and I'm grateful that I can listen to past sermons. Please post the Easter 2015 soon! I have a co-worker that is looking forward to hearing it.
I love that these sermons are available online. It's a great tool to share with others! 😊
Pastor Jay just knows how to get the message out just the way I need to hear it. So glad I can catch what I miss here


By stnlws
...for making a way for me to get the messages when I have to miss!
These podcasts are awesome. You are able to serve and not miss the message God has given the pastor to relay to us. I serve in the kids part of the church on Sunday mornings and Love it, but miss service, this allows me to still hear the message given on Sunday morning. Also always me to get my spirit fed and receive the blessing intended. I love Kingwood Church and God is definitely using pastor Jay to spread his word, to train us up, and to encourage. These podcasts are awesome and well worth people's time.
I love these pod cast because I have the opportunity to listen over and over. You can never remember everything you here the first time, Pastor Jay and Kingwood Church gives us the chance to here great sermons again and again.
Thanks Pastor Jay! Awesome!


If you love the local church, this is the podcast for you!