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Writing as an OB/GYN...your guest economist fails to recognize that for years pregnant patients have been a protected population in regards to research. And therefore, she will be hard pressed to find a lot of hard data on recommendations. So that’s important history to note. We have to extrapolate and use common sense.
I’ve been very concerned about the privacy of a person’s DNA when they use these home test kits. To the point that I read the complete terms of use of 23andMe. The host, Dubner asked about privacy and a persons data being sold to insurance companies or employers. The CEO said that per their policy, a customer must explicitly consent to their individual DNA data being used by 3rd parties. Great... So what about 10 years from now when 23andMe has data on 200 million people and sells the business to a medical insurance company for a couple billion dollars? 23andMe’s terms of use says that the data becomes the property of any future owner. Kiss your ability to get medical insurance goodbye if you have a hint of costly disease in your DNA. Such an obvious follow up question for someone as savvy as Dubner and it was entirely overlooked. Intentional? Hmm... I hope this show doesn’t become another advertising/marketing tool for companies trying to connect with a audience that trusts Freakonomics Radio.
Can’t get enough of this podcast!
This isn’t just the best podcast- it’s the best media I’ve ever consumed. The podcast and books have helped change the way I look at the world. Five stars is not enough to properly rate this show.
The entire 23&Me episode was just a sales pitch for 23&Me. Very disappointing.
Very interesting topics,just listened to better ways to get a college education without going broke.I hope you will talk about trade schools,some people are not college material but would do better in a trade like carpenter and plumbers , electricians are in great demand .Some people think trade schools are a dead end but for some I think it’s better than going to college and not finishing because it was not really for you.Thanks again for your great podcast
Too often lets interviewed subjects, especially political figures, assert their own version of history without any dispute or fact checking, either during or after the interview.
Most of the comments complain on how they delete episodes and while this is annoying you can easily go to the website and get the episodes. However this podcast is amazing. Teaches me a lot about economics. I also like how Steven Dubner interviews his guests. Asks amazing questions. By far one the best podcasts.. Surprised it’s not Top 10
Just listened to episode 377 and I have to say, shame on you Stephen for being such a hack in the way you treated Mitch Daniels. He is your political enemy and your repeated failed attempts to smear him made me laugh out loud. It amazes me that your enemy could best our Democrat leaders at serving the people and you still can’t accept it. Your ignorance and temerity got you respectfully owned on your own show, fitting. I consider myself left of Bernie Sanders and you are an embarrassment to the party. Well done Mitch Daniels.
Been a listener for years. Loving the new episodes and topics like the sports series. CEO series. Keep em coming!
I’ve been a big fan in the past. But having someone on that advocates sleep training? Makes me think your research isn’t as sound as you think it is.
Long time listener and grateful for all that I’ve learned over the years. I like that it’s more conversational, letting the guests have their time.
I feel you and your interviewees missed the mark. Most of the things you stated regarding the negative aspects of rent control Hawaii has with no rent control. We are an island with limited space, not unlike Manhattan. It would be far too long to get into. But I’d hope in the future they have a much more well rounded discussion.
I used to enjoy listening to this podcast, but the quality of this podcast has greatly gone downhill over the last two years and now most of the episodes are boring. Additionally, whenever this host interviews someone that's famous, he never asks any tough questions and he lets the other person fully control the narrative. It's almost as if he's trying to become buddies with the famous people he interviews.
It’s an amazing podcast it reminds me a lot of planet money by NPR this podcast and planet money money are my favorite podcast they need to step up how much they make their pod casts previous podcasts. Freakonimics itself is a 5-star production but this decision to limit access is not.
Sadly we cannot listen to previously played podcasts and we are subjected to ads. Things have gone too far in the attempt to extract maximum profit.
Allow access to previous podcasts.
I like the unique way of presenting stuff
The podcast has great content and information. The problem is that they delete episodes, only to re-upload a year or so down the line with “an update” that generally provides no new relevant content. All it does it perturb long time listeners.
I'm a longtime Frekonomics fan from the original books, but I'm still impressed with the freshness the podcast continues to have, even hundreds of episodes in. The recent rent control and Spotify episodes were relevant, thought provoking, inciteful and entertaining. I have tickets to the upcoming live event in Los Angeles, and am really looking forward to it. Who knows - I may even tell them something they don't know!
Incredible how something as boring as economics could be so entertaining. Great Podcast!
Listen to Freakanomics over the course of a year and you will be shocked by the range of topics Dubner covers. This podcast takes the essays and books to the next level. Whether it be the economics of sports, in-depth interviews with CEOs who are not normally accessible- including an amazing interview with former Goldman Sachs COO and former Trump economic advisor Gary Cohn - to the role of creativity in business and in success. I’ve listened for awhile but felt compelled to write this review after the episode this week where Spotify was center stage through an interview with founder Daniel Ek. Seriously the most interesting interview I’ve heard given the evolution of Spotify and Ek to a company no longer strictly interested in meeting the demands of masses of music fans but to a whole new ethos where audiobooks and healthcare can be woven into the model. Dubner, thanks for keeping it fresh!
