The Jazzy Vegetarian

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I enjoy this podcast and the show but the inconsistency in the recent episodes has made it hard to listen. I do find it odd that a vegan podcast uses Burger King as a sponsor, started listening to the most event podcast after listening to an ad for chicken fries, it doesn't make sense.
I love Laura's radio show. She always has a positive and cheerful attitude, and I learn something new from each broadcast. Her guests range from vegan members of the musical community, to vegan authors and nutritional experts. Dr. Pamela Popper is a semi-regular guest and has plenty of useful nutirtional information to share. I only wish I could get Laura's TV show where I live.
This is a great podcast for any person interested in either becoming or is all ready a vegetarian/vegan. Laura provides great recipes and tips on how to incorporate more whole-foods, plant-based foods into our diet. She does it all in a laid back and non-threatening way. I especially like the episodes with Dr. Pam Popper. They are so informative.
This program goes against the stereotype of vegetarianism as a counterculture lifestyle. The hostess, Laura Theodore, looks like the attractive soccer mom next door and has a chatty breezy mainstream persona that makes vegetarianism accessable to someone curious about vegetarianims. The program features cooking tips and guests talking about all aspects of vegetarianism. She also is a fine jazz vocalist and features jazz from time to time which adds an interesting twist to the podcast. If you are looking for angry vegans, look elsewhere. What you find here is a joyful (and jazzy) vegetarian.


By Emrie23
This show is awesome, it helped me become a vegetarian and got me into some jazz, that's saying something since I'm 14.