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I first heard captain marvelous on smart wrestling fan a couple months ago and just decided to search iTunes to see if he has been on anything else. I was pleasantly surprised to find he has his own weekly podcast. It's been very entertaining the past couple weeks I've listened to so far. My only complaint is when Killenberg isn't on. He has such an adorable voice and pleasant attitude. Anyway, keep up the great work and i can't wait to hear more. :)
Show is very good. My only complaint is the lack of a consistent co-host. I'm not a fan of one-person podcasts which occurs every now and then. Not a fan of Killenberg at all, sense of humor is a little off. Matty P is a jerk..................Matty P is still a jerk.
This is a freakin' great podcast. I listen to it everyday day 24/7 365 Days and so on. If it wasn't for Captain Marvelous, Matty P and Mikey Cold Medina, I wouldn't be here today. You saved my life. Thank you for saving my life.
I refused to listen to the first few episodes as I think the host, Matty P is the same guy who has been walking through my wave petunias and smashing them. However, when the fascinating and handsome Captain Marvelous started co hosting I gave it a shot. After shooting it; I then listened to it. I was surprised... and plesently so. Stuff was said, I heard the stuff and I liked it... the 3 major needs of a good podcast. Even Matty P, who I was unsure of before because I assume he has a dark and checkered past, sounded professional and confident. I would suggest this podcast to anyone, mostly because I have a hard time coming up with stuff to talk to people about. I like these guys. I like this show! So in all seriousness, Im really muscular and the ladies love me... and also this is a good solid listen.