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Seriously. I loved freakenomics radio. I read the book, read the sequel, listened to the podcast religiously, but the past year this podcast has just gotten terrible. As I type this I am listening to Steven broadcast his rock paper scissors game. He is on his 5th game. Really? This is the only content you can come up with? Other episodes like that interview with the sports guy — it was just terrible. Like he has an obligation to publish something — anything. I feel like he just does not care anymore. Maybe my expectations have gone up after listening to radio lab, or planet money or Ted talks. Hopefully he got a good payout when he sold the podcast. Unsubscribed.
I used to love this podcast, but lately (and maybe it’s just me) there have just been way too many entire episodes and topics of conversation comparing sports to economics. Seriously? I’d rather watch baseball...
Freakonomics is great. But I wish they would break the interview episodes and “tell me something I don’t know” episodes into a separate podcast.
I used to really enjoy the podcast but in the past year I have intentionally skipped the weekly podcast. The constant re-runs of old episodes starts to get annoying. The creative and interesting topics have been replaced with overlong interviews with sports figures or CEOs, sometimes repeatedly mixing cuts of previous episode interviews in with new episodes. It just feels low effort and repetitive most of the time. The only reason why I continue to subscribe is because sometimes a glimmer of this podcast’s former glory shows through... but more likely they just replay the Grit episode yet again.
Everyone needs to listen to this and remember the name of Andrew Yang. He had real policy solutions for the problems of the United States!!!
Its easy to 5 star a podcast that 'speaks your language' or is on a topic you are extremely interested in, but I'm barely intersted in socioeconomics on any level, however, more often than not I end up coming away from these podcasts having learned something valuable. After a year of listening, I can safely highly recommend this podcast, even if you don't think you care much about socioeconomic issues.
Always interesting and often insightful. Can’t say enough about this podcast.
I used to enjoy listening to this podcast, but there has been a steady decline in the quality of this podcast during the last two years and now most of the episodes are boring. More importantly, whenever this host interviews someone that's famous, he never asks any tough questions and he lets the other person fully control the narrative. It's almost as if he's trying to become buddies with the famous people he interviews.
This show use to be insightful and educational. Nowadays, it's all about boring interviews and reruns. The episode about "Grit" was downloaded to my feed at least 4 times. Sorry to see this show is going down like this, I will move on.
Most episodes are thought provoking,but others are objectionable. One guest started talking about a racist and a non-racist. Then all of a sudden the racist was conservative and the other was a democrat. Very interesting when the actual results of the pertinent study showed evidence for the opposite conclusion. This was not mentioned. That along with another guest's gratuitous vulgarity was off putting to say the least.
I am combing through the history to make sure I listen to every episode. But I can’t stand the new approach of the live radio episodes.
I really enjoy this podcast. It makes me think critically about things in a new way. It seems more balanced than some of the other podcasts I listen to about our world.
Always learning something new here. Great analysis and it is obvious these guys do their homework. Not the same old shtick, they find a new creative angles on historic norms.
I was a fan of Dubner, et al’s work until a series of podcasts with Charles Koch & on Libertarianism. He unfortunately lost his objective & critical edge in these interviews, allowing the interviewees’ statements to go unchallenged far too often. Their viewpoint is also more and more notably white, name & middle-upper class which makes their show less and less interesting. Agree with previous comments that if you want a more economics-focused & less “my opinion with some economics behind it” focused discussion go to NPR’s Planet Money.
Generally I love this podcast, but one of my favourite shows within it is the Tell Me Something I Don’t Know. I am thrilled that a bunch of intellectual elites got together and managed to create something that’s so intellectually stimulating while being incredibly fun and humorous and interesting. Bravo!
One of my favorite podcasts. Have just listened to some live episodes. Entertaining and educational!
I actually look forward to the 7 hour drive from the Bay Area to Orange County because I can binge on Freakonomics! Dubner is a brilliant interviewer, asks the tough questions in such a disarming manner. And the topics range so far and wide. Who knew the whole world revolved around social economics!
I never knew a podcast could get so good


