RCRN UAV Experts Drone Show

Reviews For RCRN UAV Experts Drone Show

Great, lively podcast with a good group of personalities with lots of RC experience. The show has a good variety of guests, great content and it moves at a good pace. They call it a big club meeting and that's what it feels like.
I love the RC radio network weekly show. Your resent move to offering the video version of the weekly show is a huge step forward. Got choice to have a new twist on an old theme. Keep it coming. I love your work.
If you are even vaguely interested in radio control flight, this podcast is for you! They fill each podcast with tips, tricks, product reviews, and news related to the RC hobby. If you can't listen live, subscribe!
best web show ever!! i listen to it when building model airplanes because we all know what the best hobby in the world is ^_^