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An outstanding resource. I rely on Kotaku for their honest take on both the games and the industry as a whole. Keep it up!
If you're looking for a lot of jokes and a general take on games and how they play, then you might want to look elsewhere. Try Giantbomb (great for that). However, if you're looking to learn more about game design and the industry itself and don't mind being challenged with questions about the psyche and culture of gaming, then this is for you.
What this one has over others like ign is an interview with a developer. What it is missing is anything else that is happening during the week. Let's hear a little something about your other interests, games, music, or random questions from the listeners to vary it up. Video reviews are needed as well or talking of their likes.
Great guests and horrible hosts pretty much sums up the podcast. Generic questions and an absence of opinion are the main issues. It's the video game equivalent of a Top 40 radio station's morning show.
Gaming podcast are a dime a dozen. Professional journalism isn't. A breathe of fresh air.
I really can't say enough about this podcast. It is hands down my favorite game cast that covers more than one game. The hosts are very knowledgable and generally speak from experience in the industry. Yet they don't really lose that fanboy love of games. Kotaku Talk Radio is as close to perfect as video game podcasts can get.


By dhack21
It's kotaku with out reading.. What else do you want?
Very informative and very insightful
I have been a Kotaku reader for awhile and a subscriber to the podcast for almost as long. Brian and Stephen always have some great insights into the state of gaming which is a nice change from the double-speak and veiled advertising I have seen on some gaming portals.

By JB559
Like listening to these guys. They have a wide range of knowledge and have perspective from inside and outside of gaming.
A decent podcast. Fantastic guests. Very informative in that they take a quizitive look at gaming as a culture. I listen every week, usually in anticipation of Owen's "something negative" section.
I highly recommend checking out other gaming site's Podcasts and doin something similar to what they do, I like Kotaku but this podcast needs a better platform similar to GoNintendo's podcast. 99% of us "gamers" don't care to hear about how much money these developers want to make, I want to know more about the actual games.
Other video game podcasts are wayyy more interesting. Kotaku has better guests then most other video game podcasts, but the hosts are pretty bad. Why dedicate an entire episode to the iPad?
If you're a fan of the Kotaku site, and like the way they run things on there, dont miss your chance to check this podcat out!
If you like their site then you'll love their podcast. The guys at Kotaku do a great job of covering stories with an unbiased perspective. They also take callers and aren't afraid to go off-topic to discuss something interesting with them. In addition, they manage to pull in great guests (Geoff Keighly, Xbox Lives Major Nelson, and others high up in the gaming realm.) So if you're looking for some informational entertainment and an inside peek to a world we'd all love to know more about, look no further than Kotaku Talk Radio.
The hosts of this show are uninteresting and boring. The segments are just as dry. I'd recommend checking out other video game podcasts.