This is my favorite podcast. I am constantly entertained and learning something new. Even when a subject seems like something I wouldn’t find interesting, somehow, I always get sucked into the “story”.
What else to say? :)
The best podcast and my favorite... I am def a podcast junkie. Steve is a fabulous at what he does and the topics and guest never fail.
When it’s good it’s really good, but sometimes it feels like Stephen Dubner is just trying to fill time. I generally prefer the one-off episodes to the series they’ve been doing recently.
The show used to be thought provoking. Now it’s just some guy interviewing nice but slightly uninteresting friends.
Love this podcast. Information and challenging concepts are presented in such an entertaining fashion.
2 minutes into a podcast, plays the first commercials and starts at the beginning. After doing this several times, I gave up. The podcast shows that it is 15 minutes in, but it’s still at the beginning
One of the best Freakonomics episodes EVER! I wish he was our President!
You ever come across one of those types of people that insist on putting the emphAAAsis on a different syllAAAble to let you know how smart and cultured they are? Do you find it even more annoying when the word is from another language and they’re still pronouncing it wrong? Yeah, well, this dude does this constantly. Cherry-picks science and pushes nonsense social issues too.
I thought it was just me, but looks like I'm not the only one who thinks Freakonomics Radio has really gone downhill in the past year. It no longer covers the variety of topics it once did. It's gotten more and more repetitive (and I'm not even referring to the CEO or sports series, which were only moderately interesting). The interview format is dull, and I many episodes are re-runs (but show notes -- at least in iTunes -- don't necessarily always indicate that an episode is a rerun - Frustrating.) The episode on Andy Yang was decent, as were the ones on the future of meat and on Trader Joe's. (At least they weren't about sports!) Years ago, Freakonomics Radio was one of my first (and favorite) introductions into the podcast world, but I'm sorry to say it no longer stands out in the crowd.
Keep up the good work and thank you!!!!
Being a college student, I love listening to this on my way to class or even when I'm doing homework. It's so intresting to learn new information that isn't easy to find out without research, and so many of these topics have came up in my personal conversations !
I have long been a fan of Freakonomics, having first been introduced by buying and reading the first book. These guys have a gift at breaking common assumptions about issues and looking at a topic in an innovative and revealing way. Now, I think Dubner is becoming one of the best interviewers out there. For example, the range of topics he covered recently with Dominique Foxworth was amazing. Keep up the enlightenment, fellas!
This should be labeled as if for entertainment purposes only. Expert opinions are often unchallenged, and thus can be interpreted as if fact. Host consistently asks leading questions of the listener, and only sometimes are all critical factors mentioned on a given topic. This is not to say the host lies at all, he certainly does not, but he makes little effort to keep experts honest, whether during an interview or during narration, when they provide fuzzy or disproven data. Even as a self-described progressive, I feel many episodes have an unfair, covert bias that defaults forward-thinking ideas as solutions. Unfortunately, the best episodes are usually the ones about historical occurrences and how they influenced us.
I learn something new about all sorts of subjects that I would have never learned in school. It’s a fun way to learn!


By Stoscko
Love the content but an 8 min intro in which all of the content will be repeated is annoying to go through in every episode
This program use to be phenomenal, with new and interesting topics that had significant influence and importance about our world. Not it’s nothing more than a talk show catering to the team owners. Freakomics would be better to move to stitcher, or another paid service. This saves us from dealing with constant disappointment over the new direction of the show, and opens up time for better economic shows such as the indicator and planet money to take over.
This latest never ending series of sports episodes is wearing me out. One of my favorite things about this podcast is the variety of topics. Mix it up again please Dubner!
The podcast stories are great topics but there is always the politically correct/ mainstream media slant that is interjected. Stay with the objective, informative discussion. Listeners can watch TV to get the slant.
Why oh why has Freakonomics become nothing but sports? I've grown very tired of it! What happened to a variety of topics guys? Please do some more episodes about anything else for a change for your listeners that are not sports fans.
This podcast is all about sports anymore. Not much general economic. Too much single niche. I am unsubscribing.
Continuously using the same few sound bits for several sports episodes. Very repetitive hearing the same stories in different episodes by the same Publisher.
When I saw that moronic libs seem to hate this, I decided to give it a try and it was great!
I absolutely LOVE this podcast!
I have learned so much. I love that the questions I’m thinking in my head get asked, and I love learning about how these things affect our daily lives. Admittedly, I do already enjoy economics, but I think this is a bit of brain candy for anyone who’s interested in learning more about the world around them and how the puzzle pieces fit together.
This show went from really cool economic tidbits and analysis of different issues to liberal leaning bios and pop-psychology. How did we get from a great show like what conservative and liberal economists agree on to the current run of shows we are on? Very disappointed. Hope it turns around.