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Life changing and highly inspirational!
This is one of the greatest preachers I’ve ever heard, stays on point with the Bible.
I love the nuggets I get to hear and reflect upon from this podcast. I appreciate T.D. Jakes for doing them and getting them to us, we need this so much right now and beyond.
Greetings, I am new to Podcasts and found T.D. Jakes. I am so excited to be allowed to listen and learn from the GREATEST!!
Thank you td god bless you 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Help me with my anxiety Thank you !
This is an on time word from a right now God. Bishop Jakes I thank you for allowing God to use you to lead and teach his people. Continued blessings to you and your ministry. 🙏🏾
Love to hear the goooood word from someone that is powerful in giving that word.
Thank you pastor I know the message was old but it was new to me.
Thank God Bishop T.D. Jakes! I’d been so worldly but God allowed me to listen to these sermons for a year and I am changed, obedient, and healed. Thank you Bishop. Thank you Lord for allowing him to reach me when I was so lost. 🙌🏾
A phenomenal podcast, when I’m not a church and I’m at work or at home, I am able to turn on Bishop’s Podcast and be blessed. Rather it’s instruction, constructive or encouragement! It is a blessing and builds the believer up to keep Trusting In God!
I want to share my testimony . Since I have over come from drinking and living in this world of flesh running a muck and being angry about all things until that one day is when my spirit came to me in a whisper and said if you listen and do as I speak and walk in the world by speaking the word you will live a prosperous and abundant life through all your days. Now what that being said all I can do is speak on how God has allow me to regain me by obeying and having a faith and trusting in thee . And TD Jake and the potter house has helped me through this journey called life I want to say listening to your sermons and Podcasts helps me more than ever please keep it coming you are a great gift that God has anointed . 💯🙏🏽 Sincerely, Tenisha
You r the best teacher of bible. It’s quite fascinating to me how u take scriptures and bring the message to life today! I must say one has to have some kind of intelligent to understand your sermon. I have a Doctrate of Pharmacy and thats great but my favorite and best job ever is being a mom! I had my baby after I finished all my education and supported myself zero help from family but god was there and he got me through. GOD WONT LET ME STOP UNTIL MY DREAM OF BEING A HIGHLY EDUCATED WOMAN... i gave up alot. While i was in school, my siblings were getting married and having a family bless there hearts. I dont conform other than to myself and getting my doctrate was a dream come true. Id read my bible between semesters! I wanted to b my own women.. i am Deborah in bible, let me tell u i stir up nations which means i do not accept corruption or injustices. I go straight up the food chain and hold the person(s) even judges who don’t even follow there own court order. Now im holding judge accountable and filing a complaint to the commission of judiciary performance. I dont care what ur title is if ur corrupt Jesus will show me how to get over this handle but in order for god to help u u (me) have to help yourself! Thank you for being real god bless!!!
Love this, it’s amazing and gets me through . God bless TD
Thank you Lord for T.D. Jakes this podcast is phenomenal and much needed
ty God knows . Done. Russell
Love love love
This podcast is a game changer and such a Blessing...5 Stars💫💯🙏🏿
Thank you so much Rev Jakes most of all I ThankGod for your ministry I start my morning watching your videos I tell you Iam in a dark place going tru so much in my life your broadcasts gives me the hope and inspiration well needed . The Bones Iam working on trying to make bones fit where they don’t go every cast I gain some understanding and knowledge and find time to spend with God I share some of the casts with my family members my daughter said mom I went into the bathroom to be alone to listen to a video I sent her she called me and said it was touching and powerful and moving may God continue to use you I thank you so much Look forward to making contributions to your ministry God Bless you and your family ❤️
I watch him every Sunday, even when my church was open but now that it is closed, I am being fed spiritually by Pastor T.D.Jakes and I really get a lot out of his sermons he speaks eloquently and he reaches everyone. He is a great man of God!
I listen to his word Every day and it continues to change my mind set and help me to learn how to be a better person, father, and friend. I Thank the Lord for his teaching.
