Reviews For Market Samurai Training - For iPhone

This piece of software enables you to get your site optimized in no tome and compare it to the competition. Best of all are the training videos that walk you step be step through how to use the software. I love these guys.
I bought Market Samurai way back when it was only $69 (because it was such a new beta). When I first bought it, there wasn't much more than simple Keyword Research. When they began adding all the other mind boggling tools to it as the months went by, it was...IS a chin dropping, amazing, stunning tool... And it worked / works on my MAC!!! The guys responsible for creating this software must be proud beyond belief. I personally can't imagine my blogging life without it! The only bad thing I can say is that it seems that sometimes my IP gets banned for a few minutes once in a while. I'm no tcp-ip guru so... I just wait a while and continue on. Anyway, M. Sam. is simply essential!!! Gary - TN.
I've been one of those that took the pathway to Failure. I have tried to find a way through the morass of information that is jumbled and strewn across the Internet Training Programs offered by many would be teachers. Many charge ridiculous amounts of money and try and explain in 97 pages, or 297 pages, and show their CB bar graphs of their success, "How to Do Keyword Research". I tried Google. I made very little in a year's time, but spent hundreds of dollars. I am still trying to crack the Google code. Here, in less than 9 minutes time, a clear and concise simple example of 3 Niches were shown, and what you as an online marketer need to learn. The cost? Nothing! Thanks Noble Samurai for these Podcasts. I have 33 plus more to listen to and notes to take. This time I think I'll do more homework and learn before I jump into CPV or PPC.