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You guys are great - the lineup changes at times and the episodes are great. A different type of cycling podcast with loads of sarcasm. There is no polical correctness here. Check it out and if this is up your alley, you will be a loyal listener. Thanks
Love this podcast. These guys are clever, irreverent and interesting. If you love cycling you will dig this too.
Extremely entertaining. Dan, Mike, and Klaus will keep u informed and amused. Heavy emphasis on kit design, road racing coverage issues, and all things Colombian. My favorite podcast.
Would should you freeze an AG2R jersey? Why does Pozzato use more emojis than an 11 year old girl? Learn how to hate Jens Voigt and more on SMPC.
This podcast would be similar to my personal conversations if I had friends that liked cycling and were funny.
The skull crusher and his cohorts are awesome! Their off-center, irreverent perspective on pro bike racing is so much fun. I didn’t know bike racing could be so wacky. More, more, more!
And hand the reigns to his supporting cast.
I can't explain why I keep coming back to this podcast or why I anxiously await each new episode...but I do! These guys are deceptively knowledgeable and trick me into learning new things every epidsode. Plus, they're freaking hilarious.
Especially if you like metal (first love) and cycling (third or fourth, but whatever). Brilliant.
Unapologetic, funny, and truthful. The Speed Metal Cycling Podcast is legit coverage of WorldTour cycling with tabloid coverage of who's hot and who's not in this season's sausage casings. The SkullKrusher, Klaus, and Mike are a good balanced team and their metal background makes it better. I don't miss an episode.
I have been listening to the Speed Metal Cycling Podcast since pretty much the beginning, and while Klaus, Skull Krusher McGee and Mike themselves may say that their tangents have made the podcast head downhill, it only keeps getting better. These guys are a passionate about the sport and clearly enjoy debating it's current issues. They are not trying to impress sponsors or be PC for the sake of the listeners; they speak from the heart and their wits. Tthe result is a podcast honest about the sport, peppered with random pop-culture and music references, and heavy on laughs from beginning to end. Where many other podcasts of similar dynamics have tapered off or disappeared completely, the Skull Krusher and crew stick to their guns and keep coming through with more episodes. I sincerely hope they are here to stay.
Very informative and entertaining. I can hardly wait for the next episode.
Great stuff. It's obvious these guys are all lifelong fans of cycling. Great insight, comedy and insight on how the world of cycling REALLY works. Anyone who loves cycling needs to. He k this podcast out.
Funny, cool guys. Not a bunch of Freds. Keeps getting better. Thanks, dudes.
This is one of the best podcasts covering road bike racing. Personally, and it's maybe because of my boyhood crush on a Colombian girl next door, I prefer to listen to SK and Klaus and their Spanish accent converse with Mike over those Scottish guys at you-know-where.cc. They cover every aspect on road racing possible. The DS behind the scenes stuff, the racers, the UCI, sponsors, and even some twitter gossip. Even beer. I'd buy these guys a round or 12 anytime. Mike, Klaus, and SK, when you're all in the NYC area holler at me me and max out my credit card at the pub.
Best cycling podcast out there, very entertaining.


If you want smart assed, irreverent comments from a dude you actually want to have a beer with. This is it. Full on bike-dork brodown. SK gets himself worked up in a lather about some dumb stuff then makes you laugh. It's worth the space on my iPod any day. I wish he'd put out one everyday.
This beats Phil and Paul any day.
If you love cycling you will love this. A great listen! Best podcast in a while!