The Scott Wilder Show

Reviews For The Scott Wilder Show

Never have I been so in grossed in a radio show. I'm addicted to his common sense approach to looking at things and his ability to look beyond the words and between the lines. I love Scott and Lauren!!
I greatly appreciate being able to download the show! I've missed it greatly. I became very interested in politics by listening and I am still active in my pursuit of the truth in politics! Thanks, Scott!
This show is great. I urge everyone to check out IRN USA. The Scott wilder show brings you a biblical point of view on today's news and views. Keep up the good work!


By kldd
Love this show, please keep it going.
It's good! He will make you think. maybe even challenge your worldview. Like stepping outside and talking to your neighbor about the stuff that's important to you except this neighbor can actually introduce you into the root of the topical cultural surface level issues of the day. And you don't have to watch his dog when he Is out of town!