When I tell you Bishop TD Jakes continues to bless me!! His words are not only prophetic but they are TIMELY! Thank you for walking in your purpose and for fulfilling the purpose God has on your life! Two words- REDEMPTIVE RECOGNITION. 💯
This podcast has changed my life Gof bless Minster T.DJakes
This podcasts helps in all areas of my life. Thank you Bishop Jakes!
Thank you for sharing God’s Love and Compassion Bishop!
I listen every sunday..thank you for educating me on our Lord & Savior i do not know what I’d do without it or how many times this podcast has saved my life. ❤️
I am forever grateful for your podcasts. Thank you for answering the call of the lord.
Praise God for these podcasts to bring the Word to His people. Bishop Jakes preaching is like a cool drink of water when you are in the wilderness. The sermons are filled with passion, truth, and love of Christ and his sheep.
TD Jakes’ podcast has gotten me through sooooo many days. Just words of confirmation over and over! The messages are the supplement to what I receive from my local church which is pretty awesome. Life can be tough. You need to empowering positive words daily. I’m glad this is available for such support!!!
I was listening on another platform and the messages stopped uploading. I listened to previous episodes for the past few months and today decided to see if you moved, Thank God you are still preaching the word. I was full with the other words and felt that God must have a new song for me. I have come to depend on your wisdom, and inspiration to help me navigate as I search for a new church home. Thank you for being here.
Can you start uploading the recent sermons, all of the sermons being uploaded are like a month late. The video dated 11/23/2019 did not occur on 11/23/2019, bishop td preached “Don’t run with the herd” per YouTube.
Bishop Jakes your sermons been a blessing to me and my family. I have watched you daily for years! I am so happy to have attended the WTAL conference in 2018 and get the chance to sow back into what the Bishop is doing for The Kingdom! I recently joined GPS and I’m excited to be apart of what God is doing! Thank you Bishop for your amazing leadership! To God be the glory!
I was so happy to find the video version, I’ve been waiting for the audio version to update
I was missing his sermons from his other podcast until I found this one.
Please update the audio podcast.
PLEASEEEE, Don’t stop updating TD Jakes Ministries Audio Podcast!!! I look forward to listening to them very Sunday! I love watching the video podcasts when I have time. But, It’s so much easier for me to listen to the Audio podcasts on the go. TIA and God Bless!!!
Bishop Jakes relates the Bible to the real world and real circumstances. What I love the most about him is that he has been through a lot of what he preaches about.
God has used bishop tremendously in my life every day for over 20yrs it’s such a blessing to have him as a teacher


I’m enjoying this podcast being in the military and not having access to American things overseas I enjoy a little piece of Sunday morning anytime I want.
You have inspired my life thru your teaching and preaching! But most of all by the revelation of the Word thru you by the Holy Spirit in you. I enjoy the podcast every weekend. My prayers to you and your Family and Ministry From Pastor Israel Veliz Building Kingdom Ministries San Antonio, Texas, 78239
Thank God for the potters house, in my darkest days the word of God through the potters house has brought me back to hope, love and understanding with a clear understanding of what I need to do to come out. Thank you for your faithfulness to our fathers word spreading the gospel translating darkness into light. Your always praying for everybody else but I pray that God continues to bless you and your family.
The word from God is always right on time!! ❤️
As a new comer to Christ these podcast have been a blessing in keeping me grounded in the word and eager to want to know more about God he is truly anointed! God bless!❤️
I have been listening to TD Jakes podcast for a while now. And it has blessed me so much.. I thank God for TD Jakes and everyone that is connected to him that is making this possible for us to listen this podcast.... Be bless...
I’m blessed by every utterance, but I wish it was the most current sermons that appear on ig feed.
Bishop always breaks down the message so I can listen and clearly hear what the Lord is telling me. Like he said, you can’t just tweet what he said and not get what is being said.
I love listening to T.D. Jakes podcast! It never fails, God always speaks to me thru his messages. Thank You Jesus for TD Jakes messages!