Love the NEW episodes and Love the podcast overall!!! Lately these LAZY REPLAYS are getting arduous!! TOO MANY!!! I look forward to episodes only to find it’s a REPLAY!!!!
Great show. Soothing voice and interesting and relevant information, but PLEASE PRONOUNCE YOUR Ls IN THE WORD ALMOND (Trader Joes episode).
Since going to Stitcher, they have been pushing old episodes into my feed to bump their position in the iTunes Charts. I don’t like this. Also, the Trader Joe’s episode is terrible. Total fluff piece that doesn’t even begin to address the problems with their business model.
A very underrated podcast in my opinion. Its fun and educational always exploring a wide range of topics. Everyone should give it a chance
I used to regularly listen to this podcast and learn something new. They used to present things in a different light and remain neutral. However, since they sold their souls to Goldman Sachs and corporate cronyism, it has transformed into a mouthpiece for corporate greed and corruption. Very sad.
I enjoy the show, but found that a lot of the shows seem to be left leaning. As a conservative, I enjoyed hearing the left leaning arguments. After reading through the reviews I was surprised to see how many far left people gave the show a bad review for relying too much on main stream economics. I guess they didn’t listen to the episode on the why the government is and should be more entrepreneurial aka socialist. Despite all this, I still get a lot of value out of the show.
Trader Joe’s episode was so so good
There is quite a breadth of topics but I do wish there was a tad more focus on economics. You can still cast a wide net and keep focus. My only major complaint is repeating episodes.
Had a lot of fun with this one until a curious episode was loaded into the feed. Then a few weeks later a curious commercial sponsor was mentioned during a different episode. I could not remove this from my subscription list fast enough. No integrity. Sad!
It used to be the best podcast to listen to. It was my favorite. Well made, interesting, non pretentious. Now it’s inconsistent. Sometimes boring. Planet money is much better in 2018z
I like it, it's gotten worse over time unfortunately. The topics have gotten less interesting to me. I skip any interview shows, as Dubner is not an excellent interviewer. I liked when they had Levitt on more often. Steven, stop calling soccer "Footie", you're not British, even if you'd like to be.
Enjoyed the interview w/ Ford CEO - it convinced me to sell ALL my Ford stock. Hackett will be gone when they hit $8. They simply need to focus on designing great looking vehicles that run well. Not too complicated.
Highly recommend. It makes you think about things you never knew you should think about.
Long time listener. Your duopoly episode was the best in about three years. It was nice to hear you get back to reporting from both sides. Your inability to remove your own personal political views and to take shots at the opposing side had me at the brink of “unsubscribe”. I don’t expect anyone to look at things the way I do, but there are positive facts that support both sides. This should not be ignored. The worst thing is that you have injected your political agenda and then asked for money to support you. No way. Get back to the data.
Wide variety of topics covered. Many times I have used information from episodes to start a conversation around the dinner table.
I have been listening for years and it's still one of my all time favorite podcast. I always learn something and am entertained while doing so!
I love this podcast, but I’m wondering who is lobbying all the podcasts I frequent to talk about ranked choice voting...🤔


By em.mah
One of the best
Don’t join the chorus blaming schools for yet another something. Many who do well and lead our society come from those same schools. To say schools fail students is such a dramatic, inaccurate generalization. Not all schools are poor institutions. Which schools fail? Why? Which schools do well? Why? No article, slanted statistic, podcast, or survey ever, ever talks at length about parenting and home life. Those who talk negatively about schools use schools as a scapegoat because there is no specific legislation regarding parenting. Naysayers want schools to work miracles but boldly disregard the root of a child. I’m for all involved taking their share of responsibility, schools, parents, students, communities, educational policy, etc. Many people have been inspired, learned critical thinking methods, began creative thinking practices and become life long learners because of school.
Really love this podcast, learn something new everytime. Thank you.
Love this podcast!! I love that they are unbiased and never fail to present insightful, enlightened, well-supported, and well-researched topics with accounts from real experts in the field.
I love this podcast but I’ve was disappointed that the creativity show this week focused on genius examples who were almost all white males. Looking forward to the creativity series but hope they are more inclusive of other types of creatives.
Great amazing interesting
I loved reading both Freakanomics books and have really enjoyed listening to the podcast. The topics and guests are interesting and the way Dubner weaves in stories is excellent.
Human behavior is always fascinating to dive more deeply into. I do wish they’d expand their panel of experts beyond academics however. Would be nice to hear professionals from other fields putting this to use in unique “everyday” ways.
So your listening to a "very" entertaining podcast and about halfway through the podcast you realize you are learning valuable life lessons. Out of all my podcast subscriptions this is the one I give my undivided attention to. I trust the reports / stories are factual and well balanced.
I started listening to podcasts about a year ago and unfortunately never stumbled onto Freakanomics until the beginning of this summer. Ever since then, I have been listening to every episode produced and going back and listening to old podcasts. I highly recommend listening to this podcast. You will not regret it!!
I’ve loved the podcast for years until now, please ease up on the sports or just make a spin-off show for it, it’s overtaking every other theme on the show.


By Joshhue
As a long time listener, I very disappointed with the direction of this show over the last few months. I am also not looking forward to episode after episode of sports, especially when the entire episode is a boring interview.
Love the topics. Love the presentation. Love the guest experts. Really well done.