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I wish I knew this podcast earlier! I would recommend this podcast to all the premed. Five star! Thank you so much Dr. Dan!
Awful production quality. Questionable content.
Hello Dr. Dan, Thanks for your insights. Currently, I'm studying for the MCAT and your podcasts give me a lot of confidence. Sincerely, Morgan
The old podcast episodes do not download.
I just found out about this podcast yesterday, and I find it very helpful. I will definitely use the study techniques mentioned in the podcasts for my next semester. Thank you Doctor Dan for spending your time helping Pre-meds!
These podcasts are so motivational! They really helped me gain confidence in the medical school application process. The information is presented in a logical and organized manner. This station will definitely gain more popularity in the coming years amongst the medical community. Thanks Dr Dan!
I love these podcasts please keep them coming. Especially the 50 mcat prep set is amazing.
A great resource that makes it easy to drill basic information wherever you are. Straight forward presentation of information makes these podcast efficient and interesting...I want more : )
I can download everything but the actual MCAT subject reviews...
Fantastic podcast, especially helpful to get some info in on my commute to and from work in the morning. Thank you!!!
I found these podcasts about the same time I signed up to take the MCAT a few weeks ago. As a nontraditional student (older, BS in education 1994), this information in podcast format fits my needs and lifestyle. I'm finishing up pre-reqs and using my travel time to and from campus to listen to these podcasts ("passive" study time). My commute always felt like lost potential study time (esp. with motion-sickness issues -- can't read on a bus), and I hate using "active" study time to work on study techniques or confidence builders. These podcasts not only give me extremely helpful pointers in these areas, but there is a good amount of science content as well, and more available through his website. Thanks!
This podcast is extremely helpful in the premed process.
I previously listened to all the free lectures that I could and they were awesome! They are a great way to recap the information on the MCAT while driving long distances in a car. Also listening to reviews more that once really puts the information in your brain! I would highly reccomend subscribing to all of the podcasts if you enjoyed the free ones!
This podcast is great. I'm a non-traditional student with a lot of commuting time between campus and my job. This is easily fit into those commutes, during a workout, or while folding endless amounts of baby clothes. :) I don't really understand the negative reviews. It's free. I'm not sure what else you could ask for. Thanks for the helpful information, keep these podcasts coming!
I have been listening to the pre-med podcasts for the MCAT on my way to and from work (about an hour drive each way). It really helps me to keep thinking about the principles and MCAT material at a time that used to just be useless to me. I think these are great and it seems Dr. Dan is really doing this with the right intentions. I hope that once I am in medical school I can continue using this great resource.
As an older "non-traditional" student navigating the journey through the medical school application process, I am consistently discouraged by the hype surrounding admissions statistics and "what it takes" to make it to medical school. In these podcasts, Dr. Williams cuts right through everything you thought was true about the medical school application process, the MCATs, and the pre-med science curriculum. He sheds light on many of the myths that would serve to discourage a student, and instead, gives you not only his personal experience, but the resources to discover the truth for yourself. I urge anyone struggling with a lack of confidence to listen to Dr. Williams' podcasts. They quite literally helped me change my thinking about achieving my dream. You are also introduced to the Medical Mastermind community, as well as exposed to other folks in the pre-med community who can help you to understand the MCAT, study more efficiently and effectively, as well as just how to interview and what things to focus on in your application essay. I cannot endorse Dr. Williams enough and can honestly say his podcast is more valuable than any "pre-med advisor" I encountered over the years.
I have listened to over 50 podcasts by Dr. Dan. It is often unscripted but that brings more authenticity and true meaning that often may lack elsewhere. These podcasts are motivating to me and I enjoy listening. There are also quite a few interviews that bring a lot of insight from people such as MCAT experts from Princeton Review to medical students or residents that speak with experience and provide plenty of great advice. This podcast series is geared toward premeds and those thinking about going medicine. It also helps those feeling alone in the premedical track and brings a sense of relief. Lastly, this podcast series covers a wide range of topics i have yet to find anywhere else. It is free so no harm in giving it a try.
Just discovered this podcast yesterday. Really liked the MCAT biology review podcasts in episodes 36 and 37. I hope more are posted soon.
I just started listening to your podcast this week and I can't get enough. So much great information. Thank you!
The negative reviews below are unfounded and irrelevant since they overlook the actual content of the podcast and just focus on the "cosmetics" of the audio. The material here is invaluable to premeds and pretty much covers most aspects of being a premed and looking towards a career in medicine. Great job!
Dr. Dan is pursuing a goal of helping people achieve their dreams of becoming physicians. I appreciate what he is doing, and hope to see his program expanded. I find his program extremely helpful. If you don't like the material, don't use it. We'll see who ends up a better doctor...


By yadave
Dr Dan, I am a new subscriber but I am excited! I cant wait to hear your MCAT reviews! Keep em comin! Thanks so much for doing this all us pre-meds really appreciate it :-)
The audio podcasts are rambling, unfocused. Lots of 'ahs', 'uhs', 'ums', 'huh-huhs', hee-hees', 'anyways', 'okays', etc. fill the unscripted gaps. (Opps, the whole podcast is unscripted.) Busy med students, or pre-med students, will certainly find the wasted timme frustrating. The video podcasts are even worse. Filmed on a windy patio, the sound quality is lacking. Doctor Dan needs assistance with presentation and make-up. And rubbing the nose with his hand during flue season? Editing (and hand washing) is needed. He gets a one-star rating (down from two) for his back-handed complement to the US military. (His friend "was in the military ... no offense ... he culda done anything he wanted ... God bless him.") These problems infect the latest podcast, which you'd expect to be more polished. Don't waste your time.