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The beautiful Cari Murphy’s magic lays in her down to earth presence and essence. She helps you in opening to your truth unlike anyone I’ve ever experienced. Cari, thank you so much for your precious communities, soul sister!
Cari Murphy delivers! Her frequency is vibrationally high, beautiful, generous, and sooo loving that she draws amazing speakers who provide outstanding information, channeling, energy clearings and activations to the equally amazing audience! Straight Talk for the Soul is a high-vibrational "program" supported by higher vibrational Universal Energy...become a frequent listener and your life will shift into the frequency of abundance of love, laughter, health, wealth and happiness! Much love and abundance to you all, xoxo Gabrielle Spencer
I've been listening to Cari Murphy for a couple of years now. Whenever I feel a little off track spiritually, I tune in and Cari helps me back into the flow. Thank you Cari for all that you do!!!
really enjoy this podcast and find it very helpful. it's always a boost of motivation. i definitely recommend to anyone looking to better themselves
I want to thank Cari Murphy and her guests for what they do each week. Even when I thought it was a show or guest that I wouldn't particularly care for, i gave it a listen anyway and each and every time have learned something significant. A must listen if you are interested in being a better version of yourself on every level. Even the so called "far out" is so grounded.
the description says it best - "a multivitamin for the mind"
I can directly credit Cari for building up my self esteem to obtain my current job. This is a great podcast.
The production value and punctuality of CCN is professional and reliable. You can count on Cari to get this out to you every week and keep you sane!
cari is very relatable, and her guests even more so. thank you for what you do.
This is the only podcast I listen to. Cari is brilliant.
cari is always there for me. this show is irreplaceable!
Great topics and fascinating guests. Overall Cari does a solid interview. Surprisingly for a seasoned interviewer her timing of interruptions of her guests can detract from the show. You can feel each one coming with the sudden intake of breath, and you wonder if she is attending to her guest or thinking about what she wants to say next. Second issue that can detract is the sound levels. The guests are either soft (or soft spoken) and Cari's studio voice can seem harsh in contrast. These are minor flaws on what is really an excellent show.
During the podcasts you can sense Cari's passion for what she does. She is a real blessing to listen to. She is upbeat and her voice is soothing to listen to. She is a great interviewer, she asks th questions her listeners would ask themselves. We need more people like her trying to spread this invaluable imformation. Keep up the great work, Cari. You inspire us all.
WOW! I absolutely love 'Create Change Now,' with Cari Murphy. Her subject matter and guests are relevant, upbeat, and a complete joy to listen to. Her voice has a very pleasing cadence and she is a natural interviewer and host. As a small business owner, it can be challenging to remain upbeat and positive, but Cari is a breath of fresh air and helps me stay focused, grateful, and positive! I find myself listening to the shows over and over because I hear something new and refreshing each time! My only complaint is that this show doesn't air weekly. This truly is a multi-vitamin for the mind, body, and spirit and I love it!
Cari and her guests are FANTASTIC!!! So motivating. I love the take home lesson at the end of each show!!!
Cari is a wonderful host and I listen every week she is on
I just simply LOVE Cari Murphy's Create Change Now Radio Show! If you are looking for inspiration and ways to walk the talk of living your life spiritually and on a deeper level, this is the place to be! Cari's beautiful spirit and heart shines through as she talks to some very inspirational people on ways to live our lives on purpose, change our thoughts to a more positive vibration and yes, to "Create Change Now". Thank you Cari for reaching out and sharing your beautiful inspiration and walking the talk! Much love and blessings to you!!!!
This is by far the best personal growth podcast on Itunes. Cari is a personable, charismatic host and is very knowledgeable in areas self-help and spirituality. With each one of her shows she chooses an expert that is unique in the area of personal growth. So you get something different and useful each week. Higly recommended!
"What can I say about the beautiful Cari Murphy. Cari embodies the essence of soulfulness with her spirit and energy. I had the honor of being an interviewed guest on her radio show March 29th, 2010 and I had the most enjoyable hour of my day spending time with her. She is a consummate professional that was well prepared, asked pertinent questions and was grounded in the topic of the show. Always looking out for the best interest of her listeners, she challenged me to provide life changing exercises not just theory, to support them in achieving their goals and dreams. I am eternally grateful to have met Cari at this point in my career. Thanks Cari for doing what you do!" Tom Haupt
Love, Love, Love her show. Great interviewer with inspiring guests!!!!
I just started to listen your podcast on my iPhone and Im hooked already, your inspiration voice and good will really make my peoples lifes better god bless u
Cari's show is fantastic and her down to earth and confident delivery make listening to her a pleasure.
This program is absolutely terrific. Cari is a wonder as host, with an innate ability to draw out the real marrow of the subjects her guest bring to the program. I am all over my XM satellite radio during the week and I can truly say there is nothing else close to "Create Change Now" with Cari L. Murphy. This show is dynamic and brings a whole new dinemsion to broadcasting and no one out there is covering this kind of valuable subject material. I give Cari and her cutting edge guest all of the stars.
Inspiring! That's the only way I can describe Cari L. Murphy's 'Create Change Now'. Cari and her guests provide encouragement, food for thought, and guidance for those of us who choose to live, rather than merely exist. I encourage everyone to listen to the show, and read Cari's books. She's phenomenal! Beth Newman Image Consultant/Life Coach Newman Image Look, feel, and LIVE your absolute best!
A truly inspirational and empowering show. Thanks Cari!!!
This show is the best I have ever heard !!!! Cari is such an wonderful lady that you can truly feel her heart as she speaks. I cant wait to hear more each week...............Great work Cari !!
I enjoyed this show so much that I even subscribed to the podcast and had my husband listen to it. We both love it! We are officially fans- loyal fans. Cari has such warmth in her books and her messages and this show just reveals that to an even larger audience. Her newsletter and blog are also wonderful sources of daily inspiration. Cari is the real deal. I can't wait to hear Monday's broadcast. We give this show 5 stars! Tune in, you'll become a fan, no doubt.
I have followed Cari's work for many years. She is a best selling author and I get her newsletter and blog updates- she also has an amazing fanpage where she offers daily inspiration. Her create change now book stays at my bedside and its my daily motivational tool. I've been hooked on her messages for quite some time now. She has impacted my life in so many positive ways. When I heard about her radio show, I was thrilled and wow, she didn't disappoint! This girl belongs on TV! She has such a powerful, yet warm and genuine style with her writing, her speaking and in interviewing her guests. I will definitely be tuning into the show each Monday. I've also turned my friends and family onto it! Check out her fanpage on facebook if you get a chance. She never stops and continually offers such incredible wisdom- it blows my mind. I'm a huge fan, you will be, too.
This show is one of the best radio shows out there. Cari, the host, is excellent and the tone is upbeat and powerfully informative. The hour flys by and you feel as though you've just been to a paid seminar and learned actual tools to change your life. I will be a devoted listener to this podcast each week. I'm a big fan. I also joined Cari's fanpage on Facebook. She has quite a following with her books, newsletter, daily blog posts and more. She really is inspirational and provides value in everything she offers. Can't wait to hear the next show!
Cari's Radio Show was fantastic! Cari was truly phenomenal, I am looking forward to her next one!!