Reviews For Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine's Fiction Podcast

I was so happy to find this podcast because I've been a long time fan/reader/subscriber of EQMM. However, every time I listen to it I am bothered by what a terrible missed opportunity it feels like. I don't intend any of what follows to sound mean or as a personal attack on anyone. I understand and appreciate the work that goes into it, but it has room for some serious improvement. Luckily, the technology & knowledge needed to improve it is cheap & accessible if the producers want to search it out. As it is now, the production quality is very poor. It sounds like it's not mastered at all. The levels are sporadic, I alternate between being unable to hear the dialogue & being deafened. Janet's delivery is robotic. Most of the authors/readers don't have radio voices either. This is not a suburban book club, why do the authors have to be the ones to read their stories? This is the podcast representing an amazing, storied brand. It would be so fun to listen to if there could be some solid vocals. Authors, don't you want your words getting the best treatment possible & best chance for success out there in the world? Then it's ok not to read them yourselves. You're brilliant authors, not professional voice actors. Is money an issue? Maybe some aspiring acting students could help you out for the experience/exposure? It could be a win-win for everyone :) Also, it would be great if the episode descriptions could include more info on the substance of the stories. They currently tend to include only info about the authors, leaving you guessing what the story will be about based on the title alone. To sum up, podcasts could be a great way to bring new fans to EQMM (that's why most brands bother to have podcasts at all), but this one feels like an afterthought that only diehard fans can tolerate. Please make this podcast worthy of the EQMM name, it will make it accessible to so many more listeners. I'm begging you!
Have adored the Ellery Queen stories in print for many years and now enjoy them as oral presentations. Truly wonderful work. My goal? For them to publish me!
free mystery stories, glad they provide solid classic mystery fiction by all kinds of authors.


By apt342
I just stumbled on this podcast and I was so excited to subscribe. Unfortunately, the volume is so low that I can't hear it without earphones. Turn up the volume and I'll subscribe again.
I have not listened to all the podcasts yet, but I must say the readers so far are great and the stories enjoyable. The background music is an nice touch.
Thank you Ellery Queen for the pod casts! I wait faithfully for each edition of the magazine to arrive in the mailbox and truly enjoy the podcasts read by the authors.
They have some great dramatizations. I especially loved groundwork. That was a fun mystery and well done. Nice short stories for when you need some quick entertainment.